Disadvantages of infrared heatersRelatively recently, a new type of equipment appeared on the market for heating devices - infrared heaters. Every year they are becoming increasingly popular. They are available to consumers in a wide variety of models, which differ among themselves not only in characteristics, but also in appearance. Their use in urban dwellings allows you to create a favorable microclimate and at the same time decorate the premises of the apartment, since these devices are quite aesthetic.

IR heater damageManufacturers claim that infrared heaters do not bear any harm to human health. But are they safe? Is there a negative effect on a person when using this technique, and if so, which one? All these are important points that should be taken into account when choosing an infrared heater in your home.

Before we talk about the dangers of infrared heaters, it is necessary to understand what kind of heaters in question. After all, infrared heaters are a large group of devices that differ in their characteristics. These heating devices can be divided into three groups:

  • shortwave;
  • medium wave;
  • longwave devices.

The first two species have a higher heating temperature. But the instruments with long waves are quite insignificant. But, we note that even it will be enough to create a warm atmosphere in the apartment. The sun is the largest representative of such devices. It emanates infrared radiation. However, not all IR rays are beneficial for the human body. Therefore, some infrared heaters are good for health, while others, on the contrary, harm the human body. Although, we note that, regardless of their type, all these devices provide heating of the area under certain conditions.


  • 1 How safe is infrared radiation?
  • 2 Possible effects on humans if used improperly
    • 2.1 The possibility of drying skin
    • 2.2 Cell damage
    • 2.3 Headache
  • 3 Advantages of infrared heaters
  • 4 Features of IR radiation and its disadvantages
  • 5 Harm and disadvantages of infrared heaters
  • 6 Conclusion

How safe is infrared radiation?

Cons of infrared radiationSome people confuse infrared radiation with ultraviolet or x-rays. And they are known to cause some harm to human health. However, ultraviolet waves and infrared radiation are completely different things. Specialists have long been proven that IR waves do not cause any harm to health person They emit heat waves of the same length as the human body.

However, carrying out the production of infrared heaters, manufacturers are laying waves in them, which may have different intensities, because devices differ in their purpose: Separate installations are created for use in smaller rooms. Others act as a solution for larger premises. If, for example, you take an infrared heater, the harm from which can be invisible, designed to installation in a large hall, and placing it in a small room, then the temperature it creates will cause overheating. And in this case, the consequences that adversely affect human health are guaranteed.

Possible effects on humans if used improperly

Even if the owner of the room wisely approached the task of choosing an infrared heater, then in this case there is a possibility of health problems. Often harm to humans due to errorsmade by the owner during its installation. And sometimes, the deterioration of health occurs with prolonged use of an infrared heater.

The possibility of drying skin

Features of infrared radiationIf an IR heating device is installed in the room, then the person can be positioned so that only one part of the body will emit radiation. And with a strong heating of the skin from its surface moisture will begin to evaporate. With such a quick warm-up, the body will simply not be able to release sweat to compensate for its deficiency. Thus, if a person will be in one position for a long time, then this can lead to skin dryness. This can result in a first-degree burn. To avoid this, it is necessary to change the position periodically.

Cell damage

If a high-power infrared heater is installed indoors, then open areas of the body can act as conductors through which radiation enters the cells. And this can lead to their defeat. Impermeability will become cellular membranes. And in proteins, denaturation processes will begin to develop - hardening and folding. Damage may also be caused to the retina. Therefore, before using the infrared heater is necessary carefully read the instructions for the device, and in the selection process in the store it is necessary to compare its capacity and the area of ​​the room that will be heated.


Advantages of infrared heatersIf the owner decided to install the acquired infrared heater on the ceiling, then it should be positioned so that the rays emanating from it do not fall on the head. Optimally, if they provide heating for the floor and walls. Human exposure should be excluded.

If the installation of an infrared heating device was made with violations, then this may lead to a deterioration of health, headaches may occur. This is quite possible if the infrared heater hangs over your head. To eliminate this, it is necessary to change the position of the device and then the owner will not suffer.

In the open air, such problems are excluded. And all because the infrared heater is used only a couple of hours. In addition, people do not sit in one place, but constantly move.

