Anyone who occasionally encounters the problem of replacing light bulbs in chandeliers can know firsthand that they can explode when the electricity is turned on. There are a number of reasons for the explosions of light bulbs, which are worth exploring in detail in order to understand why this happens and what to do in such situations.


  • 1 Causes of light bulb explosions
  • 2 How to solve a problem
  • 3 Precautionary measures

Causes of light bulb explosions

Broken lamp

A manufacturing defect on the base and in a glass flask is one of the simplest reasons for the violation of the terms of operation

There are several main reasons why a light bulb explodes:

  • Low quality products. Cheap lamps are less reliable, so when connected to an electrical network they do not always withstand voltage.
  • High humidity. The problem is observed in conditions of high humidity in the room. This may be a bathroom, kitchen or a room with poor ventilation. Moisture accumulates in the cartridge and causes a short circuit.
  • Bad contacts. Failure to connect the contacts in the chuck leads to an increase in voltage and overheating of the light bulb.
  • Power surges in the network. The lamps in the chandelier do not have a voltage regulator, unlike other electrical appliances, so any change in the voltage in the network can cause a burnout.
  • Type of light bulb. There are several types of light bulbs for different voltage in the network. If the light bulb is designed for lower voltage, it will surely explode.

An old switch could be the hidden cause of an explosion of light bulbs.

How to solve a problem

The man is screwing the lamp

Constant crackle, flickering light and an explosion when turned on are clear signs of a defective cartridge.

First you need to find out the possible cause of the explosion of the light bulb, and then choose a way to solve the problem:

  1. Unscrew the light bulb and wipe the contacts in the cartridge with technical alcohol.
  2. Check that the mains voltage corresponds to the working range of the light bulb.
  3. Disassemble the chandelier, unscrew and dry the cartridge.
  4. Buy better light bulbs.
  5. Connect the chandelier through a voltage regulator.

If none of the methods helped, then the problem is in the chandelier itself. In this case, you will have to completely replace the device.

Precautionary measures

The man changes the lamp

You should not replace the cartridges in the luminaire with more powerful ones, the fixture of the lighting device may not withstand the load, and the light bulb will explode

When working with the replacement of light bulbs must observe the following precautions:

  • Light bulb can be twisted only with the chandelier turned off. For reliability, it is recommended to disable traffic jams.
  • When working, use dry rubber gloves that do not conduct electricity.
  • In some chandeliers, the base can be removed only with the help of needle nose pliers with an insulating handle.
  • When working on the stairs you may have to use force to unscrew the base. It is advisable to attract an assistant who will hold the stairs.

If a light bulb exploded in the chandelier, do not be afraid or rush into extremes. First you need to disconnect the chandelier from the network and unscrew the remaining cap. Then try to find the cause of the problem and eliminate it, observing all precautions.