The installation of the electricity meter should be in accordance with the technical features and safety rules, including fire. Fixing such a device is mandatory for the homeowner and is performed solely at his expense. To avoid fines and other problems, you must adhere to basic installation guidelines.


  • 1 General installation rules
  • 2 Installation Recommendations
  • 3 Equipment connection
  • 4 Organization of the process

General installation rules

  • It is better to install the meter in a place that is convenient and accessible for inspection and maintenance. It is desirable that it was easy to approach.

  • Power off the entire line and network in advance. Pre-negotiate this with a company that provides power.

  • The height of the counter from the floor is 80-170 cm.

  • Mandatory grounding!

  • The design provides for the installation of a safety switch.

  • All fillings must be intact. At their damage by all means call the master.

Upon completion of installation, resume electricity and check the operation of the device.

Installation Recommendations

Despite the fact that electronic meters on the website "Baucenterยป - one of the best-selling, electromechanical not inferior in popularity. In comparison with modern, such complexes do not need expensive maintenance. And in terms of reliability, they have no equal at all.

Before installation, verify the integrity of the seals. Each type has its own shelf life: single phase - 2 years; three phase - 1 year.

After checking you can proceed to the installation. Installation Tips:

  • Fix the electricity meter correctly - closer to the entrance. It should be in a warm room. The best option - heated corridor or hallway. So any person can easily approach it.

  • Be sure to install a protective box with a door in the wall. It will protect the system from dust and other contaminants.

  • The main process begins with fixing a two-pole circuit breaker. It is placed on the top rail with a special latch. According to the same principle, the single-pole waste automaton clings.

Equipment connection

At the bottom of the device is a seal that needs to be removed. Behind the cover you will find a wiring diagram. It is drawn by all device manufacturers, it ensures the correct connection.

In order for the complex to function properly, first of all it is better to connect a circuit breaker. After leading the supply wire to the protective device, you can connect the device itself to read the light. When fixing the cables, pay attention to the color marking of the conductors:

  • Red, white, brown and black - conductors that connect to the phases.

  • Blue - wire zero.

  • Yellow-green - protective conductor insulation.

In addition to the different colors, these components are labeled. Do not forget that any manipulations can not be carried out under voltage. All work is performed exclusively with the introductory machine turned off.

If the process is performed in the country or in a private house, where the meter is on the pole, then It is recommended to consider the following methods: laying electrical wiring in the ground or installing cables by air. Check in advance all communications on the site and find the best option. Your task is to organize secure access to the network without compromising accuracy.

Organization of the process

So that the procedure does not take long, get all the documents and installation permits in advance. Remember that the temperature of the environment in which the device is located must not be below 0 and above 40 degrees. If you cannot arrange such conditions for the winter time, then place the device in a protective and insulated cabinet (box).

Fastening of measuring devices is carried out on plastic, metal and wooden panels. Try not to place the complex at high altitude (for example, at the top of the pillars). You must have a free approach and take readings without any problems.

If you fix the induction system, then stick to the angle of 1 degree. This feature will allow you to avoid measurement errors.

Be sure to color coded the wires. Clean the components that are longer than 12 mm. The niches where the brushes are located should be light and comfortable. If necessary, the box should be easily dismantled, especially when it comes to replacing the device. Place the circuit breaker in the protective box in advance to avoid theft.

Self-installation is quite possible for those who understand this. If you doubt your abilities, then assign the task to specialists. They quickly cope with the work. Such installation will meet the stated requirements and standards.