Almost everyone had to wonder why a vacuum cleaner does not absorb dust well. And if you are faced with this problem right now, do not immediately worry that the equipment is hopelessly damaged. Most often, it is easy to cope with problems, the main thing is to identify them in time.


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Why vacuum cleaner does not absorb dust

A vacuum cleaner

Correct determination of the cause is the key to quickly repairing the damage.

A vacuum cleaner may weakly draw in garbage for the following reasons:

  • dust bag is full;
  • the minimum power is set;
  • filter clogged;
  • hose is blocked;
  • engine failed.

Possible consequences

Vacuum cleaner brush

It is possible that the bearing is jammed in the brush, and it prevents air from being drawn in.

The severity of the consequences directly depends on what exactly caused the inefficient work.

The minimum power threatens only with poor-quality cleaning, but if you use household appliances with a full bag for dust, a clogged filter or hose, you can burn the engine.

And if the problem is initially in the dust collector, then a minor damage can permanently damage the device, and the repair will not help.

What to do

Dirty filter vacuum cleaner

Filters can be replaced with new ones or rinsed with water and dried.

The essence of the problem itself tells how to solve it:

  1. So, if the required power is set, the first thing to do is to raise the lid of the vacuum cleaner and check the fullness of the dust collector.
  2. If the container is filled quite a bit and still the machine does not absorb the garbage well, then you need to remove and clean the filters - there are two of them in modern machines.
  3. Then put the filters in place and check the operation of the device.
  4. If the problem is not solved, it is necessary to unplug and clean the hose, because it could get a bag, accumulated on a brush of hair or even a match. To clean any thin object of sufficient length, for example, non-rigid wire.

If cleaning does not help, the appliance must be returned for repair.


Most of the reasons why a vacuum cleaner absorbs dust poorly can easily be solved by yourself. However, engine damage should be entrusted to the master.