Which refrigerator to chooseToday, a refrigerator is the most indispensable and largest home appliance. Now the most popular are two-chamber refrigerators. You can do without a vacuum cleaner, TV, dishwasher and washing machine, even without a cooking stove, but without a refrigerator - just no way. So how to choose a good fridge?


  • 1 Features of the choice of the refrigerator
    • 1.1 Refrigerator volume
    • 1.2 Camera location
    • 1.3 Number of compressors
    • 1.4 Technology "No Frost"
  • 2 Refrigerator control
    • 2.1 Climate class
    • 2.2 Energy class
    • 2.3 Design
    • 2.4 Basic functions of the freezer
    • 2.5 Built-in fridge
  • 3 Summarizing

Features of the choice of the refrigerator

The size:

  1. Group A. Small, usually narrow and low single-compartment refrigerators, with a small freezer compartment or without it at all. Dimensions can be approximately as follows: height is 90-150 cm, width is about 60 cm and depth is standard 60 centimeters. As a rule, these models are chosen for the hotel, office, cottage. Also these models are used for mini-bars.
  2. Group B. The “European standard” models are two-chamber refrigerators with standard width and depth (approximately 60x60 cm) and a height of 160-220 cm. The volume of these refrigerators is 250-350 l. Suitable for a standard family of up to four people. The freezer compartment is usually located at the bottom (as a rule, these are drawers + shelves), sometimes at the top (freezer with one shelf).
  3. Group C. Models of the "Asian standard" - medium-sized refrigerators, wide and low. These models have rounded shapes, and, as a rule, with the top installation of the freezer. There are one-and two-chamber. Due to the increased size of the depth and width of these devices retain a larger amount of usable area, despite the small height. In these models, the width can be more than 70 cm, and the height - about 180 cm. The volume of refrigerators 210-250 liters.
  4. Group D. Large models of 400-900 liters. standard width (about 65 cm). Pretty tall - 200-220 cm. For low people, they are just inconvenient during operation.

There are models among large-capacity refrigerators. "Side-by-Side" or refrigerator cabinets, where the refrigerator compartment and freezer are close by. This arrangement is similar to a double wardrobe. These refrigerators are suitable for a large kitchen-studio.

Refrigerator volume

There are two volumes: useful (the volume of food that fits in the chamber) and total (the volume inside the empty refrigerator). Attention should be paid precisely to the useful volume, since you need a refrigerator that can accommodate all the products you need. If you need to store a large amount of frozen food for a long time, then you should choose a refrigerator with a large freezer.

Camera location

Refrigerator freezersIn addition to the classic single-chamber (one-door) models, there are still two-chamber and multi-chamber. The most popular are the two-chamber combined models, which have a freezer and a refrigerator. Lower installation of the freezer is more convenient than the upper one in terms of more frequent operation.

The relatively simple design of single-chamber models allows them to combine high quality and affordable price. The biggest drawback of these devices is the need for periodic defrosting. Some refrigerators today have 3 cameras. The third is a zone of zero temperature, it is used for the safety of perishable goods.

As a rule, single-chamber refrigerators are composed only from the refrigeration compartment. But there are devices with a small freezer compartment, it can accommodate about 3 kg of meat. Manufacturers produce two-compartment refrigerators both with one door and with two. The advantage of models with two doors is that when opening one chamber, the cold atmosphere in the other is not disturbed. This saves electricity (up to 15%), necessary to maintain the required temperature.

Number of compressors

A compressor is an electromotor that drives a refrigerant inside the device, which results in cooling. Small fridge with only one compressor. Installation of two compressors is mandatory for large units (over 300 l.), Three-chamber refrigerators and Side-by-Side devices.

The main advantage of the device with two compressors in the ability to turn off any one. For example, to wash only one compartment and leave the other in the working position. Naturally, there are models where separate cooling is done with a single compressor, but very few of them.

