How to read the meter correctlyAny consumer who has heat, electricity or gas meters in the house must pay for the services provided to him in a timely manner. Modern life is so intense that it is not always possible to make timely payments for utilities and pass testimony.

To avoid delays and problems with payment of utility bills, you can use several convenient ways.


  • 1 Ways to transfer readings from the metering device
    • 1.1 Via phone and internet
    • 1.2 Office building
    • 1.3 Through the terminal and SMS-messages
  • 2 What consumers need to consider for the future

Ways to transfer readings from the metering device

Self-transfer of testimony is very beneficial for both consumers and representatives of utilities: both of them don’t have to waste their time or their nerves. For residents of large cities, it has now become possible to use several methods of transmitting readings of electricity for the previous month.

It can be done via telephone, via the Internet or terminal. To do this, you need to have correctly taken readings of the electricity meter and transfer them in any convenient way to employees of the resource-supplying organization. Previously, it is also necessary to clarify the various nuances and requirements for the subscriber who wishes to use any of the methods for transmitting meter readings.

Via phone and internet

Payment using the Internet and the terminalNow the majority of organizations are taking meter readings from the public by telephone. They have a dedicated number, and the subscriber can only dial it and report the actual readings. After the call, the answering machine asks to be called accurate data of the payer - address, account number and readings.

At the reception can be an operator who is also in a certain order will be able to ask questions. This is very convenient, although it is sometimes problematic, because it is number one, and there are many people who want to use this service. You can figure out for yourself when the phone number is less loaded, if you call several times during the day and check when it is more free. In any payment receipt there is information about the organizationwhich is the electricity supplier.

  • You can use such data and go to her website, then register by creating your “My Account”, it takes only a few minutes. After that, it is convenient to enter the site, knowing your username and password and use the services at any time convenient for the user.
  • The site has the option “Transfer of readings”, you need to carefully read all the explanations and enter the meter readings, after which a new message will appear that the data has been successfully sent and received.

Office building

In many cities it is possible to use the office space, where the entrance to the room is located PO Box. They can also be used, but only for this, they will have to write down the taken readings on paper and put them in a box, after which the representatives of the organization take the leaves once every two weeks. This is very convenient, since you can go after work or at lunchtime, there are no queues there, and you can always drop a sheet with readings without any problems. Such boxes usually only have large suppliers who want to create a convenient environment for their customers.

Through the terminal and SMS-messages

Energy consumption readingsTerminals are now installed in many stores, shopping centers, which is very convenient, because when you go shopping, you can easily use the services by paying the bill for electricity. It is very convenient, but you need to take into account that the terminal does not issue the change, so it is advisable to prepare the amount without change. If there is extra money left, you can replenish your account with a mobile phone, and not only your own, you need to select the necessary option and specify all the data.

You can also use a mobile service such as SMS messageIt is also very convenient and available at any convenient time. To do this, you need to know the contract number and where to transfer the data on the counter, and the message will always remain in the memory and it can be used as proof of sending evidence.

What consumers need to consider for the future

  • By a government decree, consumers may no longer transmit meter readings for three days, as was the case before. On the other hand, it is advisable to do it on time, otherwise the supplier organization will make an accrual of the amount that will be calculated taking into account the payments for six months, they will take the average.
  • If you use the Internet or SMS-message, it will be more reliable, although there are failures in the programs. Any information can be lost, but if you transfer data through a computer, they should be stored on the server, so you can always find them.

Important enter all data correctly - The number of the contract or personal account, the address and the readings taken so as not to create unnecessary problems for yourself, but most importantly, do everything in a timely manner.