Natalia Samoilenko - Ukrainian star nutritionist, author of "Eat, drink, grow thin. Health without dieting. " She is convinced that successful weight loss simply you need to eat 5 times a day and indulge in food. The main thing - to observe "typically the equator"And do not lean on carbohydrates after 15:00. It was at this time the metabolic processes in the body slow down no matter what your daily routine.

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Proper diet

If you aspire to lose weight, it is important to comply with diet and chaotic snacks and malnutrition will not help you with that. My daily routine and proper diet related, but there are general rules and "larks" and "owls". If you accustom yourself to eat by the clock, then the weight is normalized by itself, and the body will not store fat.

«rule equator"States that there is a need within an hour after waking, eat carbohydrates before 15:00 and after - protein low-calorie food. At the same time, if you go to bed at 23:00, you can eat cheese at 20:00 hours.

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What products are excluded from 15:00

  1. Sweets and pastries: Pastries and cakes, fruits, honey. Fast carbohydrates do not satisfy hunger and are deposited on the sides, if you can not give up a piece of cake, eat it in the morning. So the likelihood of calories burned above. If you eat the same small piece after 15:00, the resulting energy is not time to be consumed and transformed into the hated fat.

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  2. Vegetables with high starch content: Carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets. Even vegetables can be an obstacle on the way to the desired result. They, like sweet or too salty food, retain water in the body. Signal improper dinner could be swelling of the face in the morning.

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  3. Products that enhance insulin: Milk and sweet yogurt, red meat, sweet casseroles. These products do not give produced growth hormone, which is also responsible for burning fat.

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Dinner should be low-fat protein and refrain from pies and dumplings in the evening. You can eat protein omelette or boiled chicken breast, low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt. Refusal to dinner - a serious mistake, it does not contribute to weight loss, but only can cause insomnia and provoke an accumulation of "spare" fat.

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Be sure to eat breakfast within an hour of waking up, says Natalia Samoilenko. Nutritionists recommend drinking a glass of water immediately after getting up from the bed, it is necessary to restore water balance and well-being throughout the day. proper diet for weight loss It is much more effective and more humane than the rigid diet and starvation.

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Nutrition plays a key role in losing weight, but only in combination with exercise can speed up the process. In order not to torment yourself diets and starvation, you just need to keep the balance of consumed and calories burned.

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