Welding machineWelding machines - tools that are very popular among home craftsmen, as their use allows you to perform many works in the process of building housing, and just in everyday life. The manufacture of the gate, metal winch, fencing around the garden and other works require the presence of electric welding. Each time, it is expensive and inconvenient to seek help from specialists and therefore it is advisable to purchase a welding unit for home use and deal with the principle of its operation.


  • 1 The main types of welding machines
  • 2 Features of the choice of step-down welding transformers
  • 3 What to look for when choosing a welding rectifier?
  • 4 How to choose the best welding inverter?
  • 5 What welding machines are better - manufacturers review

The main types of welding machines

Understanding which model of welding machine for the house is the best, you need to understand in what mode the welding will take place, what the choice of a suitable device is based on. But regardless of the operating modes, all electric welding units are divided into three types:

  • Welding rectifier VD 301 U3Step-down welding transformerwelding by alternating current. In such devices, the change in the parameters of welding currents is due to the adjustment of the magnetic gap. These devices are highly reliable and are successfully used in the MMAAC welding mode for joining carbon steel grades that do not require high-quality welds.
  • Welding rectifier - the device operating in the modes of MMADC, that is, at a constant current. Such units are suitable for welding both carbon and stainless steel, as well as some aluminum alloys. In such a welding machine, the seam is of sufficiently high quality.
  • Inverters for home work in almost all existing modes. They are universal units and are used to weld all types of metal with high frequency current.

Inverter devices have gained great popularity among amateur craftsmen who are not engaged in constant welding. Despite the fact that the cost of such devices is quite high, it fully pays off thanks to the versatility of the device. Naturally, in order to save, it is better to give preference to transformer units.

Features of the choice of step-down welding transformers

Choosing a good welding machine for the house, working on the basis of a step-down transformer, you need to pay attention to working voltage indicators. Some models operate on a standard 220 V network, others connect to a 380 V variable power source. Combined devices have greater versatility, which can be included in any standard AC mains.

Power indicators Welding transformers also play an important role in the quality of metal welding. Electric 380W mains are more powerful and do not cause strong voltage drops in the general grid, but not every house building is connected to such a source electricity. Therefore, the use of such electric welding at home is not always possible. It is important that the power of the welding unit does not exceed the total power grid.

Welding Transformer Telwin Pratica 152 TurboWhen choosing a good electric welding for the home, it is important to consider operating current range and the size of the electrodes to be used. To weld carbon steels, it is enough that the current parameters vary in the range of 80 up to 160 A, while using electrodes with a cross section of 1.6 to 6 mm, depending on the thickness parameters metal. If in the process of using the welding machine it is planned to move it frequently, then the weight and dimensions of the device play an important role. In the first place - this is due to the fact that most of these units are weighty and it is better that they are equipped with wheels.

What to look for when choosing a welding rectifier?

The principle of operation of the welding rectifier is based on the use of pulsed rectified current, which allows to increase the stability of the electric arc and significantly reduce the volume of metal splashes. Also, thanks to the work on direct current, the consumption of electrodes is significantly reduced. Due to such features, the seam in the welding process is quite even and thin, which is very useful from an aesthetic point of view.

Work of welding rectifiers is possible both from alternating current 380 V, and from the standard single-phase power supply network. Therefore, the connection of the rectifier should occur by single-phase or three-phase bridge principle. Three-phase connection scheme allows for greater stability of the arc and high power indicators. Also, when choosing the best welding machine for the home, it is important to consider the range of the welding current, the possibility of changing different modes and the thickness of the most used electrodes. Most welding rectifiers have a stepped adjustment of the main parameters.

How to choose the best welding inverter?

Inverters are universal devices with wide range of modes, therefore, are popular, as among home craftsmen and professional welders. Naturally, the cost of such units is higher than that of analogs, but their size, weight and power consumption indices allow using such devices in the most non-standard conditions.

Welding gate installation workThe main criterion on which the choice of inverter electric welding should be based is the parameter supply voltage. At the same time, as in other situations, three-phase devices have the highest power, on which the operational life of the device depends. With the same load, a more powerful device works much longer.

Another important criterion for choosing a good inverter welding is the presence of different modes and current range. The choice should be based on the parameters thickness of the metal being welded. Inverters used at home usually have a current range from 60 to 160 A. Also, when choosing an inverter, you need to pay attention to studying the duration of the unit operation in continuous mode at the maximum current value. If this figure is high, the device will be able to work for a long time without overheating.

Proceeding from practice, the value of the duration of continuous operation of the welding inverter depends on the frequency of the change of electrodes and technological pauses on the preparation of parts. Simply put, if the manufacturer claims a working time of 80%, a continuous welding mode will be 4 minutes, and a pause for replacing the electrode for at least 1 minute. In reality, such breaks are much longer, however, the additional power reserve has not yet damaged any electric welding. Do not forget about additional functions inverters, the most popular of which are the following features:

  • Household Welding Machinehot start function, which implies a sharp increase in current parameters at the first stage of welding to facilitate the formation of an arc;
  • anti-sticking is a useful function that reduces the current parameters when sticking electrodes, allowing them to be torn off from the metal;
  • arc afterburner is an option used to improve the quality of welding vertical seam.

These functions are implemented in almost all classic inverters. All inverter units are equipped with two wires with clips at the ends and an electrode holder for electrodes, as well as terminal elements for connection to the welding unit. When buying such a device it is important to pay attention to the length of the wires, which must be at least 200 cm.

What welding machines are better - manufacturers review

The selection of the best welding inverter for the house is quite a responsible process. The modern construction market is filled with a variety of such goods. But an experienced welder always selects companies that have been proven over the years and have proven themselves to be the most popular, of which the following manufacturers are considered:

  • KEMPPI - a manufacturer that was one of the first to enter the market. The company from Finland for a long time and quite firmly occupied a leading position among the popular brands of welding inverters. The company presents units for both home and industrial purposes. Excellent parameters of welding units from this manufacturer do not cease to amaze consumers.
  • Welding inverter Profhelper Prestige 141SFubag - a famous German manufacturer, famous for the quality of its products, which is combined with modern technological developments, enabling the production of inverters operating at voltages from 85 up to 265B. Plus, special protective devices allow electric welding not to respond to voltage surges and provide an opportunity to connect the unit to the 380V network.
  • Telwin - a manufacturer from Italy, proven in the consumer market high-quality and reliable products. Their home inverters can operate on standard AC power. Their products are small in size and weight.
  • ProfHelper - a company that has combined in its welding devices the best qualities of modern equipment. Their products have high reliability and long service life.

When deciding how to choose a welding machine for the home, the consumer should not forget about the manufacturer’s warranty. After-sales service, availability of service centers in a particular locality is the main criteria indicating a high level of services provided by the manufacturer. It is these parameters that prove that the company is worried about the consumer and therefore its products are trustworthy.