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The most common mistakes in writing and speaking

Every day we talk, talk on the phone, write to the internet and pass the latest rumors. Without noticing, we do a lot of errors.Often you do not even suspect how much to make mistakes. Today edition "So simple!" I have decided to allocate 10 top mistakes made by everyone in his speech.Learn to sp...
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What phrases give illiteracy

We are all human and can make mistakes at times, it is natural. However, there are phrases and words that already goosebumps. They immediately give an illiterate person, and therefore they should be avoided. Some of these errors are so tightly entrenched in our subconscious that we do not notice ...
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Articulation exercises for children

People are not born with the ability to speak, and even more so to do it clearly and correctly. When pipsqueak distorts their first words, parents and delight family breaks into a smile. But if over time the problem persists and aggravated speech defects can seriously poison the life child - is o...
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How to quickly learn English

The world around us is beautiful: nature, people, animals. Describe it all a few words do not come out, we need adjectives worthy of it. How many different words about the beauty of you know in Russian? But in English? I think a lot less. Today we will correct this situation.© Depositphotoseditio...
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Impact of speech on well-being

"To start the mechanism of success, you need to first understand how it works, - says the well-known American writer Moltz Maxwell - The problem with most is that they are not from the start "‎."We humans are so constituted that we are constantly thrown from one extreme to another: that sit idly ...
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What mistakes in the words of the outstanding provincial

On the question of the provincials. The capital things are expressed and write just as well. I think that the title reflects the essence of the article is incorrectRecently in one shop I asked to remove the sign: "The best coffee in the area" ...Go to your article on the illiterate speech can add...
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