How to choose a hobModern housewives increasingly prefer gas cooktops rather than the traditional stove. One of the decisive factors is the compactness of kitchen appliances.

The stores presented a huge selection of models from different brands. The price range is widely scattered from 2 500 to 400 000 rubles. They differ in their main characteristics. How to choose a gas hob with the necessary parameters and at the best price?


  • 1 Design
  • 2 The point in the material
  • 3 How many burners to take?
  • 4 Burner burner discord
  • 5 Additional functions
  • 6 What hob still choose?
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How does the hobGas panels are a rectangular body with built-in heating elements - gas horns. This technique meets all the requirements of ergonomic modern technology.

Gas hobs produce two kinds. You can purchase an independent stand-alone console or a dependent one with an oven and control system.

The second option is not much different from the usual gas stove, only the dimensions are more comfortable. But it is necessary to take into account that some models are compatible only with certain ovens. Even in the line of one brand, they may not coincide. Also note that there are plugs that allow you to take advantage of the full range of functions.

The independent gas console has its own control panel and does not require the selection of a suitable oven.

In addition, the hob is easier to dispose of in space, if we give preference to corner models.

The point in the material

It is necessary to choose a gas console, including on the basis of its material. It depends on him cost, functionality and durability this technique. And the way to care, if it matters to the hostess.

  • Gas Panel MaterialsEnamel. This is a traditional material. This panel is quite durable, can withstand high thermal loads. Will cost inexpensive. The catch is that it is easy to scratch, damage, and difficult to clean from fat.
  • Stainless steel. This hob can be used for a long time. It is durable and durable. The surface can be of two types: matte and polished. According to the characteristics they are the same. In order for the panel to have a beautiful view, it is necessary to carefully care for it. And for this purpose only special chemistry is suitable.
  • Aluminum. This model is inexpensive, but the surface is easily scratched. Therefore, care for it involves the use of non-abrasive products. Also, aluminum collects water on its surface.
  • Glass ceramics. This is the most expensive option. This hob will have a stylish design. Care for the material is easy, just wipe with a soft cloth.

Of course, most buyers opt for ceramic gas cooktops. Reviews of the most flattering. The equipment heats up quickly, which speeds up the cooking process. Only work areas are heated, outside of which the surface remains at room temperature. After shutdown, the console quickly cools.

How many burners to take?

The hostesses are accustomed to using four work areas. This amount is fully justified for the average family. But it is worth considering that the number of burners affects the size of the hob. Therefore, this parameter must be chosen on the basis of the dimensions of its kitchen. Models with three rings already on 15 cm, with two - on 30 cm. And the reviews of large families are still in favor of hobs with six work areasand this is not the limit. So, you should choose the technique based on the number of family members.

Burner burner discord

How to choose the right hobThe most effective design of the burner in the form of a "triple crown". It is a fiery ring in three rows. Such a device makes it possible to heat the entire surface of the dish. Cheaper than five thousand rubles such a torch will not find.

But for lovers of dishes on the grill for sale there are grill burners in various variations. They can be oval, triangular, turned etc. This option should be chosen, there are lovers of baked meat or grilled fish in the family. Reviews gourmets are very appetizing.

Lattices can be for the entire surface of the hob, individual for each hob and sectional. The last two options will provide greater purity.

Additional functions

Modern models of hobs are equipped with all sorts of convenient options. Additional features well help the hostess and facilitate the cooking process.

  • automatic ignition will eliminate the need to spend money on matches;
  • control of gas leakage prevents it from entering the air, which ensures a high degree of fire safety;
  • the timer on the burners will help to monitor and regulate the cooking process even in the absence of the hostess;
  • touch control system, which facilitates the control of the hob with the help of settings;
  • protection from the kids will not allow the baby to add gas, as the sensors block all actions.

Naturally, the more advanced features, the more expensive the equipment. How much each of them and determines the choice. In general, customer reviews are such that it is quite possible to do without a touch panel, since such models cost more than 30 thousand rubles.

What hob still choose?

Choosing a gas cooktopThere are a lot of models. Choose should be primarily based on the needs of the family and budget. The decisive word, of course, for the hostess, who must be pleased with the hob.

If there are no restrictions on the area of ​​the kitchen space, then it is better to buy a cooking console with four burners. Each pot in a separate working area. The laid-on grid should be chosen individually for each burner, then the kitchen console will be cleaner. The most practical - cast iron grill.

As for the functions, electric ignition is nevertheless a necessity rather than a luxury. The material must choose the hostess, as her care for him. Reviews of glass ceramic hobs are only positive in this regard. These are the most practical models in everyday life.

Useful tips

On the forums you can find a lot of useful information and reviews from the owners of gas hobs, which have already made their choice. Here is What you should pay attention to:

  • the simpler the device, the less it fails;
  • if the choice fell on the dependent hob - be sure to check its compatibility with the oven, even if they are from the same brand;
  • You should not choose models that have just appeared on sale, even if they are strongly advisor in the store.

Reviews: gas cooktops

Feedback on gas cooking consoles from users is positive. Enthusiastic reviews are alike. We will focus on points that express complaints. This will help to take into account all the pros and cons when choosing a console.

I bought a stainless steel panel. Now toil for stains, even the slightest pollution can be seen. Have to wash the surface after each cooking. Gain out special tools that facilitate the process.


I presented my wife for an anniversary with a tempered glass hob. The reviews were positive on the net. But the selected model did not have rubber heads on the grille. I had to buy them, because the surface was constantly scratched.


I chose the most affordable model. Of course, the choice fell on the enameled panel. I noticed that technical innovations are a weak side of enameled consoles. The material suits, but there are no necessary functions.


We have a big family, so we bought six-burner panel. But when I started cooking, I realized that it was inconvenient. On the surface fit only small saucepans. And the panel itself is bulky.


Choose a gas hob based on practical considerations and the laws of ergonomic space. After all, this technique for the year