Each of us understands happiness in their own way. It is not necessary to spend a lot of effort in to experience this extraordinary state.

Man - the creation of an inexplicable, in fact, to feel strong positive emotions, he does not need to excel. Enough and a little joy to become happyRight now, in this moment. In what state of dive - the choice is yours.

What does a man need to be happy

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  1. Fresh linens, crisp on the purity
  2. Swimming in the cool river on a hot day
  3. Nedochitannaya very interesting book
  4. To keep his balance in the fall
  5. Feel the sand between your toes
  6. a welcome message
  7. Wake up after a nightmare and realize that it is - just a dream
  8. Bite cake / muffin / eclair on the side where the filling
  9. Find fried to a state chipsiny potato per serving of fried potatoes
  10. Remove the film from the screen of the new gadget
  11. Unexpected greetings from strangers
  12. Suddenly found a forgotten stash
  13. Warmed by a loved one bed
  14. Guess the old, long-forgotten your password
  15. Touch the hair after haircut
  16. spaghetti in the pan
  17. Full fridge of delicious food that was left after the holidays
  18. When you blink on the road, and you have time to slow down before the cops
  19. Say the same thing as a sports commentator, but a second before it
  20. Throw garbage in the trash, like a real basketball player
  21. Wear new clothes
  22. Wake up an hour before the alarm clock, to understand that even a lot of time and go back to sleep
  23. Accidentally meet somewhere smell or taste of childhood
  24. Pereslushivat favorite song many times in a row
  25. Feel the frost on the skin of the music
  26. Squeeze out the last batch of paste from a tube hopeless
  27. Sort out the box with their toys and belongings
  28. Lying in bed, listening to the heavy drops of rain drumming on the roof or a window sill
  29. To smear his hands with white glue and rip off plenochku like a second skin
  30. Lie down after a day on your feet
  31. Cry with laughter
  32. Put your hands in a bowl of grits
  33. Turn over the pillow cool side faces
  34. Notice how strangers standing next to laugh, listening to your conversation with your friends

Yes, life gives you so many opportunities to feel constantly elevated. Learn how to catch these moments and enjoy them sincerely - and you be happy for real .

Let your Blue Bird happiness visiting you more often! Look forward to friends, telling them about the list of pleasant things.