POTEU: a brief and complete description of the rules of labor protection in the operation of electrical installationsIn the modern world there are many laws, rules, instructions and other official documents permitting or, conversely, prohibiting something. As a rule, the majority of such acts are aimed at ensuring safety, raising the standard of living or preventing emergency situations.

Hardly anyone would doubt the importance of electricity. However, not only the device, but also the person himself may suffer from improper work with electricity and electrical installations. To avoid this, the “Rules of labor protection during the operation of electrical installations” were developed (abbr. POTEU).


  • 1 A bit of history
  • 2 Short description
  • 3 Detailed review
  • 4 Personnel Certification
    • 4.1 Training in the company
    • 4.2 Training in the training center

A bit of history

Rules on labor protection during the operation of electrical installations (PEGP)This document was approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation in July 2013. In order for the rules for the use of electrical installations to take effect, the said body issued a corresponding order (No. 328n), in which it was said that the PREP start operating on August 4, 2014.

Of course, the adoption of this document did not become something completely new. Essentially - this is an improvement in safety regulations, which were indicated in the previous document - Intersectoral rules on labor protection in the operation of installations. This instruction has been in effect since July 2013. until August 2014, when new rules were adopted.

Short description

The main changes in the new MSPP are the following:

  • The introduction of new terms, definitions and abbreviations in the operation of electrical installations.
  • The list of persons responsible for safety when using such devices has been expanded.
  • Created requirements for the design of electronic documentation.
  • Approved changes when working with overhead lines.

Also, in accordance with the new rules, employees who are responsible for the operation of electrical installations are required to undergo re-certification. For this, company executives must send staff for training until 3.08.14, as well as to conduct an extraordinary test of knowledge. All details are given in the official letter No. 15-2 / OOG-161, sent by the Department of Labor Protection.

Detailed review

Scope of the Rules of labor protection in the operation of electrical installationsThe document on observance of labor protection rules when using electrical installations applies to a wider circle of persons. Namely:

  • Workers with electrical and electrotechnical type of activity.
  • Employees of companies not involved in the operation of electrical installations.
  • Employers engaged in maintenance of electrical installations with their subsequent operation.
  • Specialists responsible for construction, commissioning and installation tests or measurements.

All of the above persons are fully responsible for the serviceability of the equipment during its operation. For example, for the operation of power lines, electrical apparatus, machine and auxiliary equipment, which is intended for the production, transmission, transformation, distribution or transformation energy. In addition, in the room where this equipment is located must be various medical devices for protection, as well as first aid.

For the operation of electrical installations, workers need to be trained in safe work. As mentioned above, the responsibility for the training lies with the employer. In addition, the company’s management is also required to send some employees to periodic medical examinations. This applies to people working in hazardous or hazardous working conditions (for example, underground).

Employees who have successfully completed training in electrical installation regulations, get the appropriate certificatewhich indicates the category of special work that the employee can perform. For example, “operation of electrical installations at height”, “work under voltage with live parts”, etc.

The document also states how to act correctly when performing certain actions. For example, when disconnecting electrical installations, installing earthing, checking the absence of current, etc. In addition, the POTEU describes the actions when working in the zone of a magnetic or electric field.

The document also provides for the need to place various prohibition signs next to certain equipment. As an example, communication devices with manual control (switches, disconnectors, separators, switches, etc.) can be cited. According to POTEU-2014, next to such a device should be a signwarning you that people are working now.

Personnel Certification

Description of the rules of labor protection in the operation of electrical installationsMost of the questions about the new rules of labor protection when working with electrical installations arise about the training and certification of electricians. According to the new version of the PEPP, it is possible to study and pass exams both in the organization itself and in the specialized training center.

Training in the company

Here you can go two ways.

  1. Lay on staff independent study of documentationand then form a commission of 5 people, three of whom need to undergo certification in Rostekhnadzor.
  2. Send for training in the training center of 3 people. After training and issuing certificates, they will become members of the commission together with the chairman of the commission and a representative of Rostechnadzor.

Training in the training center

If the company entrusts the training of employees to a specialized center, then in order to pass the attestation there is no need to establish a commission. As in the previous version, the management of the company can again go two ways.

  1. Electrical installations - operating rulesPersonnel issued documentation on labor protection rules when working with electrical installations for self-study. Then each employee receives a certificate of re-certification in Rostekhnadzor.
  2. The company concludes a contract with the training center for full-time employee training (as a rule, it lasts no more than 3 days). Employees go to the training center every day, which, after training, confirms the passage of recertification.

Potee rules in force during the operation of electrical installations are a very important moment for the safety of the worker. Exactly annual certification and recertification allow to reduce the level of injury of workers during maintenance of electrical installations.

Also, a significant impact on this aspect have warning signs and the expansion of the circle of persons responsible for safety when working with electrical installations. This helps not only to preserve the health of the employee, but also to avoid financial expenses for treatment. After all, as you know, the best treatment is prevention.