How to replace an old electric meterWe all are from the USSR. The rich heritage of the past is still everywhere, wherever you turn your eyes and sings here and there. Therefore, networks and power supply elements are also far from exception. There are also post-war electrical sockets on plywood circles, wiring on rollers outside, disposable, ceramic fuses and huge humming electricity meters.


  • 1 Electric meter replacement
    • 1.1 What are the reasons for replacing the old counter?
  • 2 Installation of electricity meters, their price
    • 2.1 Prices of the meter and installation services
  • 3 Types of electricity meters
    • 3.1 Single phase meters
    • 3.2 Three Phase Electricity Meters
    • 3.3 Two-tariff counter

Electric meter replacement

Place where installed old electricity meters, Kishma-teeming with spiders, bristling twists hanging wires, in general, leads to fear and depress the inhabitants of the apartment. Sooner or later, but the hands of the owner reach the repair of his apartment, which means better times will come for the electricians. During the renovation of the apartment electricians replacement

counter is not the last thing. Are you still using a Soviet-era electric meter? What a viable device you have! But the reasons for joy on this and are exhausted.

What are the reasons for replacing the old counter?

  1. Why is it worth changing the counterThe first reason is that electricity meters are samples of the old school and were released back in the 60s of the last century. The developers of that time had no idea that the apartments of the future would be crammed with household electrical appliances. appliances to failure: here and microwave ovens, washing machines, air conditioners and other items. The consequence of this was large meter overloads, which can lead to fire, if we take into account their respectable age. The situation is further aggravated by the fact that in many apartments and private houses the same ancient electrical wiring, which is also a fire hazard. But the safety of your family and apartment should not be neglected in any way!
  2. The second reason why the old electric meter should be replaced by installing a new one is to save electricity. Modern progressive engineering thought has developed a multi-tariff electricity metering system. According to her, the owner of such a device will be able to save up to 30% of monthly payments in accordance with the established standard. Thus dvuhtarifny counter entered into use.

Naturally, during the day, electricity consumption is uneven. The maximum expense falls in the morning when everyone is going to work together, and in the evening when all family members get together. At night, of course, there is a period of a sharp decline, or as it is also called a failure in consumption. To equalize these indicators of statistics, electricity supplying organizations came up with a discount on electricity during the period of general rest, thus compensating for the peak of evening overloads.

Now it is not forbidden turn on powerful electrical appliances, for example, washing machines, dishwashers, boilers and other equipment at night, which would entail only a saving of electricity consumed. What is the cost of a modern device and its installation?

Installation of electricity meters, their price

The installation of electricity meters should be carried out only by highly qualified specialists, since the work is not only difficult, but also associated with high risks.

Prices of the meter and installation services

Price for installation of the counterSingle-phase multi-tariff meters have the following price:

  • “Mercury” - from 1280 to 1400;

Single-phase single-tariff sold for the price of:

  • “Mercury” - from 670 to 700.

Cost of services for installation, connection and disassembly:

  • Single-phase one-rate - 1500-2000 rubles;
  • Single-phase multitariff - 1500-2000 rubles;
  • Three-phase direct power - 2500-3000 rubles;
  • Dismantling - 500 rubles;
  • Replacement or installation on a pole or a support - 5000-7000 rubles;
  • Dismantling on a pole or a support - 3500 rubles.

Electric meter installation starts with choosing the right model. Energonadzor requirements on this issue are very strict, so you can not easily go to the store and buy the first available device. The consequences of such a thoughtless step sadly affect your wallet.

Workers in this area will certainly determine what kind of electricity meter you need to install, while complying with all the requirements of existing standards. Then they will choose the place and install the device, after that they will ensure the visit of a specialist from the Electronadzor to convince them of high-quality work and seal the meter. Installation will take no more than a day.

Types of electricity meters

Single phase meters

Varieties of electricity metersThese models are used in apartments, private ladies, small commercial premises, offices. At a voltage of 220 V nominal power of such networks is 3-7 kW. How to obtain data on the maximum current for which the device is designed? To do this, remember that 1 kW of power is 4.5 A (circuit current). Multiply the indicators and get these data, which are equal to 13-32A.

The front panel of all electricity meters shows the main characteristics of the nominal and maximum current, for example, 5-40A. The first digit indicates the rated current, which is 5A, the second - the maximum, equal to 40. Thus, the choice of single-phase meter is quite simple, just need to pay attention to some notation.

Three Phase Electricity Meters

The installation of these devices is necessary for electricity metering in cottage settlements, where wiring to the territory is possible only via a three-phase system. It is widely applied in household buildings and manufacturing enterprises. Such a counter is much easier to choose than the one described above, since the required model has already been announced by the relevant services - customers are simply notified.

To have an idea about the quality of the device, it is necessary know the positive characteristicswhich he should have:

  • There must be an internal caller. It is needed to record the time and date, the formation of a load schedule, and the management of tariff conversions.
  • A power profile is required, storing by time the maximum power during the reporting period.
  • There must be an event log. It is recorded overvoltage and increase in each phase, voltage failure, prolonged lack of power, change in energy.
  • Communication interfaces with a communication center or PC to transfer evidence.

Two-tariff counter

New electric meterDepending on the manufacturer rates may be different. For example, the counter may count the same, but night figures are divided in half; the daily price may be normal or higher than the norm, and nightly consumption will cost 4 times cheaper.

How does the device distinguish the time of day? It has two counting mechanisms that replace each other at a certain time. This tariff is beneficial to people who are nocturnal. After 23 hours, some do not sleep, but turn on a washing machine and find such a tariff very profitable.

Every apartment, house, enterprise has this necessary and important subject, which measures the amount of electricity consumed. The counter is a necessary thing in everyday life, thanks to it we significantly save on electricity costs.