How to save electricity in the houseThe production of energy and various types of fuel every year is more expensive for humanity, so many people are concerned about the problem of saving electricity. Now almost every adult person is concerned about the question of whether he can personally do at least something to reduce the power consumption at home.


  • 1 Folk tricks
  • 2 Practical tips for saving energy
  • 3 Summing up

Folk tricks

Recently, some have become especially popular. small tricksto save energy in your home. However, being fascinated by these “innovations”, many people forget that sometimes they are illegal and a person using such “popular” methods will be considered a violator.

At the first check, such tricks will be revealed, and the citizens who have resorted to them will be fined. Therefore, you do not need to get involved in such devices, allegedly saving electricity, because otherwise you will be forced to:

  • pay a fine to the state
  • to repay the "running" during the use of sophisticated electricity devices.

Practical tips for saving energy

Each person can himself save electricity in his house without resorting to the help of dubious and sometimes even illegal devices. In order to learn how to do this, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with several helpful tips:

  1. Devices of economy of electricity self-madeTo save electricity will help you high quality and modern household applianceswhich in the majority has the energy saving modes. In addition, it is worth noting that for the effective operation of household appliances, it is necessary to properly care for it. An example is the usual fridge with freezer. As a rule, all modern refrigerators have a lower energy consumption class than their Soviet predecessors. However, despite this, refrigerators, or rather, freezers still need to be defrosted periodically. Thanks to this, the refrigerator will consume less electricity and will last for many years.
  2. In all civilized countries, all zealous hostesses already know that at the very rush hour, that is, when the load on the electrical network increases, you cannot include any additional electrical appliances. This is due to the fact that in order to save electricity, it is first of all necessary to use it evenly, therefore the time when all people are going to work or, on the contrary, come from it, it is better to refuse to include extra technology.
  3. Make it a rule about once a year. tighten the nuts and screws in electrical appliances and available online contacts for you. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the electrical equipment in your home will work more economically and will serve you for many years. In addition, such preventive measures will help avoid fires.
  4. To reduce electricity losses when using electric stoves, it is necessary to regularly check how tight the bottoms of pans and pots are adjacent to the burners. Finding a "gap", you can eliminate it with the help of special annular soft gaskets.
  5. If you need to heat a lot of water right away, put a large saucepan on the stovebecause the water will heat up faster in it than in several small saucepans.
  6. Power savingTo effectively save electricity, you must also take into account the diameter of the bottom of the pan. It should either be equal to the diameter of the burner on your electric stove, or “walk in” a little.
  7. If the surface of the burner on the electric stove has become distended, it must be immediately replaced, since the power consumption on it will be simply enormous.
  8. Do not forget about the heat energy of the burners of modern electric stoves: turn them off a little earlier and turn them on, on the contrary, in advance.
  9. When cooking dinner, try to ensure that each pan is tightly covered with a lid, because, otherwise, you will lose some heat along with the steam.
  10. Do not turn on the electric stove at maximum power, as this will lead to unnecessary loss of electricity.
  11. Steam the food with the help of the “tower method”: put the pan on the hob, and then place another pan on it. Thus, it turns out that the food in the upper pan is steamed.
  12. Use for cooking on the electric stove only dishes with a thick bottom.
  13. Remember that pressure cookers help save not only your time, but also electricity.
  14. Turn on the electric oven, try fill it to the maximum.
  15. Do not attempt to heat the room with an electric stove.
  16. Microwave and Microwave oven simply indispensable for fast and high-quality heating of food.
  17. When cooking vegetables, pour as little water as possible into the pan.
  18. Get an electric kettle, equipped with a whistle and a special heat splitter.
  19. If you need a little boiling water, do not immediately heat the entire kettle.
  20. Timely remove scale from electric kettles, as it significantly reduces their level of efficiency.
  21. Use thermoses.
  22. Try to the maximum use natural light and turn on the lights as late as possible.
  23. Get the lamps equipped with special energy-saving lamps.
  24. Give your preference to fluorescent lamps.
  25. Wipe the dust off the luminaires regularly, as this will help improve the quality of the lighting.
  26. Install in your home special dimmers.
  27. Do not put the thermostat in the refrigerator in the maximum position.
  28. How to save electricity in the houseRemember that the vacuum cleaner will work more economically if its filters are well cleaned of dust.
  29. Use special timer devicesautomatically turn off some home appliances.
  30. Try as rarely as possible to use such "secondary" household appliances such as: electric fireplaces, fans, boilers and more.
  31. Warm the front door and windows, as this will help you keep warm and reduce energy consumption.
  32. Do not cover the furniture or curtains of the battery, as this reduces their heating ability.
  33. Additionally warm the floor and walls.

Summing up

As you have probably already noticed, in fact, saving energy is quite a simple thing. It is enough to set for yourself certain rules and strictly follow them. Indeed, in this case, you will be able to reduce the amount of electricity consumed in your home yourself, and you will not need to use expensive and, as a rule, illegal devices.