Single-phase electric motor - device photo.Single-phase electric motor 220V is a separate mechanism, which is widely used for installation in a variety of devices. It can be used for domestic and industrial purposes. The power of the electric motor is carried out from the usual outlet, where there is necessarily a power of at least 220 volts. It is necessary to pay attention to the frequency of 60 hertz.

In practice, it has been proven that a single-phase 220 V electric motor is sold together with devices that help transform electric field energy, and also accumulate the necessary charge with a capacitor. Modern models, which are produced according to innovative technologies, electric motors 220V are additionally equipped with equipment to illuminate the working place of the device. This applies to internal and external parts.

It is important to remember that the capacitance of the capacitor must be kept in compliance with all basic requirements. The best option is where air temperature remains unchanged and not subject to any fluctuations. In the room, the temperature regime should not fall to minus values.

While using the engine, experts recommend measuring the capacitor capacitance from time to time.


  • 1 What are single-phase electric motors 220V for?
  • 2 Existing electric motor series
  • 3 Features of electric motors of a series A
  • 4 What are the types of engines?

What are single-phase electric motors 220V for?

Asynchronous motor has special characteristics.Asynchronous motors today are widely used for various industrial processes. This model of electric motor is used for different drives. Single-phase asynchronous designs help to move wood processing machines, pumps, compressors, industrial ventilation devices, conveyors, lifts and many other equipment.

The electric motor is also used to drive the means of small-scale mechanization. This may include food choppers and concrete mixers. It is necessary to buy such constructions only from reliable suppliers. Before purchasing, it is advisable to check the certificates of conformity and warranty from the manufacturer.

Suppliers must provide their customers motor maintenance in case of breakage or failure. This is one of the main components, which is completed during the assembly of the pump unit.

Existing electric motor series

Today, industrial enterprises produce the following series of single-phase electric motor 220V:

  • BUT. These include the electric motors AMA, AIRM, AIRS, AIR, as well as AGD;
  • The motor AIR refers to the asynchronous type.4AM;
  • 5A;
  • GRP;
  • 2B and 2BP;
  • VAO2;
  • MT or electric motors for cranes;
  • DC motors;
  • Single phase;
  • Synchronous;
  • For large electric cars.

Absolutely all engines subdivided by design, according to the method of installation, as well as the degree of protection. This allows you to protect the structure from moisture or mechanical particles.

Features of electric motors of a series A

Electric single-phase motors of a series A are the unified asynchronous designs. They are closed from external influence with the help of a short-circuited rotor.

The structure of the electric motor has the following performance groups:

  •  Electric motors of a series A are a variant of asynchronous mechanisms.Modification according to environmental conditions. These include chemical resistance, agricultural use, and tropical resistance.
  • Accuracy of the established size. Among the large and varied selection, you can find designs of high and high accuracy.
  • Equipment with additional devices - phase rotor and built-in electromagnetic brakes.
  • Multiple speeds to choose from.
  • Slip resistance.
  • Enhanced starting torque.
  • Highly specialized electric motors. They are widely used for ship gear, monoblock pump drive, mine performance, as well as for starting a glandless compressor.

The cost of a single-phase electric motor 220V depends on the series.

What are the types of engines?

  • Industrial and explosion protected. They are used for outdoor installation or in rooms where there are various kinds of impurities in the environment. In certain situations, they are capable of forming explosive compounds when accessing oxygen.
  • Single-phase asynchronous motor - photo of the device.DC and AC. Such electric motors are connected to rechargeable batteries or other sources of direct current.
  • Synchronous and asynchronous. The main difference between the presented engines is the existing rotor speed.
  • With one, two and three phases. Two-phase electric motors have windings that are offset by 90 degrees.
  • Phase and short-circuited rotor. If there is no need to perform a large starting torque, then you need to use a short-circuited rotor.

Single-phase motors are designed for staffing electric drives with domestic and industrial use. Such structures are manufactured in accordance with state standards.