What type of heating to chooseMany people have in their possession country houses. Of course, they live there in spring and summer, when space heating is not required. But sometimes you need to be there in the winter, which immediately raises the question of creating comfortable conditions for even a temporary stay in the house.

To do in private homes capital heating is not always within the means of the owner. It requires large investments in materials and to pay for the work of specialists. Yes, and buying fuel every year can be difficult. Homeowners have found a way out of this situation by installing electric convectors for heating.

In the modern heating market in Europe and our country, an increased interest in electric heating systems is growing. Not only the owners of private houses, but also residents of apartment buildings often buy for the winter period convectorsas the centralized system can not always cope with the work of creating the necessary temperature in the dwelling. Sometimes buying an electric convector is the only way for residents to stay warm during the cold season.

To purchase convectors, you need to know a lot of useful information in order to buy an economical type. the device that will work most effectively to maintain the microclimate in the apartment or house.


  • 1 Heating by convector
    • 1.1 The benefits of home heating by convectors
    • 1.2 The disadvantages of electric convectors include
    • 1.3 Requirements for convectors
  • 2 Using convector heating at home
  • 3 Varieties of thermostats
  • 4 Convectors for heating a private house
  • 5 Electric convector structure

Heating by convector

Heating system for homeYou should immediately pay attention to the fact that the use of this type of heating will take a significant amount of money from the family budget. This type of heating can be considered as an option temporary or additional to main view. Sometimes it is preferred if it is not possible to install another high-quality heating system.

If you consider how much money you need to spend on capital heating, then, having estimated in your mind the amount and dividing it by the number of months, and then years, it turns out that heating by electric convectors moves in a row acceptable. Testimonials talk about low costs. when working in economy mode.

The benefits of home heating by convectors

  • The preparation of a special project and its approval in the services are excluded, which saves considerable money and time.
  • Installation is quick and easy; no installation is needed and is not required, you just have to connect the convector to the network. In some models (inside the floor and plinth) need to carry out preparatory work.
  • The electric heating device is very easy to operate and does not require constant maintenance of the technical state in the working form.
  • Silent and safe operation of the device. Switching clicks are minimal, and are hardly perceived by the human ear.
  • Heating of the room is carried out very quickly, literally in twenty minutes a person will feel warming in the room.
  • Some convectors are equipped with modern thermostats, allowing you to select the optimal heating mode, and thus produce significant savings for the host.
  • Low estimated cost of acquisition, installation and connection compared to other systems.
  • The humidity of the microclimate in the room is not disturbed due to the fact that the closed heating elements inside the device do not dry the air and do not burn oxygen. When heated, no harmful gases and substances are emitted.
  • With proper gentle operation, the service life of the purchased convector can reach 20 years.

To increase the efficiency of preservation of heated air and prevent it from coming out, warm the window and door openings and the walls of the building.

The disadvantages of electric convectors include

  • Cons wall mounted convectorssignificant amounts of payment for electricity each heating month;
  • low inertness of heating by convectors, cooling occurs as quickly as heating;
  • connection is not possible if the electrical wiring line in the house has low power;
  • To install the programmed control of the device operation, the purchase of additional electronic regulators is required.

Requirements for convectors

  • the device must have a tubular or monolithic type heater;
  • in the convector should be an electronically controlled thermostat to protect against overheating;
  • an automatic switch-off device should be installed when overturning;
  • preferably two mounting options, on the floor and on the wall;
  • sometimes remote control, display and timer operation will be useful.

Using convector heating at home

The work of the unit is in the passage of cold air masses through the element of heating and temperature rise. Further, the air just rises, warming the atmosphere in the room. Some types of appliances are equipped with fans that help improve air circulation in the room and accelerate the heating process.

To increase the air temperature, a high resistance heating element made of ceramic and hidden in a metal casing is used.

Install an electric convector on the wall or floor. If necessary, the device easily moves within the length of the wire, for which special wheels are provided on the bottom panel.

Large convectors are placed on the walls and floor, and small at the baseboard.

Types of convectors with electrical connection:

  • wall mounted appliances;
  • floor convectors;
  • built-in devices in the floor niches;
  • plinth units.

How to install a convectorWall types usually have great power. They are carefully chosen for their location, since it is problematic to outweigh them if the placement is unsuccessful. Very effective and do not occupy much useful floor space. The disadvantages include the fact that air enters the middle of the height of the room and rises, the floor in this case remains cold, so place them on the wall as low as possible.

Floor convectors for heating at home, they usually perform low power, but because of the low location, it is they who heat the air in the room faster. Move well in different parts of the room.

Floor recessed Recently, home convectors are very much in demand for organizing heating. They are mobile placed in special niches that are prepared in advance. Carrying out these changes requires additional funds, but the room is heated up quickly and space is saved in small rooms.

