Special boxes for wireNot everyone likes it when numerous cables and wiring create a sense of chaos in the apartment and spoil the interior. And if there are children in the house, then all these wires are also dangerous. If you are not satisfied with this state of affairs, then it is time to purchase a cable box where you can hide all the wiring. What it is and how to choose it correctly, you will learn from this material.


  • 1 Cable box classification
  • 2 Key reasons to buy a box
  • 3 How to choose a plastic box
  • 4 Features of the box installation
  • 5 The average cost of boxes for wiring in the Russian Federation

Cable box classification

Cable boxes subdivided into different types depending on the following characteristics:

  • material capacity (there are plastic and metal);
  • areas of use (for electrical wiring, for cable Internet wiring, or Tv, telephone wiring, etc.);
  • forms.

To create such a box material is chosen very carefully so that it complied with safety standards:

  • materials should not burn;
  • should not smoke;
  • should not contribute to the spread of fire.

According to the material of construction, the structures are divided into the following:

  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • floatable.

The most commonly used plastic boxes, they are flexible, easy, they can be decorated in accordance with the interior of your room. These boxes are wall and floor, and the plastic used to create them, like insulation to cover the power wires.

Also, many choose and metal cable boxes for masking wires. However, compared to plastic, they are not as effective and safe. For example, if the cables start to burn, the surface of the structure heats up, but on the other hand, metal structures will not allow to spread open fire and do not smoke. Consumers mainly use metal tanks of the floor type for the purpose of branching electrical wiring.

It is also worth noting that some buyers prefer flexible boxes made of aluminum alloys.

The choice of capacity with these or other properties affects the purpose of the purchase. For example, to hide wires for cable internet, television, or telephone cables, it’s best to choose hard and tight box, while incombustibility is an optional property in this case.

Cable box can be of any shape. In terms of decorating and masking, plastic structures or PVC-based are best. They can be easily decorated under any material, replaced under or above the baseboard, on the ceiling or on the wall.

Key reasons to buy a box

Buyers purchase cable capacitances for the following reasons:

  • Boxes to hide cables and wiresin order to create external wiring in your home;
  • to hide the joints of cable wires or busbars;
  • Capacities are needed to distribute cable TV or the Internet from the cables of other household appliances;
  • thanks to them, it is possible to safely install the electrical connection of the cabinet next to the gas pipeline or water supply pipe;
  • the boxes create wiring switching, drawing of lighting cords and other wires along the walls or ceilings of the room.

How to choose a plastic box

To choose the design of the size you need, consider the following:

  • it is not necessary to install a large capacity for a pair of wires, but it is also impossible to stuff them in large quantities into small ones;
  • it is best to place the wires closely with a margin so that in the future you can add a couple more wires;
  • for the box not to spoil the aesthetics of the interior, it must be more power outlet switch and other appliances.

The standard length of one PVC strip for a box is 2 meters. To calculate the length for your room, measure the approximate amount. In order not to face a shortage of material, it is better to take with a margin. Plastic containers are often broken and very easy, so it is better to have a spare tire just in case.

That installation of the box was simpler, and he had a more attractive appearance, do not forget about the accessorieswhich is often sold with him. These accessories include:

  • couplings;
  • caps;
  • corners and other accessories.

The key element of the design is its lock. If there are any problems with it, this may have not very pleasant consequences. If the front part falls off with a slight touch or tight to sit down - this is bad. A quality box should open with ease and snap into place.

Features of the box installation

How to install a box for wiringInstalling a cable box is not so difficult and there is no need to have special experience in electrics. So, select the box of the type you need, then make the layout of the valves. It is necessary to mark all the sockets and places of branches, it should also be noted on the diagram where the switches, windows and door openings are present.

Next you need Follow the instructions below:

  • unpack the box and disassemble. Choose the right connection type. If the construction is metal, it can be welding or fastening with screws, and if plastic, then a thread or fastening on self-tapping screws;
  • floor and wall boxes have an upper and lower part. Remove the top and attach the lower part of the attachment to where it will stand;
  • fasten the wires in the box;
  • If the installation takes place in the toilet, kitchen or bathroom, then choose a sealed box ceiling type, which are closed by means of a special clamp, which prevents the ingress moisture and dust;
  • connect with each other terminal boxes, spans, angular channels and containers for circuit breakers. Then lock the terminals and put back the upper part of the structure;
  • attach the mounting protective film and check the strength of the connection design.

The installation scheme may differ significantly from that given depending on the material of the structure and its manufacturer.

The average cost of boxes for wiring in the Russian Federation

How much is a box for the wireYou can purchase a cable box for wires in any specialty store. Box cost depends primarily on the material of manufacture. So, flexible metal structures made of alloys are considered the most expensive, steel fixtures will be a bit cheaper.

But plastic boxes are cheaper because their scope of application is narrower.

Take for example a product of the brand "Legrand" in black color measuring 10 by 10. The cost of one span is from 12 to 15 rubles, with the lowest prices in Saratov and Samara, and the highest in Moscow.

But the color design of the same brand will cost more - about 20 to 30 rubles per span.

Depending on your needs and financial capabilities, you can choose the option that suits you most by these parameters.