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Head of Department: "The presence of papillomas hanging on the neck and in the armpits mean a sign of early... To remove, right!"

skin imperfections can bring a lot of discomfort, and bring forth complexes. Hormonal imbalances and lifestyle changes are the most common causes of problems such as warts, pigmentation, enlarged pores and can turn to cosmetic and pharmaceutical agents to eliminate these imperfecti...
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Meaning of moles on the body

Everyone has birthmarks Body: someone has more of them, someone quite a bit... but we do not even think about what they might mean. And in vain!There is a perception that some birthmarks are associated with wealth, the other - with a successful marriage or enviable health. And what gave you these...
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All about moles and tan that even some doctors are wrong

In the Middle Ages it was regarded as a mole marks the devil. The presence of such marks considered proof that the person is engaged in witchcraft, and could cause burning at the stake. In the XVIII century, the concept has changed, and a mole above her lip was seen as a sign of the passionate na...
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What are birthmarks on the face and body

Almost every person has moles on the body. There is a theory that the appearance and location of moles on the human body there is not by chance. Moreover, depending on the characteristics of the person, moles can vary in importance. For example, for people with dark skin are important black mole,...
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A dermatologist with experience: "In order to ultimately bring Hanging moles, lubricate twice a day!"

Have you ever tried to get rid of moles hanging? Contrive, as best he could spend a lot of resources on ineffective treatment rather unfortunate birthmark appeared again and again? Enough to endure pesky visitors on your skin! Listen carefully to get rid of them once and for all."So simple!" shar...
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