Scope of use and types of wind power plants for homeToday, an increasing number of consumers prefer wind farms for the home. Installation of such equipment becomes really profitable at the overestimated cost of summing up power lines. Also, the use of such stations is considered the best option if the village is located at a considerable distance from the central power supply.


  • 1 Purpose of wind power stations
  • 2 Design and specifications
  • 3 Advantages and disadvantages of wind turbines
  • 4 Main types of wind stations
  • 5 Device selection and price
  • 6 Independent creation of a power station

Purpose of wind power stations

Wind power plants for a private house: features and characteristicsIn order to meet daily energy needs, it is necessary to install equipment with a minimum power of 7-10 kW. Ideally, the system should consist of several stations that accumulate energy per battery. Thanks to this approach will be able to adjust the power and capacity of the batteryby installing or removing additional generators.

For the organization of uninterrupted power supply it is best to give preference to an autonomous complex. Some people decide to use

diesel or gasoline generatorwhich should be turned off in high winds. If the energy is not enough for the normal functioning of the devices, then a backup source should be started.

In order for the operation of the wind farm to be uninterrupted, the following factors should be taken into account:

  • the wind must remain stable throughout the year;
  • should have sufficient space to install the equipment;
  • It is important to obtain permission from the authorities to assemble the structure.

It should be noted that the use of wind power for the house is advisable with significant energy costs. Also, this solution will be optimal in the absence of connectivity to the central network. This results from the fact that the price of similar power stations is rather high.

Design and specifications

Standard wind stations have a traditional design, which includes:

  • generator;
  • rectifier;
  • inverter;
  • accumulator battery.

Cost and payback wind powerAdditionally microprocessor controller is usedwhich provides control over the system. Other logic circuits may be used for this purpose.

Among all the technical characteristics of the device, you need to pay attention to the speed of the rotor. If it is minimal, then power generation will be more stable.

Advantages and disadvantages of wind turbines

Windmills used to provide electricity to a house have several important advantages.

  • Such power plants are considered to be truly environmentally friendly, while during their operation there are no releases of toxic substances that could adversely affect the environment.
  • DWind power stations are mechanisms for a house that have a rotor with three blades and a propeller.To create such structures, high-quality materials are used, which prolongs the service life and helps to avoid the development of corrosion. With proper operation of the wind plant will last at least 30 years.
  • Installation of the structure will not cause any difficulties. Accordingly, it can be done independently.
  • Modern power plants during operation do not create vibration and noise. In this case, the generated magnetic field does not exceed the permissible values.
  • In most cases, the installation of such equipment does not require permission from the authorities.

Naturally, such power plants, like all other energy sources, have their drawbacks.

  • The wind can be variable, which means that it is not always possible to install the structure.
  • Such windmills can be a hindrance to various devices.
  • It should be remembered that due to the constant movement of the blades of the wind turbines pose a threat to the flying birds. Accordingly, it is necessary to make sure that the chosen place is not a nesting area or bird migration.

Main types of wind stations

According to the common classification, all wind turbines for a house are divided into two groups according to the location of the axis:

  • horizontal;
  • vertical.

Create a wind power plant with your own handsThe first type is considered propeller. It is most common due to its high efficiency. The disadvantage of such devices is considered to be a complex structure. So, to make a similar product with your own hands is very difficult. It is important to remember that the operation of this power plant depends on the strength of the wind. In case of insufficient speed, the installation will not function.

Vertical variety considered simpler, while it does not depend on the direction and strength of the wind. However, the efficiency of such plants is only 15%.

If we talk about both types of power plants, it is worth mentioning their common shortcoming. It is about low quality electricity. It must be compensated with stabilizers, batteries, as well as special converters. The pure energy produced is suitable exclusively for the operation of a lamp and elementary heating devices. To ensure the functioning of various household appliances such electricity can not.

Device selection and price

Features of operation of wind power stationsWhen buying a power plant for the house, you need to pay attention directly to the generator. The best option is considered AC devicewhich does not need installation and is on sale for reasonable price. However, in some cases, such an element may not be sufficiently effective, and therefore, it will be necessary to additionally install a gear.

If desired, you can independently assemble the generator with the help of permanent magnets. This will make the equipment more efficient and affordable.

To use the design in the home suitable DC generator. Such an element is simple and functional, however, during its operation it is important to correctly calculate the power.

If we talk about the price of a power plant, then it is worth noting that equipment designed for 5 kW will cost an average of 300-400 thousand. rubles. Chinese products are cheaper, but their service life will be small. It is also highly likely that the product will not be repaired if it breaks. If we talk about wind turbines, their price is much less. Such products, depending on the manufacturer and technical specifications, cost about 50–120 thousand. rubles.

Independent creation of a power station

If you wish, you can do your own construction with a horizontal axis. For these purposes you will need:

  • How to make a wind power plant with your own handsdrill;
  • welding machine;
  • hacksaw;
  • several different fasteners;
  • accumulator battery;
  • inverter;
  • electric motor.

The manufacturing process itself is performed in a certain way.

  1. For the manufacture of blades, you need to cut a plastic pipe into 4 parts, and then cut each element diagonally again.
  2. The blades are fixed to the pulley, which is then fixed on the motor shaft.
  3. On the wide side of the pipe, another pipe must be welded.
  4. Then an electric motor is fixed here.
  5. On a long shoulder aluminum sheet should be installed, which will operate on the principle of a weather vane.
  6. Next is the cable connection.
  7. Large pipe, acting as a mast, is fixed in the ground.
  8. After that, you need to do the assembly of the electrical part. As a result of proper work energy must flow through the relay to the batteryand then through the inverter to power the necessary equipment.

It is important to remember that all wind stations for a house may differ in their design, which means that their manufacture sometimes includes additional steps.

Through the use of modern wind power will be able to save on electricity. Naturally, for this need to calculate power correctly and choose the best wind generator. Such a responsible approach will provide energy to one or more private homes.