Glowing RibbonRecently, LED lamps have become very popular, which are thin flexible tapes, the maximum length of which is five meters. Such products can be expanded, cut into separate segments and give them any geometric shape.


  • 1 LED strip design
  • 2 Types of LED strips and their characteristics
    • 2.1 Types of ribbons according to the organization of light emission RGB
  • 3 Resistance of tapes with LEDs to moisture
  • 4 Rules for connecting LED strips
  • 5 LED strip: 220V connection
    • 5.1 How to connect multiple tapes with LEDs
    • 5.2 Connecting RGB LED Strip

LED strip design

The product consists of a flexible mounting tape with a width of eight to ten millimeters, on which are mounted LED elements. They are placed at the same distance from each other. The board also installs resistors designed to limit current. Available in a length of one or five meters.

In the tape used diode elements of two types:

  • three and a half to two point eight tenths of a millimeter based on a single crystal;
  • light bulbs, the size of five and a half millimeters, formed by three crystals.

LED products operate from DC sourceshaving a voltage of twelve or twenty four volts. That is, from the power supply, or from the battery.

  • The tape, on one square meter of which is from thirty to one hundred twenty elements, requires a voltage of twelve volts.
  • The board with the number of elements up to two hundred and forty pieces per square meter of the product, designed for connection to the source of twenty-four volts.

The LEDs on the product are located depending on the number of elements on it - in one or two rows. Also with quantity and type LED light bulbs related light intensity.

Types of LED strips and their characteristics

Which LED strip to chooseThanks to the addition of trace elements, LEDs can be almost all colorsexcept white.

  • Monochrome LED elements create the lighting of any one particular color.
  • Colored lamps on the board can be of different colors and intensity of radiation. With their help, you can change the specified mode of operation, thereby changing the color or recreating any shade.

Types of ribbons according to the organization of light emission RGB

Type of ribbons with LED-R-SMD3528 and LED-R-SMD5050.

  1. R red LEDs.
  2. G - green.
  3. B elements in blue.

They are soldered along the entire length of the tape, three pieces next to each other. The light color changes due to group changes in the intensity of the glow of elements of each color. Products are widely used for interior lighting. LED strip in this case should not be visible. Otherwise, the color change will be less effective.

All LEDs in the LED-R-SMD3528 series have a size of 3.5x2.8 mm2 and, depending on the color of the glow, emit a luminous flux of up to 2.2 lumens.

LED elements having a series of LED-R-SMD3528, shine brighter, since they are larger than the previous ones. Their size is 5x5 mm2, and the luminous flux from 2 to 8 lumens.

Lamps with LED-RGB-SMD3528 and LED-RGB-SMD5050.

A distinctive feature of these products is that in single case mounted three elements of different colors. The luminous flux of this type of fixtures is much less, the maximum is 2.5 lumens. Their advantage is that due to the location of different elements at one point, high efficiency of grace of colors is achieved. Therefore, these LED strips are used without restrictions. With their help they create light design of various premises.

Resistance of tapes with LEDs to moisture

Moisture resistanceYou can install the product on almost any surface. Their installation is quite simple. However, you should first pay attention to the degree of protection of the LED lamp.

  • Waterproof tape should be installed only in dry rooms (living room, bedroom, nursery, hallway and so on).
  • The moisture-proof lamp is designed for rooms with high humidity. For example, with the help of such an LED product you can decorate the bathroom. But in this case it is necessary to ensure that no water gets on it.
  • The moisture resistant product is used to work in water. It can be used to illuminate aquariums, pools, fountains.

When choosing a waterproof tape, it should be borne in mind that when passing through a protective layer in the form of silicone, part of the light flux is lost.

Rules for connecting LED strips

  1. First of all, you should decide on the power of the product, with the necessary luminous flux and color gamut.
  2. The power supply should be twenty percent greater than the load of all the LEDs on the board.
  3. The degree of protection of the equipment should correspond to the room in which it will be installed. For example, the recommended degree of protection for a bathroom is IP 67 or IP 68.
  4. After all items are selected, you should decide on wiring diagram and type of installation.

It is recommended to handle LED strips very carefully.

LED strip: 220V connection

How to choose LED stripConnect one tape standard size

LED product length of five meters is easy to install. Enough connect it to the power supplywhich, in turn, is powered by a 220V household network.

  • To connect the lamp to the power supply with the cords removed should be guided by their colors. Red color of a cord means plus, and blue or black - a minus. The cord with plug is designed for household network.
  • Power supplies that do not have removed cords are equipped with labeled clips and instructions for the product, which has a wiring diagram.
  • To ensure good contact between the luminaire and the conductor, you can connect them by soldering or use a connector that you will need to purchase.
  • For connection, it is necessary to move the special clamping plate of the connector, slide it onto the edge of the tape and return the plate to its place. After these actions will only connect the wire that goes from the connector to the power supply.

How to connect multiple tapes with LEDs

This connection has its own nuances.

  • It is not recommended to connect tapes in series. With such a connection on the second lamp will drop the voltage, and the first can overheat.
  • The correct connection option is to connect the second tape to the power supply terminals.
  • For the installation of two LED products must be used power supply of large size and power. To save space, it can be installed in the frame of the suspended ceiling.

  • To connect two monochrome tapes, you can use two power supplies. That is, for each tape its own food.
  • If it is necessary to connect only a part of the second luminaire to the first tape, they can be connected in series. The voltage drop in this case will be insignificant. In any case, before the final connection of the LED products, you need to temporarily connect them and check whether the voltage will not fall. For this purpose, you can use two-way connectors.

Connecting RGB LED Strip

How to connect LED stripTo connect Lena with colored elements, should use the controller.

  • This type of product is connected using four conductors. One wire is common, and three are designed to control the colors of the lamp.
  • At the ends of the board with LEDs and the controller, the terminals are marked: V + for the common power wire, G for green, R for red, and B for blue.
  • The product can be connected to the controller using connectors or soldering.
  • If it is necessary to connect several RGB luminaires, then their total load is taken into account, which should be less than the nominal load of the power supply unit and the controller.
  • If the controller is designed for a smaller load, then you should use special amplifiers.
  • The second lamp should be connected to such an amplifier, which, in turn, is connected to the main product with LEDs.
  • For the amplifier it is recommended to purchase a separate power supply.

When connecting colored LED strips is often used remote control, with which you can control the lamp from a distance of several meters.