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How to cook chicken soup

Delicious, fragrant, with a childhood favorite chicken soup. This I cooked my grandmother and now I cook it to his son. This is a real classic home cooking and seemingly improve in him something hard. But there are subtleties that will make the first dish even tastier. Today "So simple!" will tel...
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Soup with chicken meatballs

For most women, after working the second shift in the kitchen. And they are unlikely to give up dinner with some culinary delights. But this is only in dreams ...© DepositphotosSoup with chicken meatballsToday edition "So simple!" He wants to appeal to the male half of its audience. Set aside thi...
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Soup recipe based on fermented milk drink

Legend has it that because of the traditional Russian Cossacks Armenian soup tanapur It received its second name - "saved." It was in the XIX century. One stormy night Russian Cossacks stopped quartered in the Armenian home. The owner, faithful to the laws of hospitality, offered unexpected guest...
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