Vulture clampsOften when laying a power line during the installation process, a lot of questions arise that did not seem particularly relevant at the initial planning stage. One of these moments is the installation of a special clip for CIP.


  • 1 Concept and purpose
    • 1.1 What is needed for laying CIP parts, their composition
    • 1.2 The principle of operation and installation
  • 2 Types of parts
    • 2.1 Junction piercing with one bolt
    • 2.2 Piercing junction with two bolts

Concept and purpose

Wiring should be not only durable, but also safe. It is important that at the right moment you can easily and without risk to health replace the necessary element of the chain, connect the wires.

What is needed for laying CIP parts, their composition

Piercing clips for CIP is a guarantee that you can do the necessary wire connection without stripping. This is a fairly simple and reliable method to perform the necessary actions as quickly and safely as possible.

Modern models of branch devices allow you to do work as quickly as possible, they also guarantee complete safety during installation. Such positive features of parts for self-supporting insulated wires are explained by the high quality of the materials from which the devices are made. Today clips for CIP comply with international quality standards and are completely safe from the point of view of use by ordinary inhabitants.

Exists few highlightsthat you need to know to understand the work of the CIP junction device:

  • Piercing clamps in a vulture designIt is important to establish contact between the two wires. It must be laid between the wire that is the main and the wire that must be connected for the proper operation of the entire system.
  • In the holes that are located in the piercing device, you need to stretch the wires. To do this, tighten the upper bolt. This should be done before the bolt head fails.

The body from which modern piercing clamps are made for CIP, usually fiberglass reinforced. The main part of the body of these devices is made of a polymer of high strength. This ensures that the branch clamp is UV resistant and its case is completely sealed. You can be sure that moisture will not get inside the device.

The principle of operation and installation

The success of the use of piercing clamps is explained by the fact that today they are manufactured using modern technologies using the highest quality materials. The long period of operation of the junction piercing device is due to these characteristics. The device can, if properly used, last up to 40 years.

When you install the clips for CIP, there will be needfull piercing wire insulation. It is erroneous to believe that this fact may in some way affect the strength of the structure itself. The place where the fastening takes place must be airtight.

It is important to bear in mind that it is only possible to install the junction piercing clamp once. Dismantle the device in the next fail. Using it a second time after initial installation is also not possible.

Types of parts

The industry provides for the release of several types of clips for CIP. All of them are designed to work in certain conditions.

Junction piercing with one bolt

This clamp is often called the bare vulture. It is used in order to bring the wire (uninsulated) on the vulture.

Types of clampsDistinctive features:

  • Section from 16 to 95 mm.
  • The clamp body polymer can prevent the penetration of ultraviolet rays, it is also resistant to various weather phenomena.
  • The branch clamp has a stable strap.

In this case, the junction piercing clip consists of aluminum (alloy), which prevents rust. Both the bolt and the mechanism are securely performed.

Piercing junction with two bolts

The otvetvitelny component for withdrawal of uninsulated wires to the main trunk line on a vulture is used. The cross section can reach 95 square mm. As part of the body is used glass-reinforced polymer of high resistance. For convenience, there is a lower bracket at the branch clamp, which helps to fix the key in a predetermined position.

This the item will last a long time, because it is resistant to moisture, wind and other manifestations of the external environment. Manufacturers, as a rule, are responsible for quality, so one can count on it in this case.

When choosing a clip for CIP, it is worth remembering that the head of the bolt must be proportionate to the key. Most commonly used 13 mm head. Sometimes you can meet and 17 mm, but much less. The size of the wire section indicates the thickness of the line. By this size, it is possible to understand the size of the branch, which must be mounted in the branch clamp. When choosing this part for CIP, you need to remember all these simple rules.