Advantages of infrared heaters

Like any heating appliance, infrared heating devices have certain advantages. We will tell about the most important further.

  • Possible effects on humans if used improperly The main advantage of infrared heaters is that they, unlike other heating devices, do not heat indoor air, but objects located near them. Their high efficiency is due to this. People begin to feel warm in the first minutes of the installation;
  • conventional heaters heat the air, which takes time. It will be cool until it warms up all its volume. And it usually takes a little longer;
  • It is worth noting another advantage inherent in infrared heaters. In progress they don't dry the air, that is, the burning of oxygen does not occur. Therefore, when the infrared heater is installed indoors, there is no need for additional humidification. Airing the room is also not required;
  • IR devices, in addition to their main function, have another one - disinfectant. Use in the room of such a heater protects the premises from mold and mildew. No other type of heater is able to provide this. In addition, an infrared heater is the only one that can be used outdoors. Installed in the open air, it will quickly heat the devices located next to it. There is no big difference between open and closed rooms.

As you can see, the benefits of infrared heaters are quite a few. They also make this equipment in demand among consumers. These installations are not limited in terms of operation. Other types of heaters are limited in use, while during operation consume large amounts of energy, as the heating of the air in the whole room is a process that requires a lot of energy.

Features of IR radiation and its disadvantages

How safe is infrared radiationIn the advertisement of these heaters by manufacturers, the main argument indicates that infrared radiation is harmless to human health. Note that when any heating devices work, infrared radiation occurs. However, with all the advantages of this equipment, he also has certain disadvantages. The waves emitted by conventional radiators of heating, have differences from those that emanate from infrared heaters. And they do not bear any harm.

You should know that the radiation used in such heaters refers to the short and middle part of the infrared spectrum. This is due to a number of advantages of such technology over conventional heating devices. The radiation that comes from them is more intense. And, of course, as a result, certain harm occurs. Although, we note that it can not be called critical. One of the negative effects of IR devices can be called radiation.

In the sunlight in the summer, IR radiation accounts for up to 50%. This is also reported in the advertising of infrared heaters, while indicating that it does not harm the person. But this is a hoax. If the impact on the person will be long, then it will adversely affect the body. Everyone knows that prolonged exposure to the sun is dangerous to health. It threatens with changes in the skin and internal organs. With infrared radiation is the same. When it affects a long time, it is dangerous. Therefore, statements by manufacturers and advertisements about the harmlessness of this radiation are cunning. If the owner decided to heat his apartment with infrared heaters, then he should use this equipment with some restrictions.

Harm and disadvantages of infrared heaters

Infrared Ceiling HeatersInfrared heaters have certain disadvantages. First of all, it should be noted that the heating of the equipment is uneven. Conventional heating appliances carry out heating of all air indoors, and this leads to the fact that in any part of the room there is heat.

But the infrared heater in the course of its work heats only the side of the object turned to it. Therefore, if the central heating has not yet been turned on and the owner has decided to use an infrared installation, then, sitting with his back to the appliance, he will not feel the necessary heat. Therefore, for effective heating should be used several such installations. Moreover, they must be located in different places in the room.

You should know that if you sit for a long time in one position, you can get burned skin. There is a high probability of heat shock if the device is installed with more power than is required. Therefore, to avoid this, it is necessary to take seriously the problem of choosing this equipment.

Great importance for the safe use of infrared heaters is their location. Their owner should install them in such a way that they do not affect the person. They must heat the walls and furniturelocated in the room. Heating a person should be excluded. Direct exposure may lead to poor health. It is better not to have such devices in the bedroom and children's room. When a person is sleeping, he can control his condition. In this case, a negative effect from the infrared heater is possible.


Infrared heaters are a good solution for home heating. They can be used as the main source of heat or used in addition to the central heating system. However, the operation of these installations must be subject to certain conditionsotherwise harm is inevitable:

  • they must be used in accordance with the rules of operation;
  • devices from little-known manufacturers or of dubious quality should not be installed for space heating.

In order for the harm during the operation of infrared devices to be minimal, it is necessary to use it with restrictions and choose only as an additional source of heating apartments Any device, not just infrared devices for heating, have their drawbacks. This must not be forgotten.