Technology "No Frost"

Modern refrigerator featuresRefrigerator with "No Frost" no defrosting required. Special fan creates a powerful internal air circulation. After flow is redirected to the hose and goes to the evaporator. After some time, the fan stops and the heater turns on for a few seconds. Appeared frost is converted to water and flows into the box, heated to 80 grams. The system "No Frost" provides uniform and rapid cooling in the refrigerator products.

Main advantages:

  • the compressor works with a minimum load, saving electricity;
  • products stored longer;
  • do not freeze each other;
  • not covered with frost;
  • do not need periodic defrosting.

The disadvantages include a high noise level and the fact that the system occupies an internal usable area.

Refrigerator control

There are two options - electronic and electromechanical. The first implies that the unit has an electrical control panel with a screen and a D / U console, where all the data on the work is displayed. Electromechanical control takes place simply by turning the thermostat knob inside or outside the refrigerator.

Climate class

How to operate the refrigeratorIn any refrigerator, the manufacturer determines the operating conditions, including the ambient temperature. Standards have 4 climate classes:

  • SN - subnormal: the device is designed to work at an ambient temperature of 10-32 ° C;
  • N - normal: the device is intended for operation at a temperature of 16-32 ° C;
  • T - tropical: the device is designed to operate 18-43C;
  • ST - subtropical: the device is designed to operate at 18-38C.

In the domestic market are widely represented devices with classes N and SN. It is listed on the technical label, the type of refrigerant, the serial number and a number of other data are indicated here.

Energy class

Most economical devices denoted by the letter "A". After there are markings "B" and "C", they are slightly different from the first and are also economical. High energy consumption refrigerators (labeled “D” - “G”) are almost not manufactured today. The differences between the classes, in addition to energy consumption, also lies in how long the refrigerator can maintain the temperature without electricity. Big difference in the cost of two class members refrigerators not will pay off. Therefore, the main thing is that the economy was not less than "C".


The interior design, color scheme, device handles should be in harmony with the kitchen and please the eye. Since the refrigerator is bought for a long time, and you will see it every day. Manufacturers go to meet the wishes of consumers and make even models, decorated in wood, metal, glass.

Basic functions of the freezer

Refrigerator functionsMost often, the refrigerator compartment occupies the largest volume of the unit. There are many containers and shelves for all sorts of products. The main criteria for the freezer - it is an opportunity to maintain the set temperature and useful volume. At various temperatures, products can persist for quite a long period of time. For storage during the week there is enough temperature -6C (these devices have one asterisk).

When the temperature is -12C, it provides food storage for up to one month (2 stars). When the temperature mode is -18C (3 stars), it is possible to save food in up to 3 months. If you can set the temperature to less than -18C, then you can not worry that the products will disappear earlier than six months. These devices are indicated by 4 asterisks.

Most often in normal operation in the freezer temperature is maintained approximately -18C. But in addition to the usual mode in many of the freezers, there is a function of “fast freezing”. In this mode, the products are frozen at temperatures down to -32C.

Also an important criterion of the freezer is its ability to freeze. It can vary from 4 kg to 25 kg per day. For home use, a freezing capacity of more than 15 kg is usually useless.

If your home very often turn off the electricity, then you need to pay attention to the installation in the freezer battery cold. Typically, this is a container that is filled with an antifreeze liquid, which maintains the inside of the freezer negative temperature cameras up to one day (it depends on the model) in case of unexpected shutdown electricity. There is a possibility use cold battery and separately from the freezer: for example, when on a hot day you decide to go on a picnic and want to take a cold drink and meat for a barbecue - you just need to put the cold battery in a container with products.

Features of modern refrigeratorsIn the freezer can be drawers and compartments / shelves. If there are a lot of products in the freezer, it is better to use drawers. They can be lattice and completely closed: it is believed that lattice boxes are better air circulation takes place, but through the openings of the grill, small products (berries, dumplings, etc.) can fall through, which is not the case with closed boxes.

