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Acoustic cable. Types and apparatus. How to choose and use

Acoustic kabelpredstavlyaet dedicated wire which is designed to deliver the audio signal from the amplifier for passive speakers. The main task of such a wire - transfer extremely accurate signal, that there is no distortion. Moreover, such cables must provide protection of the transmitted signal...
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Coaxial cable. Types and marking. How to select and connect

Coaxial cable was invented in the 19th century in England. Design feature of the coaxial cable is a connection of two conductors on one axis, which are separated by a dielectric layer inside the shell.From the outset, coaxial found use in video transmission, the common and individual antennas to ...
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Winding wires. Types and labeling. Isolation and application

Winding wires are used for the production of windings transformers, electric motors, electromagnetic relaysand many other mechanisms. The winding wire, unlike other types of conductors, has as its main parameter the diameter of the conductor, and not its section. There is a very thin wire for wi...
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Fiber optic cable. Views and device. Installation and application

In today's world, it is necessary to transmit information efficiently and quickly. Today there is no better and more efficient way to transfer data than fiber optic cable. If someone thinks that this is a unique development, then he is deeply mistaken. The first optical fibers appeared at the en...
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Low-current cables. Types and marking. The apparatus and especially

Low-current cables is cables and wires, which runs a small current voltage up to 25 V. They are used in factories, homes and offices. It is difficult to find a modern room in which it would not be laid low current network.applicationImmediately it should be said that the current is meant by weak ...
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Twisted pair. Device and types. Categories. Layout and compression

Twisted pair refers to the cable systems with its structure, is used to transmit information in telecommunications networks. Connection to the network devices is made by the 8Р8С connector. Consider the technical data of a twisted pair, taken into account in the formation of computer networks. T...
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