The main differences of electricity meters tse2727Three-phase electronic electricity meters tse2727 are used to record and measure active electricity in three-phase three-and Four wired AC mains, including differentiation of the seasons of the year, weekdays, weekends or time days.

The counter tse2727 can be installed in ASKUE systems in the role of primary metering devices for obtaining data on electrical consumption using telemetric pulse inputs, modem for the exchange of information over the power network or other digital communication indicators.


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Description counter tse2727

Area of ​​use of the electric power meter tse2727These electricity meters are a design that provides instant measurements voltage output signals, with further calculation of active electricity and its calculation at tariffs with respect to specified charging schedules, which are controlled from the set quartz clock report accuracy.

Electricity meters have such basic blocks and units:

  • resistive current separators in voltage circuits;
  • voltage measuring transformers in current circuits;
  • accounting liquid crystal mechanism with a screen on the indicator to register, display and save information about taken into account energy and other indicators;
  • electrical unit with power supply and power converter, which is used to measure the output signals voltage and current, active energy metering, charging of accumulated electricity, displaying data on the screen and output appliances;
  • electronic test input for calibration of the meter tse2727;
  • input pulse device for telemetry data in centralized information collection systems;
  • step-by-step interface for exchanging data with external equipment or an installed module of the modem for exchanging information over the electrical network;
  • diode indicator of the counter, which is triggered along with the test input.

Structurally, tse2727 counters are made in the form of an electrical module, a clip cover, a pressure plate and a housing.

The body is made of casing and base. Fixing the casing to the base and fixing the clamping plate cover implies the possibility of installing seals power company and state adviser. The design of the case has a level of protection IP 51 from moisture and dirt. The current and voltage circuits of electric meters are protected from current and voltage drops.

Taking into account the configuration of the design documentation and the specific requirements of the client, the tse2727 meters have different design options:

  • on base or rated voltage and current;
  • according to the type of connection to the network: for direct connection and using measuring current transformers, or using measuring voltage and current transformers;
  • by the type of installed input interfaces for connecting to a local network of information exchange;
  • according to the number of measuring parts: two- and three-element.

Key Features

  1. Nominal mains frequency - 50 Hz;
  2. Accuracy class — 1,0;
  3. The number of tariffs 1-8;
  4. Power consumption is not more than 0.3;
  5. Sensitivity threshold - from 6% ohm;
  6. Weight not more than 3 kg;
  7. The hourly error of 24 hours / day.

Terms of Use:

  • air temperature, -40 / + 60 ° C;
  • air humidity is not more than 800%;
  • pressure, mm Hg Art. 80-106.8 kPa.

Technical data of the electric power meter tse2727Counters tse2727 create measurement and show current indicator average (over 60 s) total active power, which takes place in 3 phases.

The limit of the possible measurement error of the passing indicator of the average power of 6 m is indicated in the formula:

§M = ± (5d ± 0.02-Pmax / Px), where

  • Рх - determination of the measured power;
  • P max - the definition of the greatest power.

The LCD display of the recorded electricity occurs on 6 decimal places immediately in kW / h, and the current average reading is on 5 decimal places in watts.

Counter functions tse2727

Counter tse2727 creates the following functions:

  • Seasonal change of tariffication schedules with indication of the time of season change;
  • multi-tariff indicator of the use of active electricity with the probability of setting preferential pricing options for holidays, weekends and Saturdays;
  • an indication of the date and time of the exchange of information with external information processing equipment, for example, with a PC.
  • daily fixation of the electricity used at the set time of day;
  • display on the LCD of the energy selected at all tariffs, indicators of the passing date, time, passing approximate active power;
  • fixing a half-hour constant power and taking into account daily schedules of thirty minute power;
  • monthly fixation (at the set date and time) and preservation of recorded indicators recorded electricity for each tariff up to four months;
  • fixing the highest rates, as well as the date and time of exceeding the specified value of thirty minutes of power and the output signal of the excess of a given power;
  • fixing the minima and maxima of the thirty-minute capacity while maintaining the date and time of their determination;
  • fixation of adjustments of the accounting device tse2727;
  • fixing off the electrical network.

View attestation mark

The sign of the certification of the form is installed on the dashboard of the counter tse2727 of the accompanying documentation by the typographical version and on the title document.


  • passport - 1 copy;
  • tse2727 counter - 1 piece;
  • a set of documents for average repair - 1 copy;
  • packing box counter tse2727 -1 piece;
  • RS485 exchange protocol - 1 copy;
  • verification method - 1 copy;
  • programming kit - 1 piece.

It is sent on the basis of an agreement upon the request of a company that carries out maintenance, verification and repair of the meter tse2727.

Calibration counter tse2727

Verification of the tse2727 meter is done according to the rules of GOST 8.5842004 “Electric meters static active energy of alternating voltage. Method of calibration "and according to the method of calibration AH2720.003I2" Electricity meters of three-phase electric meters tse2727 ", developed by GISSI" VNIIM them. Mendeleev "2008. The interval between checks is 8 years.

List of main equipment for calibration:

  • Three-phase electronic electricity meters tse2727equipment for calibration of tse2727 electronic energy meters TsU 6800 (accuracy definition 0.30, rated voltage 58.8 / 100; 100.220 / 380, 380 W, force measurement level 0.004-100 Amp);
  • UPU10 universal hobby equipment (test current up to 10 kW; current error ± 5%);
  • B547 constant power supply source (output current (0.10-30) V, power (0.02-30) Ampere);
  • frequency counter counting electronic CHZ63 / 1 (measuring the frequency of 0.1 Hz to 200 MHz; the maximum input power of 10 W.);
  • personal computer compatible with PC. Minimum parameters: Intel 80486 processor; 8 MB RAM; free space on the hard drive 4 MB; screen, "Mouse" keyboard; synchronous COM 1 port for connecting the meter; the wire; BWCCDTL library; Software for Windows95.

A variety of three-phase meters tse2727 approved by metrological and technical indicatorswhich are given today in the description of the model and metrology are provided in the manufacture at the factory of production and during operation. The tse2727 meters have a safety certificate and EMC ROSS RU.ME48B02351.