Instructions for repairing the remote from the TVDespite tremendous progress, in the modern world any device is prone to breakage. But we can safely say that the devices that we use all the time often fail. The remote control for the TV also belongs to this category.

Several billion people around the world use the TV remote every day many times. It is not surprising that these devices fail so often. Fortunately, this device can be repaired with your own hands. Fortunately, the process does not require any serious skills.


  • 1 The remote does not respond to pressing
  • 2 The reaction is only a few clicks
  • 3 No reaction to frequently used buttons

The remote does not respond to pressing

Video remote repair manualAs a rule, the complexity of the repair depends mainly on the type of damage. If in some cases it is possible to do with ordinary cleaning, then in others you will have to use soldering devices. But do not despair - you can easily repair your own hands.

One of the most common problems is the lack of response of the TV to pressing the buttons on the remote. In this case, the main feature is that all buttons do not react at all. There are two reasons for this:

  • Out of charge in batteries.
  • The console was often subjected to mechanical stress (for example, fell to the floor).

How to fix the TV remote control The first step is to replace the batteries. If the TV remote control is working and all the buttons respond to pressing, then the repair is over. In case of unfavorable outcome will have to repair the device with their own hands or buy a new one.

If, after replacing the batteries, the buttons do not react, then the connection somewhere in the product has been broken. As a rule, this occurs on the contacts of the circuit. You can immediately begin disassembling and repairing the remote from the TV, but it is better to first check the signal. To do this, do the following:

  1. Turn on the camera on the smartphone.
  2. Point the infrared LED of the remote (the light on the top of the device) to the camera of the smartphone.
  3. Press any button on the remote and simultaneously look at the display of the smartphone.

If there is a signal, a luminous dot will appear on the screen. If not, then you need to start a full repair. As stated above, this process is very simple and you can do it yourself. Nevertheless, the repair of the TV should be carried out in a certain sequence.

  1. Remove batteries from device.
  2. Inspect the battery niche.
  3. If there are screws in the niche of the remote control for the TV, then you need to unscrew them. If not, disassemble the console using a thin screwdriver that you want to insert into the latch between the top and bottom of the device.
  4. Carefully inspect the board. Usually, LED contacts, battery pads or a quartz resonator are moving away from it. In this case, for repairing your own hands you will need a soldering iron. Required gently solder the pins with the device board.
  5. If everything is fine with the contacts, you need to shake the board. If a small rustling is heard after shaking, then it is necessary to replace the quartz resonator (a small soldered box). The cost of this element on the radio market is very small. It is necessary to install using soldering.

The process is quite simple. However, if there is uncertainty, you can watch the repair video.

The reaction is only a few clicks

The reason for this failure is a large accumulation of dust in the device. Therefore, it does not require repair, and cleaning the remote control. It is also recommended to act in a certain order:

  1. Causes of remote control failureRemove the batteries.
  2. Disassemble the case.
  3. Take a cotton swab and moisten it in alcohol solution.
  4. Carefully with a swab to remove plaque from the board.
  5. In the same way, wipe the keys and the case itself.
  6. Dry the device.
  7. Clean the spring contacts with a hard sponge or sandpaper.
  8. Collect the remote control back.

Before such repairs, it is worth making sure that the console does not stop working after cleaning. To do this, you need to see if the brand on the device matches the one shown on the TV. If the company names on the remote and the TV are the same, you can proceed to the above described cleaning.

The fact is that many Chinese analogs of the remote control do not withstand alcohol and fail. Therefore, if your remote is related to such products, it is necessary to use dishwashing detergent instead of alcohol. Also, instead of a cotton swab is better to do with a soft sponge.

No reaction to frequently used buttons

Repair buttons TV remoteThe more often the device is used, the higher the probability of its failure. The same thing here: constant pressing the same buttons leads to the fact that they wear out. And, more precisely, conductive coating disappears, due to the lack of which the console stops working.

Instructions for solving this problem is also very simple.

  1. Remove the batteries and disassemble the remote.
  2. Take up the rubber part of the device.
  3. To the back of this component, where the recesses for the buttons are made, you need stick small pieces of foil. The main thing is that the foil was with paper (for example, from chocolate). It is necessary to glue with silicone or special conductive glue.
  4. Give time to dry the device.
  5. Collect the remote control back.

Repair of the TV remote is not particularly difficult. It does not require any special skills or special tools. The main thing is to be attentive and not rush.

In most cases, the repair is successful and the device starts up again. However, in severe cases, all recovery efforts are in vain. The easiest and most effective way out in this situation is to buy a new remote control.