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What not to say in confession: God and so all we know

Confession - is a sacred sacrament, which involves two people: the person that made the decision to confess to the wrong actions and thoughts, and the priest. Last acts as an intermediary, its mission is to help a person repent before God. But to judge or punish - not his parish.Clerics are often...
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How not to fall into the poverty trap. That's why I stopped save for a rainy day!

Since childhood, each of us has a piggy bank, which we put money on some pleasant trifle. With age, requests are growing, and with them and necessary for the realization of a dream sum. Save for the right thing sometimes have over the years, and all because of what we do is wrong and do involve p...
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How to attract the house wealth and prosperity

The ancient elders noticed that in order to forget about poverty, we must not only work hard but also to comply with certain Rules for the Treatment of money. Namely, to store them, to lend and even to consider.With regard to this, there are signs of people, many of which were formed not only yea...
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