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The butter is useful for dental health

In recent years, the world is ruled by a healthy lifestyle. We have more and more time trying to eat healthy food, carefully read the product compositions, in order to minimize the consumption of the same harmful now gluten, lactose and meat. We are taking dietary supplements, but the number of d...
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Meal plan Julia Vysotsky

Radiant presenter and food writer Julia Vysotsky not only shares recipes for delicious dishes, but also said, how to keep the shapeWithout causing injury. In spite of constant culinary temptations, a celebrity is always in great shape. We can say that it is a constitution, but Julia loves discipl...
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What products are better not to eat after 15:00

Natalia Samoilenko - Ukrainian star nutritionist, author of "Eat, drink, grow thin. Health without dieting. " She is convinced that successful weight loss simply you need to eat 5 times a day and indulge in food. The main thing - to observe "typically the equator"And do not lean on carbohydrates ...
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Food in kindergarten

Surely the phrase "all the best - to children" heard each. And in the 70s of the last century, these were not just words, but the real motto of the nation, everyone believed that the descendants of a wide and bright future.Not surprisingly, catering in kindergartens at that time it was at the hig...
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Menu for the week for the family

Food Harvesting advance seems an excellent idea. Such a method of advising people who want to Healthy food and look good.Menu for the week for the family© DepositphotosThe prepared meals in advance eliminates the possibility of over-eating and endless snacks. However, it concerns, rather, a diet ...
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