It is better if at least one of the boxes was rather high, so that there was an opportunity to place non-standard large products. On the compartments of the freezer can be marks / calendars, asking which, you can mark where that is located and the time of freezing.

In the freezer is useful to have a tray for freezing. Here you can arrange cold accumulators or ice baths. Moreover, the tray can be used to freeze the berries, then pour them into the bag and leave for storage. It is much more efficient than freezing the berries in a package.

Built-in fridge

Refrigerator modelThis device is good because it fits perfectly into the design of the kitchen. It is advisable to select the “building” in the case when you call in to a new apartment and make kitchen furniture to order. This fridge closes the door, and only its temperature sensors and other indicators are visible. So, without opening the door, you can control the functions of the built-in refrigeration equipment. The area under the refrigerator, as a rule, is used as a cabinet or, for example, for a dishwasher. But here its advantages come to an end. Built-in refrigerator is more expensive than its usual analogs of the same volume. At the same time, its useful volume is much less than the entire volume of space it occupies.

Tips on how to choose a refrigerator:

  • You must first carefully consider where you want to install it. Moreover, it is necessary to take into account not only the installation area of ​​the device, but also the surrounding space. Calculate the size of the unit with the door open so that it does not interfere with the passage and access to other objects. On most products, you can change the direction to which the door will open.
  • The size of the refrigerator must be at least slightly smaller than the size of the doors in the elevator, the front door to the house and the doors between the rooms on the way to the location. Moreover, this applies to deep and wide devices and equipment Side-by-Side.
  • The surface inside the fridge is made only food grade plastic. Knowing some of the nuances, you can very easily distinguish quality plastic from a fake. It is no secret that poor-quality material has an unpleasant and sharp smell. Incompetent sellers show this refrigerator after turning on the network. When cold, the plastic freezes and stops smelling. But when only the device is disconnected from the network, the smell will appear again. Because refrigeration equipment should carefully inspect even before connecting to the mains.
  • If the device has the “No Frost” function, then it does not require defrosting at all, but it is advisable to turn it off at least once a year for cleaning and maintenance. The refrigerating chamber, in many models is in the mode of auto defrosting, that is, the device gets rid of condensing moisture without outside help.
  • When deciding how to choose a refrigerator, remember that the larger the freezer, the smaller the size of the refrigerator compartment. Think about which department you need more.
  • What are the dimensions and volume? For a family of 3-4 people there is enough camera volume 310-330 l. Although people, as a rule, are guided by the rule “more means better.” It is better when there are empty shelves in the chamber than there are products that have nowhere to put.
  • Household refrigeratorPay attention to the handles. In a small kitchen, it is desirable to choose a device with handles, "recessed" in the case. When the issue of saving space is important to you, it will greatly help.
  • The single-chamber refrigerator is most often purchased as an additional one. For example, for giving or only for children's products.
  • Pay attention to noise level. By and large, making it work noiselessly just will not work. It is only in large devices that you can cover the surfaces inside with special sound-absorbing materials, isolate some elements. In the refrigerator there are several sources of noise - the fan and the compressor.
  • If you find it difficult to navigate in units of measurement - liters of useful area of ​​cameras - pay attention to the number of shelves and compartments of all cameras. Their number will provide an opportunity to accurately have an idea about the capabilities of the device.
  • You need to pay attention to the elastic silicone seals on the doors, the density and smoothness of their closure, etc. On some devices there are door closers, they do not allow to accidentally leave a small gap due to a badly closed door.
  • The device is more convenient in moving when it has wheels behind it. The device itself is installed on the legs, but if you need to move, just tilt back and install on the wheels, and not to transfer manually.
  • Some models have special repellent handles. They provide a very convenient door opening, even when you have your hands full, for example, a heavy and large pan.


Before you choose a refrigerator, you need to weigh all the pros and cons of those modifications and models of refrigeration devices that suit you in terms of functionality and parameters. Only then you can safely contact the hardware store and buy the model you like.