Characteristic cable AVBBSHVCable AVBBSHV manufactured in Russia at specialized plants for the production of electromechanical products according to GOST 16442-80. In this article you will learn how this abbreviation stands for and what technical characteristics possesses this cable.


  • 1 Deciphering the name
  • 2 Cable construction
  • 3 Application area
  • 4 terms of Use
  • 5 Specifications

Deciphering the name

Cable Abbreviation AVBbShvv stands for as follows:

  • “A” is a conductive conductor made of aluminum;
  • “B” - conductor insulation made of plastic PVC;
  • "BB" - booked with the help of two tapes of galvanized steel;
  • "Shv" - protection is made of polyvinyl chloride hose.

Cable construction

In the middle of AVBBSHV there is a soft conductive round or sector cross-section, made of aluminum. It is enclosed in insulating shells made of non-combustible, durable PVC plastic, which has reflective properties. Next are the shielding layer, made of metal or plastic. This is followed by armored galvanized steel tapes that are spirally twisted. The outer layer of the cable is a protection in the form of a hose, which is made of polyvinyl chloride plastic, has the properties of non-inflammability and resistance to ultraviolet radiation.

Application area

The electromechanical product AVBBSHV is designed to transmit and distribute electricity in stationary installations for alternating voltage with a nominal rate of 1 kilovolt of frequency of 50 hertz or permanent voltage 2.4 kilovolts.

AVBBSHV is used in the following conditions:

  • Where is AVBbShv cable usedlaying in land trenches with degrees of corrosivity from low to high, with and without circulating currents. The condition must be met - tensile forces will not be applied to the cable during operation;
  • laying in rooms with high fire hazard;
  • laying by air on the walls of buildings (in the absence of sagging);
  • in dry rooms or damp with partial flooding (tunnels, mines, collectors, etc.) with degrees of corrosivity from low to high;
  • laying in zones with explosion classes B-Ib, B-Ig, B-II, B-IIa.

terms of Use

Cable operating conditionsOperated in temperate, cold or tropical climates. It is applied at an altitude of 4.3 km above sea level.

The electromechanical product AVBBSHV is intended for inclined and horizontal lines. The cable with a single strip does not contribute to the spread of combustion. If AVBBSHv is made for a tropical climate, then it is provided with resistance to infection by mold fungi.

When laying the cable does not require preheating, if the ambient temperature is not lower than -15 ° C.

The warranty on this electromechanical product is 5 years from the moment of the start of operation. Actually this cable may last 30 years or more.

Performance specifications
Rated voltage 660 V and 1000 V
Nominal frequency 50 Hz
Permissible environment t From -50 ° C to 50 ° C
Maximum percentage of air humidity (at t ≤ 35 ° C) 98%
Limit long-term allowable t work lived 70 ° C
The maximum allowable t of heating veins in emergency mode 80 ° C
Maximum t of heating veins during short circuit 160 ° C


Main technical indicators AVBBSHV presented in the table.

