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Sleep and wakefulness

How often do you wake up in the night and did not know what to do? Suffered from insomnia, blaming himself for the fact that you do not sleep, I was looking for something to do, tried in vain to fall asleep immediately.Many people wake up in the night to have a drink of water or go to the toilet....
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How to learn quickly and easily to wake up

Healthy sleep is the basis wellness, High efficiency and excellent mood. Today we want to remind you a few simple rules in order to sleep soundly and wake up easily.Good sleep quality© DepositphotosYogi Sadhguru - a man with extensive experience, whose kindness and wisdom have helped many people....
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What morning habits guarantee a good day

Morning Mood often determines how the day will be held. A morning of habit and a good start to ask him pace.We will tell you by what morning ritual We need to give and what to replace them, to spend every day happily, on the rise of the spirit and the most productive.© DepositPhotosHow to start t...
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Why sleepy

If you are already a lot of weeks, you can not feel enough jovial and get enough sleep, You urgently need to take action!Why sleepy© DepositphotosOf course, you already know a lot of tips on how to sleep well. But there are several factors that you are unlikely to be considered.© DepositphotosWhy...
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How to lose weight without counting calories

Jorge Cruz came up with his three-hour diet in the mid-2000s. In his youth he was a complete and constantly experimented with to get rid of excess weight. View this post on InstagramThis is me 40 pounds ago.? This before pic is strong motivation!! Take your before pic today and let me know. #tbt...
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