Food Harvesting advance seems an excellent idea. Such a method of advising people who want to Healthy food and look good.

Menu for the week for the family

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The prepared meals in advance eliminates the possibility of over-eating and endless snacks. However, it concerns, rather, a diet of one person. You cook balanced meals specifically for their needs.

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Menu for the week for a family of 4 People will be much more diverse than a few choices of food that people eat, leading a healthy lifestyle.

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Cons large workpiece food for a week

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  1. It takes a lot of time. You can stand at the stove is not less than 5, and then all of 6 hours. Most likely, this day you are so tired that you can not do nothing else.

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  2. We all have different tastes in the family. Prepare each something different will be very problematic, and this means that some members of the family meals will be quite monotonous and boring.
  3. Of course, you keep ready-made meals in the refrigerator, but still there is a risk that the remains may be damaged.

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  4. You leave yourself the possibility to change the menu in the middle of the week.

However, there are also many positives such preform. Why is it still necessary to harvest the food?

Pros cooking large amounts of food in advance

  1. This allows a much better quality control of your diet and all of its components. You can carefully plan the menu, depending on your family's needs.
  2. You exempt a lot of time. No more need to stand at the stove every day!

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  3. Economical menu for the week for the family It will increase your savings. You can favorably buy everything in bulk, because you will use a lot of products.

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  4. Your kitchen will be much clearer throughout the week, you're going to prepare just 1 day. All the rest of the time your family will only heat up ready meals.

We recommend that when planning the menu to use a simple formula: garnish + fish or meat + vegetables.

Autumn menu for the week

  1. Monday
    Stewed potatoes, vegetable stew with eggplant, Tomatoes and peppers, chicken steamed.

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  2. Tuesday
    Boiled rice, stuffed pepperStewed mushrooms.
  3. Wednesday
    Buckwheat, squash caviar, grilled fish.
  4. Thursday
    Cutlet with vegetables, pasta with cheese, salad.

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  5. Friday
    Salad, Kuban soup, stewed mushrooms.
  6. Saturday
    Stuffed peppers, buckwheat, chicken steamed.
  7. Sunday
    Rice with vegetables, meatballs.

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Remember that in the example are the main dishes. For lunch you can make a big purchase products that do not need to cook for a long time (eggs, oatmeal, cheese and bread, cottage cheese and sour cream).

These main dishes you can eat as lunch on the first day and reheat for dinner the next.