Number and nominal cross-section of cores, mm² Estimated product weight, kg / km Nominal outer diameter, mm Nominal shell thickness, mm Nominal thickness of core insulation, mm
660 V 1000 V 660 V 1000 V 660 V 1000 V 660 V 1000 V
2ˣ4 327 15ˏ5 1ˏ8 0ˏ7
2ˣ6 365 407 16ˏ5 17ˏ7 1ˏ8 1ˏ8 0ˏ7 1ˏ0
2ˣ10 457 464 18ˏ8 19ˏ2 1ˏ8 1ˏ8 0ˏ9 1ˏ0
2ˣ16 536 551 20ˏ7 21ˏ1 1ˏ8 1ˏ8 0ˏ9 1ˏ0
2ˣ25 685 702 23ˏ8 24ˏ2 1ˏ8 1ˏ8 1ˏ1 1ˏ2
3ˣ4 360 16ˏ1 1ˏ8 0ˏ7
3ˣ6 407 457 17ˏ1 18ˏ4 1ˏ8 1ˏ8 0ˏ7 1ˏ0
3ˣ10 511 529 19ˏ6 20ˏ0 1ˏ8 1ˏ8 0ˏ9 1ˏ0
3ˣ16 621 639 21ˏ6 22ˏ0 1ˏ8 1ˏ8 0ˏ9 1ˏ0
3ˣ25 812 833 25ˏ0 25ˏ4 1ˏ8 1ˏ8 1ˏ1 1ˏ2
3ˣ35 979 1002 27ˏ5 27ˏ4 2ˏ0 2ˏ0 1ˏ1 1ˏ2
3ˣ50 1199 1224 30ˏ6 28ˏ5 2ˏ0 2ˏ0 1ˏ3 1ˏ4
3ˣ70 1491 31ˏ1 2ˏ0 1ˏ4
3ˣ95 1810 34ˏ5 2ˏ0 1ˏ5
3ˣ120 2133 37ˏ3 2ˏ2 1ˏ5
3ˣ150 2503 40ˏ1 2ˏ2 1ˏ6
3ˣ185 2934 43ˏ5 2ˏ2 1ˏ7
3ˣ240 3659 48ˏ8 2ˏ4 1ˏ9
4ˣ4 404 17ˏ0 1ˏ8 0ˏ7
4ˣ6 461 511 18ˏ2 19ˏ6 1ˏ8 1ˏ8 0ˏ7 1ˏ0
4ˣ10 589 610 21ˏ0 21ˏ4 1ˏ8 1ˏ8 0ˏ9 1ˏ0
4ˣ16 723 746 23ˏ2 23ˏ7 1ˏ8 1ˏ8 0ˏ9 1ˏ0
4ˣ25 985 1010 27ˏ4 27ˏ9 2ˏ0 2ˏ0 1ˏ1 1ˏ2
3ˣ4 + 1ˣ2.5 397 17ˏ0 1ˏ8 0ˏ7 / 0ˏ6
3ˣ6 + 1ˣ4 454 504 18ˏ2 19ˏ6 1ˏ8 1ˏ8 0ˏ7 / 0ˏ7 1ˏ0 / 1ˏ0
3ˣ10 + 1ˣ6 559 597 20ˏ4 21ˏ4 1ˏ8 1ˏ8 0ˏ9 / 0ˏ7 1ˏ0 / 1ˏ0
3ˣ16 + 1ˣ10 704 726 23ˏ2 23ˏ7 1ˏ8 1ˏ8 0ˏ9 / 0ˏ9 1ˏ0 / 1ˏ0
3ˣ25 + 1ˣ16 929 974 26ˏ6 27ˏ9 2ˏ0 2ˏ0 1ˏ1 / 0ˏ9 1ˏ2 / 1ˏ0
3ˣ35 + 1ˣ16 1079 1103 28ˏ9 30ˏ2 2ˏ0 2ˏ0 1ˏ1 / 1ˏ1 1ˏ2 / 1ˏ0
3ˣ50 + 1ˣ25 1286 1367 32ˏ3 30ˏ6 2ˏ0 2ˏ0 1ˏ3 / 1ˏ1 1ˏ4 / 1ˏ2
3ˣ70 + 1ˣ25 1616 33ˏ4 2ˏ0 1ˏ4 / 1ˏ2
3ˣ95 + 1ˣ35 2042 37ˏ5 2ˏ2 1ˏ5 / 1ˏ2
3ˣ120 + 1ˣ35 2335 39ˏ9 2ˏ2 1ˏ5 / 1ˏ2
3ˣ150 + 1ˣ50 2759 43ˏ1 2ˏ2 1ˏ6 / 1ˏ4
3ˣ185 + 1ˣ50 3191 46ˏ5 2ˏ2 1ˏ7 / 1ˏ4
3ˣ240 + 1ˣ70 4007 52ˏ8 2ˏ4 1ˏ9 / 1ˏ4

Cable AVBBSHV has unique technical characteristics. This product is different. special multifunctionality. Experts say that the use of AVBbShv is the best solution in any important area, if necessary, reliable, safe and high-quality power supply.