The submersible pump baby is used for wells in areas with its own water supply.In order to ensure water supply at the dacha plots and in farms, it is worth using a household electric pump. Universal option is considered submersible Pump KidWhich is applied on various objects where water supply is required. The name of the equipment is due to its compact size and low weight. Despite the modest power, such a device ensures good water pressure.


  • 1 Spheres of application
  • 2 Main characteristics
  • 3 Principle of operation
  • 4 Installation and connection
  • 5 How to extend the life?

Spheres of application

People living in rural areas, as well as gardeners, use the Kid pump for such purposes:

  • provision of non-residential and residential water;
  • water supply of summer cottages and gardens;
  • the inclusion of an irrigation system that works in automatic mode, which facilitates the care of plants;
  • spraying shrubs and greenery with spray nozzles;
  • pumping water.

Top Submersible Pump - Design.It is important to remember that submersible pumps are not designed for pumping contaminated fluid, because in this case, the details of the design will quickly wear out. Accordingly, the lifetime will be small.

In general, a wide range of applications of submersible pumps The baby is explained by ease of operation, reliability and low price. Also important is the lack of need for installation. The pump will start to work immediately after immersion in water.

Many consumers prefer submersible models with upper water intake, which will avoid pollution from the bottom, including sand and silt. Moreover, this equipment cools faster, which means you can not be afraid of overheating of the engine and its failure. Such pumps are used to raise water from a well or well. They are also an important element in the autonomous water supply system.

Main characteristics

Universal submersible pumps may have different characteristics depending on the manufacturer and the specific modification.

  • The pump vibrating Kid differs in compactness.Voltage of 220 Vin which the power consumption is about 200-250 watts.
  • The pump the Kid is intended for water supply from a well or a well, the depth of which is not more than 40 m. It is important to remember that this indicator affects the performance of the device.
  • The submersible pump can be used for well, the diameter of which is at least 100 mm.
  • Conditional performance is presented at 1 m³ of water per hour. If the water rises from a height of 40 m, then this figure is about 430 liters.
  • The weight of equipment without cable is 30 kg.and the wire margin is about 50 cm.

We should also mention the presence of automation. Thanks to such equipment of submersible structures, the Baby care and maintenance is simplified, and safety increases. The automatic system maintains a certain pressure and monitors the engine. Also, automation will protect the pump Baby from overheating, and the engine will not suffer due to power surges. If a water level will be insufficient, the pump will power off.

On sale you can find models with an electric generator or equipment operating on solar batteries.

The vibration pump is easy to operate, but it is important to carry out prevention and maintenance in a timely manner.Universal units are sold at an affordable price, which affects the service life. Usually, working resource is designed for 3-4 years. In this case, the device will pay off in one season.

For many consumers, the best option is considered a classic model. It is suitable for wells with a diameter of 100 mm and provides water for a distance of 100–150 m. It is important to remember that the basic version does not have automatics that protect the unit from overheating, and this reduces the cost of equipment and reduces the period operation.

Principle of operation

After connecting the drive Electricity is converted into electromagnetic oscillations. They enter the corresponding valve, after which the membrane begins to make oscillatory movements. This leads to pressure build-up and water pumping.. Naturally, these mechanisms are sensitive to overheating, so there is provided for the presence of automation, which turns off the engine when the water level drops. Such equipment is recognized as low-level, but it does an excellent job with its tasks.

It is important to remember that the Submersible Pump Kid are of 2 types:

  • device with the upper water intake: this option is considered to be the most preferable, because the equipment will cool down faster and also will not absorb dirt;
  • units that have a hole at the bottom: they need careful control, automation, thermal protection system and mechanical filter to prevent sand or debris from entering the pump.

Installation and connection

To perform the proper installation, you need to pay attention to the type of equipment:

  • pumps with a hole at the bottom must be fixed at a distance of 1 cm.
  • equipment with a valve at the top down to the bottom.

Submersible pumps are used in wells to provide autonomous water supply for the house and the site.Before installation, the end of the kapron cord is fixed to the pump body, and to the other end it is necessary attach a medical harness or rubber hose. Thanks to this solution, the resulting vibrations will be significantly reduced.

During operation, it is necessary to check that the submersible pump does not touch the pipe or well. In this case, additional protection will be a rubber ring located on the device. After reaching the depth you need to fix the pump, and then connect the unit to the network.

How to extend the life?

Almost always the submersible pump is used in difficult conditions, so you should take care to avoid equipment breakdowns in advance. In particular, it must be remembered that small debris, limescale and sand can get under the hulland that means that the parts will be erased over time, and the pipes will be clogged, which will have to buy a new submersible pump. To avoid this, it is necessary to purchase a special filter capable of holding solid particles. Such equipment is easily mounted and protects the pump from the smallest particles, the size of which does not exceed 150 microns. Thanks to such an inexpensive filter, the life of the pump Baby will increase significantly, and the efficiency will increase.

To make the device last as long as possible, you need to remember about other important nuances.

  • The scheme of the pumping stationGum or harnessTo which the pump is attached, it is necessary to fix at the top of the well.
  • During installation Do not connect equipment. This is done only after the final installation.
  • If desired, you can extend the cablehowever, it is important to ensure that the connection is located outside the well.
  • Avoid serious damage succeeds in the case when the engine does not work "dry".
  • For vibratory pumps It is customary to use a filter in the form of a simple gasket of a cylindrical shape made of porous materials. It will help avoid large particles.

The submersible pump Kid is the best option for summer residents and owners of small garden plots. The use of such equipment will help solve the problem of water supply. In order for the unit to serve as long as possible, it is necessary to choose the right power, follow the manufacturer's recommendations and carefully use the device.