How to choose a professionEveryone in his life makes decisions about who and where to work. Although when choosing a profession, first of all, personal preferences and desires are taken into account, one should not forget about the demand on the labor market. Analyzing information about vacancies, many come to the conclusion that the profession of electrical engineering is one of the most sought after. After all, now technical achievements completely surround our life. Sometimes we do not think that all this equipment is the hard and hard work of power engineers, and without them it would not be able to fully function.

Electric power engineering and electrical engineering are part of science and technology with the means, methods and methods of activity in the use, management and conversion of electrical energy.


  • 1 Job descriptions
  • 2 Specialist training
  • 3 Requirements and professional skills

Job descriptions

Energetic - a specialist involved in equipping and maintaining power systems. His work covers a lot of responsibilities and rights. Which same duties at this specialist?

  • Designs electrical network. Properly distribute the flow of electricity to prevent voltage drops, overload on the nodes, which can lead to fire.
  • Distributes the heating network (heat) in the premises so as to reduce to its minimum consumption with high efficiency.
  • Development of schemes. After research, the specialist develops schematic runs of electricity and heat networks.
  • Selection of equipment. The electrician must independently select the optimal equipment for the company, taking into account the quality, price and reliability. Also makes purchases of equipment for installation of networks.
  • Keep control of the installation during installation, to avoid marriage.
  • Electric power industryIntroduction of equipment into operation. When it is first started, it should conduct testing, organize the maximum load and successfully hand over the correct operation of the objects to use.
  • Carry out various equipment repair work, diagnose, find and repair faults.
  • Improve technical equipment. An electrician monitors energy consumption, calculates ways to reduce it, provides data to his superiors. He is also interested in improving the performance of the equipment itself, therefore it constantly takes certain measures.
  • Investigates and conducts experiments with the energy of the atom.

This profession is considered very prestigious. Specialists in this field have high wages. With advanced training, through hard work and innovation, incomes may increase.

Experts in the field of electric power work:

  • Where to work electrical engineeringin design and industrial enterprises;
  • in construction organizations;
  • in the enterprises of the coal industry;
  • in research laboratories, institutes;
  • at hydro and nuclear power plants;
  • at thermal power plants.

Gradually, moving up the career ladder, electric power industry will be able to achieve the position of engineer-technician. Electricity may do research work, working in laboratories, research institutes, doing research in the field of electrical engineering, creating autonomous sources, power plants operating from natural “batteries” (wind, sun). Also, specialists open up prospects for working abroad, leaving for developed countries.

Specialist training

The activity of electric power industry and electrical engineering requires the presence of secondary technical or higher vocational education, with a specific specialization. And in many higher educational institutions they prepare the energy of the new generation.

Each specialty gives the right to work in the field of energy.

Objects of professional activity Bachelor students are very diverse:

  1. Electrical machines, mechanisms, systems, their management and adjustment.
  2. Electromechanical, electric power and electronic devices.
  3. Devices and system to control the flow of electricity.
  4. Technological, welding, physical installations.
  5. Types of electric vehicles, means of ensuring optimal operation of systems.
  6. Items and equipment for cars and tractors.
  7. Electrical facilities of industrial enterprises.
  8. Low-voltage and high-voltage factory equipment, installations and networks.

After graduation, a new young specialist works in the field of electrical system maintenance, energy security, or as an engineer.

Requirements and professional skills

Those who choose the profession of electric power, you must develop and improve qualities such as:

  • What skills should an electrician have?discipline;
  • a responsibility;
  • attentiveness;
  • laboriousness;
  • focusing skills;
  • interpersonal skills;
  • equilibrium.

This profession is suitable for a person with a mindset technique, capable of "making friends" with mathematics, leading accurate logical and mathematical calculations, since one slightest inaccuracy and a trifle in the work can be a disaster.

Also very important is attention and the ability to focus exclusively on the work process, as work is constantly being done. with dangerous elements. They understand that sometimes people’s lives and territorial integrity are in their hands.

People working in this field should be able to make serious decisions and take full responsibility for their consequences.

In the energy profession, an innovative approach must be used, since it is often necessary to engage in the modernization of equipment and the development of new technologies.

The specialist must have the skills of an analyst, use technical thinking, possess skills for by computer, accommodate drawing skills: compose, navigate in them, understand engineering systems, be able to draw up technical documentation.

Also from the power is required to know operating rules energy devices, remember regulatory documents (SNiP, GOST), understand devices, understand processes of their work and communication of electrical equipment, know technological processes in all spheres energy.