Design solutions for the placement of spotlights on the stretch ceilingLight - is the main element that accompanies a person throughout the life path. However, everyone agrees that the body reacts differently to a different light. With a different state of the body and soul, we need a certain illumination - muffled, bright and scattered.

Given the fashion trends in interior design, the most relevant today are stretch ceiling, and therefore everyone is faced with the problem of what should be the location of lamps on them. There are certain rules for installing lighting in public places, since in a certain room only a certain type of light can be appropriate. In turn, for residential apartments among the main requirements, they note only the need for coordination scheme self-replace wiring in special instances.


  • 1 Stretched ceiling lighting
  • 2 Basic requirements for the installation of electrical equipment
  • 3 Rational combination of spotlights and chandeliers
  • 4 Design solutions for spotlights
  • 5 Conclusion

Stretched ceiling lighting

The simplicity and speed of installation, as well as the aesthetic appearance of the lamps on

stretch ceiling made this type of design very popular. With it also you can hide all the defects ceiling surface. The fabric material does not emit toxins, does not rot and does not burn, and this is most important when children are in the apartment.

When there is a question about installing a stretch ceiling, you need to take care of the correct wiring pattern. Also, one of the nuances is that designers often use several colors of the canvas. In this case, the lighting will need to be approached differently.

The most common lighting options are spotlights that help highlight a specific area in a room or illuminate a desired piece of furniture. More convenient is the location of point lights in the center of the room or in the corner. This can be seen through numerous photos on the Internet.

Lighting options on suspended ceilings

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Basic requirements for the installation of electrical equipment

In order for the lamps to work without problems, it is necessary to fulfill a number of requirements, namely:

  • It is necessary to choose the location of the lamps on the stretch ceiling, taking into account the heat emission of the devices located nearby. It should be as low as possible. The maximum permissible value of the built-in spotlight is 40 W, and when the stretch ceiling is seamless and fabric - 60 W;
  • if the room is large, a chandelier is mounted in the center as a source of bright light. With spotlights zone illumination is performed and soft diffuse lighting;
  • 70 W is considered the optimal power for the device;
  • between the ceiling and the chandelier there should be a certain gap (not less than 15 centimeters);
  • Lighting zones will be much better if you install a swivel version of lamps. With their help, it is better to spread the light over the ceiling surface;
  • to correctly calculate the number of fixtures for a stretch ceiling, it is necessary to take into account the possible area of ​​illumination with one device.

Rational combination of spotlights and chandeliers

If the question arises as to where it is better to install an energy-saving type of luminaires on a stretch canvas in a small room with a chandelier, it is imperative to pay attention to the features of the light supply.

With proper location of spotlights even lighting distribution can be achieved on angular zones. They are responsible for the distraction of the light and muffling without focusing on a specific area.

In order to provide sufficiently bright lighting, which is required in some situations, a chandelier can be used. When all family members are busy, for example, watching movies, just half the shadow is enough. To watch TV, an ideal arrangement of lighting devices on a stretch ceiling is considered to be an option - behind the back of the viewer. An example of such a placement of lamps are numerous photos on the Internet.

In a similar scheme often equip children's room. It can be used to place lamps on a stretch ceiling so that the working and sleeping areas are separately illuminated.

Also a great option would be the installation of spotlights on the stretch canvas above the cooking surface in the kitchen, as shown in many photos.

Design solutions for spotlights

Competent lighting playing gives you the opportunity to achieve different effects, which requires a certain area in the room. In addition, the location of the light sources on the stretch ceiling depends on the purpose of the room:

  • for a spacious living room, it would be more expedient to place point lights so that each group becomes a source of light for a specific area of ​​the room;
  • in the bedroom, a common light may not be necessary, but a tension canvas with small lamps will create a relaxed and soothing atmosphere;
  • As for the bathroom, it requires bright and clean lighting, so in advance it is necessary to calculate the required number of lamps for stretch ceiling and their proper location. Examples of the most appropriate variations in the placement of light sources can be seen in the photo;
  • for a hallway, the diffused light from the luminaires on the stretch ceiling is considered the best option, since it must be well reflected from the mirrors.


Spotlights can complement or even replace the central ceiling chandelierStretch ceiling today is a must-have element of every modern apartment. Before installation, it is necessary to determine the number of lamps. Buyer's imagination is just striking range of fixtures for suspended ceilings, which is presented in stores, and therefore the choice to make is very difficult.

Before you buy lamps for the ceiling, you should listen to the opinion of experts and follow the basic recommendations:

  • diameter must be smaller than the size of the decorative part. It is necessary for high quality fixing clips;
  • the power of lighting devices for a stretch ceiling should be selected based on the material of the ceiling and the design of the lighting device;
  • Do not allow the metal frame element to come into contact with a similar part of the soffit for a stretch ceiling.

Considering all the tips and following simple safety rules, you can install the lighting on a suspended ceiling on your own, according to your taste.