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Attitude to the child in the family

Where are insecure people, especially women? Where does a mature lady of 55 years a lot of complexes, low self-esteem and spoiled life? When there is no love in childhood, we have to rush to every adult life, who are gifted with a kind word, rather than to preserve their dignity and to choose a m...
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Children in today's society

In our country child education - it's a battle. Mostly women battle with the company, where the battlefield stands a school, kindergarten, clinic, neighbors, public transport ...© DepositPhotosMost young mothers think that their child will be quiet, calm, patient and obedient. But the reality is ...
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Forgotten phrases of our childhood

Childhood - the most magical time in the life. The world seems to be an incredibly mysterious and interesting, time flows slowly, and you will always find themselves entertainment. 15 or more years ago, the children played in the yards of each other, because there were no gadgets. Of course, they...
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What you need to know the young parents

Newborn parents brings as much joy as and everyday concerns. New parents are long bumpy ride, which includes lack of sleep, continuous feeding of the child and all possible care of him.The development of the newbornToday we are gathered in a single list of the most important points that you need ...
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