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Green smoothies for excellent immunity: 3 simple ingredients before going to bed - no colds all year round!

If you watch your health, eat right, and do not like to hurt, then the next useful recipe is just for you!edition "So simple!" shares a wonderful recipe for a cocktail that will help to support the immune system and gives energy boost at the end of a hard day.Smoothies of kiwiProducts necessary f...
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How to cook the unusual snack with kiwi

You love to experiment in the kitchen? At least once in life you need to try something different, it is enough to reconcile the irreconcilable at first glance. Since there vegetable salads with mayonnaise and pineapple, baked chicken with plums and festive sandwiches with kiwi.© DepositphotosSand...
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When fed a cake without baking "Emerald Turtle".

Often the children would like to arrange a real holiday: with bright balloons, fun guests and a delicious cake. But what if the credibility of the purchased delicacies long ago lost? That's right, to bake home cake! It is for such a case our editorial staff prepared the recipe is not only spectac...
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How to cut products

One of the first skills that develops chef, is the ability to correct, quickly and beautifully cut products. I agree that this is very important in cooking. Surely you would like to learn it and make your life a little easier. We present to you 10 ways quick and easy cutting of your favorite food...
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