Zen philosophy very far from the Slavic, the difference is easy to see immediately. Russian people are accustomed to suffer, it is in a depressed position and always decide - who is there a trembling creature, and who is eligible.

Zen Buddhism differs from Slavic morality that they have there everything is much simpler. For someone Zen - the emptiness, for someone - the harmony of someone totally alien to these principles... But read them useful to all!

Buddhist principles

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  1. Love the person - it means not to interfere in his personal life! Do not break the holy of holies - the boundaries of the inner world of a loved one.
  2. Just giving you receive.
  3. Live here and now.
  4. All your troubles on the fact that you completely forget that you need to live. You became involved in an activity that has nothing to do with life.
  5. Take things as they are. Accept yourself for who you are.
  6. Buddhists pray
  7. If you are rich, do not think about it, if you are poor - do not take seriously their poverty.
  8. Make a lot of mistakes - no big deal. Just do not make the same mistake twice. This is development.
  9. - Freedom is the highest value. If love does not give you freedom - it is not love.
  10. Everyone teaches someone else, what he should be, and no one ever seems satisfied.
  11. You - a very big fan of creating Problems… Understand that! Miraculously, the problem will evaporate.

Let these principles Buddhism expand your horizons. To complicate the world is so characteristic of all of us, but is it worth? Much better to be in harmony with yourself and others.

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