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Knitting affects the brain

Loop, loop and another loop... The rhythmic pace of knitting does its thing: during this exciting class people if falls into a trance. Hands busy, his head free from unnecessary thoughts, Consciousness is in a stable state of equilibrium ...Knitting - contemplative practice of meditation and conc...
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She bought two clay pots and 6 stands to make home a paradise!

Followers of Feng Shui believe that the waterfall, however small, established in the north-western part of the premises may provide well-being and prosperity in the house. Indoor waterfall with his own hands - a worthy alternative to expensive manufactured goods, because it is so completely uniqu...
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When you know why I need 2 nuts in his hand, immediately send them!

We all definitely help this exercise with nuts! I respect for Oriental medicine, and I think this method is a great solution for anyone who is experiencing tension from time to time.The more complex the mechanism of our society, the more we experience stress, everyday life does not spoil modern p...
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Liberate the mind in 15 minutes

Each of us have days when you feel like a squeezed lemon. Everything goes wrong, it does not work, you have to do a lot of cases, but not in time. In general, the head porridge and focus on something concrete comes out.Today Editorial "So simple!" He has prepared a special discharge for you. It w...
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Model of the house with his own hands

I am sure that almost every woman loves do needlework. It's so great to create something with your own hands! My girlfriend Irina loves to embroider, her sister sews stuffed animals and making handmade greeting cards, but I love to knit. Love for this exciting and almost meditative lesson imparte...
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