Self-installation of air conditioningMany people are interested in how to install air conditioning in the apartment. This is very important, because through self-installation you can avoid significant costs. With basic building skills, everyone can handle this job. In order to deal with the installation nuances of your own hands, you should additionally watch a special video.


  • 1 Choosing a place for air conditioning
  • 2 Self-installation of air conditioning
    • 2.1 Installation of both units
    • 2.2 Inter-block communication

Choosing a place for air conditioning

When choosing a place for the air conditioner units, you should make sure that the device will have free access. This will allow if necessary replace filteras well as minor repairs.

It is important to remember that there should be a short message between the two blocks, so that the efficiency of the air conditioner will remain high. Moreover, it will be possible to save on consumables.

In no case should the indoor unit be installed above high furniture, because due to the obstruction of the cold air flow, the efficiency of the air conditioner in the apartment will decrease. Accordingly, the distance between the equipment and the ceiling should be at least 15 cm.

When choosing a suitable place, it is recommended to pay attention to the neighbors, because residents of apartments located nearby may not like digging condensate or fan noise.

It should be remembered that in the operation of the equipment there is a flow of cooled air. Its direction must always be considered during installation. Constantly be under the air conditioner is impossible, because in this case, you will at least seriously catch a cold.

Self-installation of air conditioning

Installation of interblock communicationsIf you decide to install the air conditioner yourself, be sure to prepare the following tools:

  • perforator;
  • drill;
  • pipe cutter;
  • building level.

Besides, hand tools. This is a hammer, a few screwdrivers and pliers.

Beforehand, it is necessary to prepare a work execution plan. It involves the following steps:

  • installation of the indoor unit;
  • fixing the outdoor unit;
  • preparation of a special channel for wiring in the wall;
  • laying of all necessary communications;
  • connection to the network and the launch of the air conditioner.

Installation of both units

When installing the inner element with your own hands, the plate that comes with is used. It is fixed evenly so that the equipment functions correctly, and condensate does not flow out of it. In marked places on the wall holes are being preparedand then dowels are driven in here. After this, the plate is installed and the indoor unit is mounted.

The outer part of the air conditioner is installed on the prepared brackets. For ease of maintenance, equipment is placed near the window. At the same time, a distance of at least 10 cm must be maintained between the block and the wall, which ensures efficient blowing.

Inter-block communication

How to install air conditionerFor the proper functioning of the air conditioner, it is necessary to correctly build and connect the communications. To do this work, you must first view the video. Then a hole is made in the wall using a perforator. approximately 4 cm in diameter.

If a drainage pipe is planned to be connected, then this channel should have a slight slope towards the street. In the process of shaving, a lot of dust is generated. Accordingly, in some cases it is advisable to pave the road outside.

Copper tubes are found in the prepared channel, as well as all cables and drainage pipelines. It is worth noting that according to the rules, the last element is diverted to the sewage system, but in practice many people do not do that. For cutting copper tubes used pipe cutter. If you prefer hacksaw or grinder, then later air conditioning can quickly fail.

Before installation, the pipeline must be placed in the insulating sheath. Also, the holes here are closed with special plastic plugs, which will help to avoid the entry of debris. All elements are rewound with tape, and then set to the right place.

When interblock communications will be laid, it is the turn of connecting cables and freon line. To do it right, you need read the instructions or related video.

  1. First, cut off the tube of the desired size.
  2. After that, the burr is removed from the product by means of a reamer.
  3. Next is the threading nuts and flaring the edges of the tubes.
  4. Then the edges are fixed to the fittings, after which they tighten the nuts.

At the end of the connection, it is necessary to make sure that the line is tight, after which air and moisture are removed from here using a vacuum pump. To make sure that the system turned out really tight, you need watch the pressure. If it remains unchanged, then everything was done correctly. After that, the circuit is carefully filled with freon. Then connect the air conditioner to the network with their own hands. For most household air conditioners, it is enough to bring the socket to the indoor unit.

Installing an air conditioner with your own hands is really easy. Difficulties sometimes arise in fixing the outdoor unit. So, to perform such work may require the services of a tower or industrial climber. The rest of the installation of equipment in the apartment is quite simple. The main thing is to install both units in turn and connect all communicationsand then make sure the system is functioning properly.