Double-key switch is very often used in everyday life.The switch with two keys - a fairly popular device used in almost every apartment. With its help they provide alternate and joint switching of light bulbs in a chandelier or share lighting, for example, in two separate rooms or on the street and in the corridor. Some homeowners use it to connect the hood and the light in the kitchen.

If the light is conducted on a balcony or loggia using a double switch, you can avoid installing two separate buttons individually for each zone. Dividing rooms into zones using lighting, as well as many other modern design solutions made possible by connecting a simple electrical device - a switch with two keys.

It should be noted that connecting any electrical elements to a double switch is possible for anyone who knows how to handle a screwdriver. For this no need to be a professional builder or be able to understand the complex electrical circuits. All that is needed is a standard tool, which can be found in the pantry of every economic person and, of course, desire.


  • 1 What tools and knowledge will be needed when installing the switch?
  • 2 Features of the preparation of electrical wires
  • 3 Installing two-button switches - stages of work
  • 4 Wiring diagrams of a double switch in a wiring box
  • 5 For what purpose, does the switch break the phase?

What tools and knowledge will be needed when installing the switch?

Self-install switch is not difficult.First of all, you need to deal with the wires, in other words, to find out which of them is zero, and which phase is. For this need indicator - screwdriver with a light bulb in the handle, with which this procedure will not cause difficulties. If the metal part of the indicator to touch the phase wire, then this will signal the LED that lights up. It is important to mark the wires in any convenient way, so as not to be confused in the future.

If a chandelier is connected, first of all you need to worry about de-energizing the wiring coming out of the ceiling. After the wiring has been marked and the electricity has been turned off, You can proceed to the installation of the switch with two keys. But before that you need to prepare the connecting elements and insulation for wires, which are divided into the following types:

  • terminal clamp;
  • screw clamp;
  • silicone cap or insulating tape, if the wires are connected by twisting.

The main thing when installing the switch is to follow the safety precautions.The most convenient and reliable way to connect the wires is to fix them with self-clamping terminals. In turn, the use of screw clamps is less reliable, since such fasteners weaken over time, and the insulating tape loses its elasticity.

To properly connect the light bulbs in the chandelier is important carefully read the schematic diagram of the device. This in the future will allow to eliminate any damage in the event of its occurrence during the operation of the lighting device. For proper and accurate do-it-yourself work, you need to have the following tool available:

  • set of screwdrivers;
  • construction knife or any other wire stripper;
  • nippers or pliers with side cutters.

Naturally, this is the minimum set of tools and it can be expanded depending on whether the place is prepared for installation switch with two keys or not, and whether the possibility of mounting the chandelier, as well as other nuances that arise during repair.

Features of the preparation of electrical wires

The indicator screw-driver is a convenient device which will be required during the work with electricity.Based on the type of device connected to the mains, the preparation of electrical wires may differ. If you install a chandelier with several lamps, from which it departs over a pair of wires, the connection can be made depending on the preferences of the landlord.

In modern lighting devices, wire preparation is performed still on the factory conveyor, connecting them according to the standard scheme. Therefore, if it becomes necessary to change the combinations, turning on the lamps will have to completely disassemble the chandelier.

In most cases, there are 3 wires in the installation box. In this case, it is desirable that they be no more than 100 mm in length. This size is enough to make a comfortable connection of the switch and the lighting device. At the ends of the wire should be cleaned at a distance of 10 to 15 mm.

If a modular switch is connected, the construction of which consists of two separately designed keys, it is important to worry about the nutrition of both one and the second part. To do this, the jumper is made of ordinary wire, which connects both parts of the electrical device.

Installing two-button switches - stages of work

The main rule of the work is a correctly designed wiring diagram of a two-button switch, which provides connecting the neutral wire directly to the lighting device, and the phases through an electrical breaker. To attach the device to the wall, you will need to drill out a socket 70 cm in diameter using a punch. At the same time, while connecting the two-key model of the switch to the AC network, it is important to observe the main stages of work.

  1. Double switches are expensive and cheap.The supply of electricity in the switchboard is turned off, for which the lever of the automaton is moved to the lower position. After that, the indicator checks the absence of power supply, which is very important for safety reasons.
  2. In the wall is mounted podrozetnik with holes through which the wires are laid, laid out of the wiring duct.
  3. Using wire cutters, wires are shortened to 10 cm in length, and the ends of all three cores are cleaned of 1 cm of insulation. If the phase has not been determined and marked in advance, then it must be done before connecting the lighting device. To do this, the power supply is temporarily resumed, and the phase is determined using a screwdriver indicator. After this, the room in which the two-button switch is installed is de-energized again.
  4. The electrical wire, which is the phase, is connected to the switch terminal with the letter ā€œLā€ and the remaining conductors are inserted into the mounting sockets with arrows. In standard wiring, the phase is indicated by a vein of white, and zero and ground are shown in yellow and blue.
  5. If it is important to distribute the order of switching on different groups of lamps with certain switch buttons, this can be done by selecting wires in the terminals marked with arrows.
  6. The case of the double-grip switch is inserted into the plug and secured with self-tapping screws and latches of the sliding structure.
  7. The decorative frame and keys from plastic is established.

At the end of the installation, the electricity supply is resumed in the switchboard and checked the compliance of the inclusion of groups of lighting devices switch keys.

Wiring diagrams of a double switch in a wiring box

How to connect a circuit breakerIn the wiring box of the distribution panel electrical wiring for the lighting group, in most cases, lay a double wire. In this case, the wire phase is usually indicated in red, and zero blue.

From the wiring box for each group of light sources are also laid wires with two wires. In this case, the zero vein of each group is connected to the zero wire supplied from the switchboard. For convenience, it is permissible to use a serial connection scheme on the terminal of the consumer nearest to the wiring box.

The phase of the electrical wiring, going from the switchboard, is connected to the wire cable of three wires, which goes from the wiring box to the switch with two keys. According to the scheme, the other two wires should be connected to the free ends of the wires, suitable for light sources.

If the wires are connected not by clips, but by twisting, they must be at least 4 cm in size. It is advisable to solder the contact groups and insulate with insulating tape. At the same time the wiring diagram of the two-button switch allows you to perform all the work smoothly and quickly.

For what purpose, does the switch break the phase?

The switch must first be prepared for installation.The phase wire is broken by the switch primarily for the safety of repairing the lighting device, for example, when replacing burnt light sources. In this case, simply turn off the switch, and not turn off the electricity in the whole house.

If you mix up the wires when connecting and make a break with a zero switch, not a phase, then standing on a damp floor or Aluminum stepladder accidentally touching the metal part of the cartridge connected to the phase electric shock will occur current. And about the consequences of electric shock or falling from a high stepladder do not need to tell, because it is clear that in this situation a person is not expecting anything good.