Connecting the hob to the electrical networkAfter you purchased an electric store hob, it will need to be connected to the mains. Some people call specialized specialists for this purpose, but some prefer to do it themselves. Today you will learn how to connect electrical hob independently without the help of specialists and look at the training video on this topic.


  • 1 Connecting the hob to the mains: what you need to know first?
  • 2 Preparatory stage of work before connecting the cooking furnace to electricity
  • 3 Self Cooking Guide
    • 3.1 Connect the sockets with their own hands
  • 4 How to connect a gas hob?

Connecting the hob to the mains: what you need to know first?

Connect the hob itselfBefore connecting the hob to the mains, pay attention to its electrical power. As a rule, most modern electric hobs require large energy consumptionup to 7 kW inclusive. Naturally, how to connect the hob to the wiring that does not correspond to such parameters? Of course, this can not be done and before buying the panel and its connection, do not forget to make sure that your wiring is able to withstand such loads. Otherwise, the connection of the hob can result in unpleasant consequences and even fire.

Electric cooktops are divided into two categories:

  • traditional with a conventional metal disc;
  • induction, where only that part of the panel where the dishes are placed is heated.

Their operating principle is somewhat different, but the method of connecting to the power grid is the same. And you can do it yourself by reading the instructions and watching the video on how to do it without help.

Preparatory stage of work before connecting the cooking furnace to electricity

To save usable space in your kitchen, the hob is best built into the worktop. To do this yourself, you need the following set of tools:

  • pencil;
  • masking tape;
  • drill;
  • electric jigsaw.

The stages of embedding look like this:

  • masking tape should be glued to the surface of the tabletop as a means of protection from scratches and marks;
  • make a markup with a pencil;
  • inside the marked contour, drill a hole with a diameter sufficient to enable the nail file to pass freely from the jigsaw (approximate diameter is 10 mm);
  • Using the jigsaw, cut the hole strictly according to the markup.

What tool is needed to connect the hobThe place to install the device is ready and it is time to prepare everything for its connection. More often people prefer the classic connection type plug socket. However, many specialized experts do not recommend using it, and connect the hob with a separate cable. The cable should be selected depending on the power of the device and connect it directly to the terminals. The screw pressing force of the contact is sufficient to ensure reliable connection.

When for any reason you cannot lay a separate cable, do not forget check the status of the outlet before connecting in the kitchen where you plan to connect the hob.

Most often the hob is connected at a voltage of 220 volts, however, some manufacturers produce 380 volt models. If you purchased such a panel, then in no case do not fix the phase to zero contact or groundso as not to shock. For such a connection you will need a five-core cable PVA 5 to 4 square millimeters, providing maximum security.

Self Cooking Guide

Connecting the hob often consists of five contacts. The first three of them should be connected to the phase wire, which most often has gray insulation. And the next two contacts are connected as follows:

  • fix a neutral wire to them with a special jumper;
  • proceed with the installation of grounding. In this case, the connector in this case is marked separately, you just need to fix the wiring for a pre-prepared bolt.

If you are connecting in a 380 volt room, the hob should be connected to the three phaseswhile removing the jumpers of the first, second, third and fourth contact, attaching three opposite phases to them. And to the fifth contact should be connected to the neutral wire. In this way, you can disperse the voltage and ensure maximum safety in terms of fire and other electrical problems.

Connect the sockets with their own hands

How to install the outlet in the kitchen with their own handsNow you need to connect the outlet, and this can also be done independently. The two-wire cable simply connects and serves for quite a long time. If it is equipped with three wires, the third of which relates to grounding, then you also need to connect the grounding wires. Such work will require the following set of tools:

  • cutting pliers;
  • pliers;
  • knife:
  • insulating tape;
  • voltage indicator.

To choose the right outlet for the work of the hob, take into account such tips and recommendations:

  • the socket must be made of high quality raw materials and able to provide reliable contact;
  • the number of contacts must match the number of wires on the wire. Never connect wires to connect them to the same pin;
  • when connecting sockets it is allowed to use only copper cable;
  • The socket must be placed on a flat surface and non-flammable;
  • with a brick wall the outlet is better to put on a special liningso that it does not crack when installed;
  • do not install sockets near hot surfaces, pipes, window or door openings or washstands;
  • when you change an old outlet to a new one, see that the insulation of the wires is not broken and there are no traces of cable overheating;
  • Wires that have many wires should be soldered with a soldering iron at attachment points with the socket contacts;
  • After the socket is installed, you should make sure that the wires are connected correctly, use a multimeter for the absence of a short circuit.

Followed by connect a circuit breakerwhich is located in the distribution panel and check for the presence of voltage at different phase contacts with a multimeter.

How to connect a gas hob?

But the connection of the gas hob will look different. The toolkit for the work will require the following:

  • masking tape;
  • socket wrench;
  • jigsaw;
  • drill;
  • screwdrivers and wrenches;
  • knife;
  • sealant.

How to install a gas hobWith electric jigsaw the hob is built into the countertop, as in the first embodiment. At the same time between the wall and the panel should leave a gap of about 55 mm.

Now we are determined with gas jets. If the gas comes from the pipeline, they will be alone, and if from a cylinder, then others. Both those and other jets are screwed in with an allen key.

Now fix the corner for the gas supply. Since all modern panels are connected to electricity to ignite fire, you will need a flexible tube. To fix the panel on the tabletop, legs are needed, which are attached below. The gaps formed between the worktop and the hob are filled with sealant.

Gas pipe connection implies the presence of steel flexible corrugated hosecertified in the gas service. However, the work associated with the gas pipe itself is prohibited to perform. For this purpose, a specialist from a service gas company is required.

If you want to connect a hob of the combined type, then everything is done in the same way. Regardless of which of the panels you decide to connect with your own hands, do not forget to observe the safety rules, strictly follow the instructions and use quality tools. If you are unsure of your abilities, it is better to call on the help of a specialized installer.