Have you ever tried to get rid of moles hanging? Contrive, as best he could spend a lot of resources on ineffective treatment rather unfortunate birthmark appeared again and again? Enough to endure pesky visitors on your skin! Listen carefully to get rid of them once and for all.

wormwood oil from moles

"So simple!" shares plummeting home way to get rid of pesky moles suspension. The two-week essential oil of wormwood therapy able to do to your skin is a miracle, only need to properly use this gift of nature.

Hanging moles

Wormwood appreciated by our ancestors for a long time, and for good reason. Plant attributed not only healing, but also magical properties: wormwood herb was used as a talisman against evil forces. In fact, many birds bring useful plant twigs in their nests, and some species of birds of prey and do make their homes only from wormwood branches.

Today, however, to experience all the beneficial properties of wormwood, quite a walk to the nearest pharmacy and buy a vial of essential oil trumpery.

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Useful properties of wormwood

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  1. antibacterial
    Wormwood - a powerful natural antiseptic, because many pathogens are afraid of him like the plague. Such useful plant could and should be used for disinfection of scratches and small wounds, for the treatment of purulent processes in the skin, bruises and viral diseases. Antibacterial components of essential oil of wormwood increases the protective functions of the body and help it to cope with infections much faster.
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  2. analgesic
    Hundreds of years ago Roman soldiers primatyvali to his feet sprigs of tarragon, if they had a long trip. Today it is a medicinal plant is widely used for the treatment of arthritis and arthrosis, reduces swelling and provides an effective analgesic effect.
  3. stimulatory
    Bitter Wormwood - a wonderful stimulant to the digestive tract. The plant improves gastric acid secretion and accelerates the production of pancreatic enzymes, increases appetite. The essential oil of wormwood stimulates brain activity, fights fatigue and sleepiness.
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  4. antiparasitic
    Wormwood great fights parasites, because products based on plants is often prescribed for parasitic infestations.
  5. Used in cosmetics
    Irreplaceable wormwood solves the problem of excessive fat content of the skin and treats the hair, which tend to quickly salted. Wormwood helps improve the overall condition of the skin, making it clean, smooth and elastic. This stunning effect is explained by the influence of azulene and polysaccharides contained in the air.
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The use of essential oil of sage knows no boundaries: the bitter scent of the plant repels harmful insects and disinfects the air in the room, the oil helps relieve stress and normalize sleep.

essential oil of wormwood bitter is used in medical and cosmetic purposes, and recommends itself as a powerful aphrodisiac. But the main thing - it's almost the best home remedy for hanging moles, warts and papillomas!

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To get rid of moles unfortunate, do this: sage essential oil applied to problem skin twice a day, morning and evening after bath procedures, avoiding contact with the means healthy skin. Two weeks later, the annoying growths on the skin and no trace left!

If after this time the tumors on the skin left, continue to rub them wormwood oil, while hanging mole does not completely disappear from the skin. For best results, we recommend alternate wormwood oil with calendula and lavender oil.

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Important! Before starting this therapy is necessary to test for sensitivity. To do this, 1 drop of essential oil mixed with 1/3 hours. l. any vegetable oil and apply on the wrist. If after 12 hours will not have a rash, redness, shortness of breath, cough and swelling, you can safely use the healing oil of wormwood to deal with hanging moles, warts and papillomas.

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Treatments of Moles essential oil of wormwood - the procedure is very pleasant and aromatic. The most important thing - to buy a really good oil, not a fake. If you think our article helpful, be sure to share it with friends!

And in the comments tell us what home methods to get rid of the ill-fated moles and warts You know. We are grateful!