Modern apparatus resantaConstruction of houses and improvement of sites does not do without welded connections of metal surfaces. A person who has the ability to use a welding unit, can personally perform the frame at home, make grilles on the windows and the site, weld the structures of the sheds and arrange sturdy beautiful barricades Many things needed in everyday life require metal welding during manufacturing.

Weld seams are the strongest and most reliable joint. Welding involves heating metal alloys an electric arc that deforms the surface layer. Elementary particles of electrodes penetrate into the molecular lattice of materials and create ultrastrong bonds between two surfaces.

Modern technologies allow the use of innovative welding methods: laser, electronic, roller, electroslag, thermite and friction welding. But for domestic needs and in the construction of small buildings are still used Two old tried and tested welding methods:

  • gas, using the combustion of oxygen, which has high performance and is used in gas and oil industries, mechanical engineering;
  • low voltage electric current welding with high current, which allows the connection to be made by seam, butt and dots.


  • 1 Mark Resanta
    • 1.1 Manufacturer Information
    • 1.2 General characteristics of Resanta Saipa devices
  • 2 Automatic welding semiautomatic device invertor Resanta Saipa 165
    • 2.1 Features and characteristics Resanta Saipa 165
    • 2.2 The principle of operation Resanta Saipa 165
    • 2.3 Preparatory actions and work order
    • 2.4 Benefits of using semi-automatic inverters
  • 3 Safety requirements

Mark Resanta

A dozen years ago, every skilled craftsman and developer dreamed of having a welding unit at home, and home-made devices represented the undoubted pride of the owner. Transformers were heavy in work, and it was possible to move it to another place only with the assistance of a partner. Today, the issue of the availability of inverters for sale is increasingly heard in stores.

Manufacturer Information

Resanta Saipa semiautomatic 165 used for electric arc welding with direct current in a gaseous environment. Welding machine Resanta produced in the Baltic States, the brand is represented in more than 50 regions of Russia, successfully implemented in other European countries. Resanta confidently competes with world leaders in the production of welding equipment and occupies an ever more complete trading niche in the market. Specialists of the company show a solid approach to any small things of production, develop new solutions. More than once the brand received prizes at well-known Russian competitions.

General characteristics of Resanta Saipa devices

Resanta welding machineThe semiautomatic device for welding of inverter type is intended for the connection of metals with consumable electrodes. Getting a smooth constant arc and the ability to smoothly start the seam made it popular for absolutely all types of installation and even plumbing work. Apparatus distinguished by reliability and durability, compact and can be used in conditions of unprepared landfill.

Electrical equipment of Resant Saip is recognized as an example of a product with a reference combination of quality and price for Russian builders. Such popularity is due technical features of devices:

  • the ignition of the arc is very easy when the equipment is turned on, this is due to a uniform increase in the amperage;
  • when welding wire touches parts, sticking does not occur due to a rapid decrease in current strength;
  • Resant's semiautomatic device is protected from breakage with increasing voltage in the general network, a special relay does not allow it to overheat;
  • an electrical arc boost is provided, which does not allow interrupting the cooking process during a shift the distance between the wire and the part increases the current, which leads to faster melting metal.

Automatic welding semiautomatic device invertor Resanta Saipa 165

Semi automatic welding machineUsed for wire welding thickness from 0.6 to 0.9 mm. The use of wire allows to allow a small degree of deviation from the specified geometrical dimensions of the product, welding of small thickness parts can be performed. The wire helps the arc to make a uniform and stable, reduces the level of spray, increases the degree of reliability and safety of the apparatus. With proper ordering of the wire when winding on the coil increases the efficiency of the seams.

The evenness of the seam is ensured by a constant automatic wire feed, with overheating an automatic shutdown occurs. Wire feed and current are additionally regulated, and special terminals for connecting wires help work without loss of current. For carrying the device on the upper surface of a rigid reliable handle.

Features and characteristics Resanta Saipa 165

The device operates from a voltage of 220 V, consumes 4.8 kW per hour, the minimum and maximum current is 20 A and 160 A, respectively. Overall dimensions of the unit are within 41 cm x 27 cm x 21.5 cm, the Resant weighs 11.5 kg.

At manufacturing the platform IGBT is used, the device with a tunnel cooling system, automatically switches off when overheated. Available in a metal case, has a protective class IP21, the maximum current value of 22 A, the arc has a voltage in size from 17 to 26 V. Equipped with the necessary number of indicators of different levels of work and network connectivity.

The package includes when buying:

  • a flame burner and a working cable 2m long;
  • cable for connection to the "ground" with a terminal for grounding length of 1.5 m;
  • operation manual and passport;
  • tara.