Plinth convectors let out small power, but, having bought them, for example, two, it is possible to warm up the room more fully. They are installed in the area of ​​the plinth, and their height varies up to 15–20 cm. The warm air mass is on the floor, which is why the sensation of heat comes immediately after switching on. Feedback on the use of this type of convectors is positive.

Varieties of thermostats

How to choose a heating systemWith the help of thermostats, the convector turns on and off at the right time and adjusts the degree of heating. To save money and reduce electricity consumption for home heating, their set to work modewhen, in the absence of the owners of the house, the heating of the air is carried out sparingly or switched off altogether. By the time people return home, the thermostat gives a command to enhance performance and the air in the room becomes comfortable.

The thermostat can be mechanical and electronic in its design.

Mechanical type is reliable and reduces the cost of the convector, but inconvenient to manage. It weakly maintains the mode of a given temperature, consumes additional electricity. His work is accompanied by quite loud clicks, which is unacceptable at night.

Electronically controlled thermostat significantly wins on the background of a mechanical counterpart, but has a high cost. The error in maintaining the set temperature is minimal, one might say, zero.

It contributes to a small decrease in electricity consumption, is equipped with the ability to control using the remote. In its arsenal there is a number of modes of use that will help create comfortable or economical conditions of heating, will allow work in automatic mode and allow you to set the climate, calculated on the fact that nothing in the room will freeze in the absence person

Work is carried out in silent mode, rare clicks on the volume resemble the ticking of the clock. More expensive than mechanical options, but ease of operation pays for all costs and raises reviews.

Convectors for heating a private house

How does the convector workConvectors are available with three types of heaters:

  • tubular type with aluminum fins;
  • needle-shaped;
  • monolithic elements.

Tubular heating element It is a tube of steel, in which is installed a filament of nichrome. The cavity is filled with a special charge with high conductivity of heat and serves as a heat insulator.

Aluminum fins, which are placed on the tube, increase the convection of air flow and provide enhanced heat transfer. Such an element is heated much lower than, for example, a needle one, which contributes to a long duration of work without failure. Very economical option.

Some models are splashproof and can be installed in rooms with high humidity, such as bathrooms. The disadvantage is the crackling during operation due to uneven expansion when the tube material and aluminum are heated.

Needle-like heaters consists of a plate of non-conductive material. On it is a heating thread of chromium and nickel on both sides. The thread is covered with a layer of insulating varnish. Heating and cooling of the plate with the thread occurs in one mode. The flow of heated air in convectors with needle heating elements occurs due to the hull design.

The plate with the thread does not have any protection against moisture and is used only in rooms with a dry climate. Such needle type convectors are not durable. Issued several times less than the tubular and monolithic special demand among the population do not use and cause not entirely flattering reviews.

Monolithic heating elements in the design of the convector are bought up fairly quickly due to their efficiency in operation. They work silently, since the edges on the element are monolithic and expand as one unit.

For the purchase more recommended convectors with tubular or needle heating element.

Electric convector structure

How to choose a convectorThese devices are quite simple structure. Inside a hermetically sealed heat exchange chamber, a heating element of a certain type is mounted. Heat exchanger material allows you to quickly transfer heat to the surrounding space. The chamber with the heating element is enclosed in a decorative frame, which is intended for installation on the floor and whether it is fixed to the wall.

In the case there are latticed windows through which warm air flows into the room, and the casing is made so that it does not allow to burn parts of the body in contact with the device. On the front panel set the elements of mechanical or electronic control, the latter type has a touch window.

Reviews of the work of convectors They say that they compare favorably with the use of oil devices, which have a higher temperature of the walls of the body, which can lead to burns. Convectors are equipped to accelerate the action of fans, but the quiet operation of this type should be forgotten because of the noise of the feeding device.

In the old house, we did not dare to install electric convectors, as weak wiring was carried out, but we took a risk in a new country house outside the city. And they were not mistaken. In winter, we are there on short visits, therefore home heating set at 5ºС constantly, and when we arrive, we change to 20ºС. Heats up quickly. If we decided to install the boiler, then to this day we were without heating, as there was not so much money at once. And now everyone is happy.

Iraida Petrovna

Quite expensive, of course, but it’s convenient, really. In winter, only two adjacent rooms in a country house are heated, in the others we do not drown. But this is enough for us in our retirement age. The neighbors who come to us leave positive feedback about the atmosphere in the house.

Nastasya Valeryevna

Children drowned in their apartment with a convector on electricity. Rather, heat up as the little grandchildren, on the floor without it is cold. Work devices raises no objections, only pay dearly for the light.