Homemade antennaDigital television T2 is actively entering our life. To date, many homes are already installed antennas to receive such a signal. But what about those who live in the suburbs or in a rented apartment? The output is quite simple - it is a homemade antenna for the T2, which can be an inexpensive and reliable alternative to factory products.


  • 1 TV antennas do it yourself
  • 2 Simple DIY antenna
  • 3 Digital antenna "eight" do it yourself
  • 4 Homemade antenna from cans
  • 5 Indoor antenna for TV "Romb"

TV antennas do it yourself

In order to catch digital terrestrial television, first of all, it is necessary to have a supporting new digital format TV, and then do not have to buy a special console.

In addition, a room or outdoor decimeter antenna is required. Do not believe those who say that the device must be digital or some other. Simply enough, a TV antenna with your own hands can be made from scrap materials, resulting in a powerful device that will perfectly receive the signal.

Simple DIY antenna

Before preparing materials for the manufacture of the device, it is necessary to calculate its future length. To do this, you need to find out the frequency at which digital broadcasting is going on, and apply a special formula: 7500 divided by the frequency in Megahertz and the result is rounded.

The decimeter antenna for TV is made from ordinary 75-ohm television coaxial cable and standard connector.

  1. Antenna from scrap materialsThe cable is stripped from one side and the connector is inserted.
  2. Two centimeters from the edge of the connector, a label is placed, from which the length of the future antenna should be measured.
  3. The excess cable is bitten off.
  4. In the area of ​​the mark, an incision is made and protection, braid and foil are removed from the cable. Internal insulation should remain on the cable.
  5. The cleaned part is bent at an angle of 90 degrees.
  6. TV set up. To do this, the “Manual Settings” menu checks the quality and level of the signal, which should be good. Then in the menu item “Auto search” the “Antenna” window is selected, in the parameters opposite to “Only digital channels” a check mark is set and “Run” is pressed.

After all the correct steps, the channel search will start. If the repeater is located in the area up to fifteen kilometers from the house, the signal will be received well and the amplifier will not be required. If the distance is greater, then you need to use an amplifier.

Digital antenna "eight" do it yourself

In order for the signal quality to be exactly good, you can make it more complex. homemade tv antenna for tv.

For its manufacture will need to prepare:

  • television cable;
  • a box;
  • knife;
  • roulette wheel;
  • foil;
  • glue;
  • Scotch.

The bottom of the box (for example, from under the shoe) will need to be well smeared with glue and completely covered with foil. At the same time it is necessary to ensure that the foil does not rise anywhere.

While the foil is glued, you need to cut two pieces of 50 centimeters each from the cable, and clean the insulation tips by carefully cutting off the outer sheath with a knife. Having bent the braid at all ends to the side, the segments should be bent in a circle so that they are not fully closed. The distance between them should be approximately 1 centimeter.

The resulting eight secure tape to the lid of the box. At the same time it is necessary to ensure that the stripped ends are located next to each other. The cable on the box should hold well, so do not feel sorry for the scotch. Antenna frame is ready.

Now follows prepare the main cablewhich will connect to the TV.

  1. DIM antennaThe end of the cable is about 10 centimeters clear of insulation. To do this, the sheath at the base must be assembled and tightly tightened; the foil should be removed and torn off.
  2. Departing from the braid about 1 centimeter, carefully remove the internal insulation of the cable. Do it better piece by piece with a knife. The result should be about 10 centimeters of cleaned cable.
  3. From below and above in the corners of the box make holes through which to pass the cable. He has to go through the box.
  4. The cable is laid on the outer circle of one of the parts of the attached eight. He must go to her center.
  5. The cleaned vein should be located so that its beginning lies on the adjacent two eights of the eight.
  6. The cable is attached with adhesive tape.
  7. Now you need to twist between a large end of the main cable and the two ends, near which it lies. The two remaining ends are curled with the vein.
  8. Everything is fixed with scotch tape.

It remains only to mount the connector under the TV. To do this, on the remaining end of the television cable you need to remove the insulation, press and cut the braid, remove the foil. Then, stepping back from half a centimeter braid, remove the inner insulation of the core.

The TV connector must be screwed onto the prepared cable so that the insulation core is not visible in the wide part. After that, from the edge of the connector should half a centimeter back down and bite off the excess part of the core, attach the second part of the connector and fasten it.

Cable and antenna are ready. Having installed the device in a convenient place, it should be directed towards the television transmitter, connect the cable and turn on the TV. The antenna should work well and show the TV without interference.

Homemade antenna from cans

An antenna that will catch not one or two channels, but seven or eight can be made from the simplest cans. For its production will need to prepare:

  • How to make the antenna yourselfTV cable is about 3 meters long;
  • coat hanger;
  • two tin cans, which must be kept rings;
  • soldering iron;
  • electrical tape or tape;
  • two small screws.

First of all follows prepare cable, removing from it the top layer on a segment of 10 centimeters from the beginning. Wiring inside the cable should be unstuck, remove the foil from under them, cut off one centimeter of the stripped layer. Plug the other end of the wire.

Now follows prepare banks. To the cores of one of them attach the core of the cable, and to the other part of the disentangled wires. If there are no ringlets, then you can screw the screws into the banks and wind the wires on them, having treated the surface with a soldering iron.

After that, banks need to use scotch tape. attach to the hanger. The distance between them should be 75 millimeters, banks should be located on one straight line.

Homemade TV antenna ready. Now you need to connect it to the TV with the help of a plug and find a place for it where the signal will be best caught.

Indoor antenna for TV "Romb"

Indoor antenna do it yourselfThis design is a diamond-shaped frame that is made quickly and easily, and receives digital television signals confidently and easily. You will need to prepare a copper or aluminum twig about 180 centimeters long.

A diamond should make two. One will serve as a reflector, and the second - a vibrator. Side of the frame should be about 14 centimeters, and the distance between them - about 10 centimeters.

After the rhomb is made, between the two ends of the twig it is necessary to mount the dielectric. Its size and shape can be arbitrary. The main thing is to make sure that the distance between the rods is about two centimeters.

Now the upper parts of the frames need to be connected, and a cable is attached to the copper or brass petals attached to the antenna terminal.

If the repeater is located far away or with the help of the resulting device the weak signal quality will be caught, then it will be possible add amplifier. The result will be an active decimeter antenna for TV, which can be used not only in the city, but also in the country.

Of course, such devices for receiving a television signal will not differ in a sophisticated design, but with their help you can enjoy your favorite shows.