The principle of operation Resanta Saipa 165

What are the advantages In the metal case provides the opening of the side surface. All control devices, such as welding current regulation, wire advancement, network connection indicators and overheating alarm, are located on the front wall of the device. Resanta Saipa supplied additional ventilated cooling with a corresponding hole in the panel that cannot be covered with foreign objects.

The operation of the device is based on the change in voltage from a variable value to a constant low frequency and convert it to an alternating voltage with a high rate of frequency, which then straightens. Pulse modulator allows you to change the strength of the current. After the overheating indicator on the front panel lights up, check for a short circuit in the working cable. Work with the unit is stopped, but it is allowed to disconnect it from the mains supply only after a period of 5–7 minutes.

Preparatory actions and work order

initially set a coil of welding wire on the coil in the feeder, while checking the installation of the direction roller. It can be flipped over using the fixing screw, ensuring that the wire thickness exactly matches the slot size. The pressure roller must be firmly tightened, but you cannot over-tighten it, otherwise this attitude will lead to a decrease in service life.

Check the location of the working cables so that no short circuit occurs. All controls should be set to the minimum value. After that, plug the power cord into the outlet. Use the general power switch, the corresponding indicator will light up.

Adjust wire feed. First set the position of the regulator to an average value, then try to pull the wire through the feeding mechanism with a short press to feed it. Make sure that the speed is right for you, or adjust the flow with the regulator.

The next step is to interrupt the power supply with a switch on the front panel. After that, start connecting the gas cylinder to the socket on the back wall of the device. Adjust the pressure regulator on the reduction valve to set the required value, then just turn on the power supply by the switch on the front wall and adjust the amperage.

The cessation of work on the welding of parts means that all regulators are again set to the minimum value, the valve is necessarily closed on the gas cylinder. Turn off the power on the panel and remove the plug from the network.

It is strictly forbidden to use Resanta Saipa in the rain, without a canopy or in very wet areas. Use tools for metal next to a working machine should be careful that flying chips do not get inside the unit and did not cause damage. Any damage to the work or ground cable means stopping work.

Benefits of using semi-automatic inverters

  • Work of the welding machineEasy adjustable transition from one current to another value. This is necessary for the highest quality connection when working with materials of different thickness and properties. When used in Resanta Saity, welding consumes much less electricity compared to using a transformer or a standard rectifier. In the inverter semi-automatic there is no loss of induction, it is this position that allows you to set such achievements in the work.
  • The required power and strength of the Resan apparatus does not affect the size and weight. The device is compact, it can be transported over short distances, and can be transported in transport or simply in the trunk of a passenger car. Dimensions of welding generators and other industrial welding equipment do not allow this.
  • Almost all the electrical energy that Resant consumes goes to the work of the arc and, accordingly, to melt the upper metal layer. The energy efficiency of the unit is very high and during operation, the efficiency is found to be equal to more than 90%.
  • The profitability of the equipment is confirmed by the fact that it is possible to work with a semiautomatic device of the inverter type not only for welding surfaces, but also for cutting. It is used in electric arc and plasma welding. In this case, a large number of energy-intensive equipment is replaced by one unit.

It is not always possible to exchange traditional inconvenient equipment for existing cost-effective industrial equipment with new cost-effective welding equipment. This cannot be done for a number of reasons, for example, working with outdated equipment is already reorganization can take valuable time and lead to additional costs means. Some areas are equipped with inverters for argon welding and semi-automatic works, which allows these units to achieve the best results.

Safety requirements

Requirements for welding machinesTo protect yourself from the action of the bright flame of the burner, it is recommended protect your eyes with special glasses with tinted glasses or welding masks. Tarpaulin gloves should be worn on your hands, which do not let the heat in and protect your palms.

At the place of work with the welding machine it is necessary to put a fire extinguisher and teach them to use all workers.

Be sure to provide primary fire extinguishing equipment. Must be present shovels, buckets and a box of sand.

Such funds will help to hold out for some time until the arrival of fire specialists. It is necessary that all workers know the fire and ambulance telephone numbers and can clearly state the address where welding works are performed.

If such initial requirements are met, this will prevent fire and help, as a last resort, to save human lives.

Review: Acquired welding Resant Saip 165 three years ago. In the second year I flew a resistor, I replaced it and the device came to life, it works until today. I cook a lot, the work requires, the quality of the seam is good, there are no complaints.


Review: Previously, he worked on a transformer apparatus, after switching to a new job, he began working on a semiautomatic device. At this company, all the equipment is new, semi-automatic Resanta Saipa. Compared to the old work there are no words, as everything is fine. I am not a young man, I don’t follow the new ones, so when I started working, I didn’t even immediately believe that welders were relieved.

Oleg Viktorovich

Testimonial: I had problems with the wire feed, could not put out the desired feed. Resanta - good modelThe price, of course, is also considerable, but convenience is obvious, many good changes after the old bulky units.