Modern Pastry chef turned the creation of sweets now art. In the world of competitions to create cakes, opened the exhibition and even a museum.

"So simple!" today gathered 15 examples of such incomparable cakes that truly deserve the title of "work of art"! I really would have been a pity to have such cutting and cakes, because they look very natural and beautiful. I admire the chefs who created these masterpieces!

original cakes

  1. I could eat!
  2. cake in the form of meat
  3. Ideal cake for daughter on age.
  4. cake dress
  5. For fans of the works of George RR Martin.
  6. scary cake
  7. Good catch!
  8. Cake for a fisherman
  9. How true!
  10. cake snake

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  11. I would not dare to come to a ...
  12. cake-octopus
  13. What a set!
  14. cake in the form of fruit
  15. That's about to speak!
  16. cake in the form of a man
  17. Straight from filming the movie "Star Wars."
  18. cake in the style of "Star Wars"
  19. Though take and shoes.
  20. cake shoes
  21. Van Gogh approves.
  22. Cake from the Van Gogh
  23. Cute chest.
  24. cake in the form of a chest
  25. Another favorite character of the film "Star Wars."
  26. "Star Wars" cake
  27. LEGO, LEGO, LEGO ...
  28. LEGO cake
  29. Palace for the little princess.
  30. cake castle

Thus cakes place in museums, where to admire the skill of confectioners everyone can. Tell your friends about this luxury sweets!