Guys! You forget the law, the number always turns into quality. Try again and you will succeed. How else!?

The impression is that this recipe tried armless!!! Poshurshite the internet and find a lot of the exact same recipes. I have all the normal work, and the rate of flour and all perfectly united and knead! The only thing the next time I will not put honey, and add orange zest, a cookie is called pepperkakor! A kettle that never liked to work with the test, the direct road to the supermarket ...

Your cakes taste good guys) decided to compare with your recipe, bake yours! Nightmare shorter) A sincere advice to you, dear administration "So simple", try recipes YOURSELF first, and do not take from the bulldozer and especially not to fast for the sake of journalistic tick! Products are not cheap now, people are maintained on a beautiful picture (I did for the sake of the experiment, which unfortunately turned out to be a failure).

I never liked to work with the test and a description of the recipes in this post, my dislike for the test only intensifies. If you take to put a recipe of delicious cookies, so to work hard to describe it so that at the dummies would not have any questions or problems, because professionals have long been aware of all your recipes and it is nothing. I decided to cook it today, and that some issues and problems: 1. Honey is a liquid or crystallized fit? 2. Oil chopped, grated or melted add? I got the dough crumbly, until the pile I had not been able to gather, there were many put flour, although the recipe is done. I had to dial the emergency phone on the test - "Grandma" .And most interesting is that these recipes (not described in detail) on the Internet darkness cockroaches. I appeal to all who write and share similar recipes on the Internet, remember us "for Dummies".