Any organization or enterprise is interested in having competent and highly qualified employees in its staff. Periodically, all employees must pass certification, pass exams to confirm their qualifications, as well as improve it. To this end, the OLIMPOKS program was created, which helps to improve the skills of all employees of enterprises.

What is the Olympos programThe program started in early 2013 and during that time showed that it knows how to effectively manage the processes of preparation and training, certification of specialists and managers. This is necessary when people work in enterprises where conditions are associated with the operation of hazardous production facilities.


  • 1 OLIMPOX system
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  • 2 Self-training
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  • 3 Conduct knowledge test and design results

OLIMPOX system

The program was created by the famous company "Thermika" and is by far the best in order to conduct online training for industrial production specialists. The system has a modular structure and currently includes two units:

  • Olympus Training;
  • Olympus Examiner.

Electrical Safety Exam Group 3 OlymposThe Olympus Module Examiner is designed to automate the procedure for taking exams for certification. It offers several functions - preparing an exam profile, the opportunity to conduct an exam for geographically distant users and online monitor the progress of exams and other functions.

The system allows the teacher to customize the procedure for passing the exam independently and adjust the response time to questions in the exam tickets. The system includes setting up a quick test of the result of examinations protocols, taking into account the requirements for each specific organization.

The main advantage of the system for knowledge testing, learning is that it can be set up without leaving home and controlled remotelybeing in the territory of the enterprise.

The Olympus Training module allows users to independently prepare for the attestation exams and check the level of their knowledge with the help of test questions.

Video: SCORM system operation in OLIMPOKS


Olympox self-study for the examFor many people whose professions are related to production conditions, which Rostekhnadzor monitors, Rostechnadzor’s system, Olympus Training will allow access to an extensive database of teaching materials, to the archive of technical literature and regulatory documents. Such a program helps many factory workers not to attend special training courses. This can be done independently at home using the program.

Training and controlling system gives opportunity to get new knowledge on the joband also to pass exams in a short time without leaving home. The system is fully automated and operates around the clock. Access to work can be obtained at any time by passing a simple registration.

Olympox self-training is a convenient program for self-training of people working in industrial enterprises. It was specially created to study the important issues of safety certification.

The program is designed for those who, by questions and answers, will independently prepare and pass the certification exam. It contains all the questions and answers concerning employees of industrial enterprises. Specialists of the company have specially developed a system by which it is possible to undergo training and take exams without the presence of the commission.

Working on the program no answer cancellation options are excluded or bad faith in matters of safety in production. Innovation allows many who wish to undergo online training and pass certification.

To work on the Olympus OX program, it is enough to have a computer or laptop, the Internet, connect to the program, then find all the necessary questions with answers and work on their own.

The program includes a number of courses:

  • training;
  • course;
  • standard;
  • instructing

Questions with answers on Olympus-OCSNow you should write about each of them in more detail, so that it becomes clear about the possibilities of their use.

ACS Training includes e-learning courses, which were developed on the basis of a standard curriculum with all the necessary requirements, in accordance with the regulatory and legal acts of the Russian Federation. Reference and training manuals, regulatory and technical documentation were also used.

OCS Course is a training course designed specifically to organize pre-examination and pre-certification training, and then test the knowledge of managers and specialists. Courses are divided into topics so that it is convenient to choose the necessary material. Each of them has its own set of tests and quizzes on the merits.

ACS Standard - includes a collection of test items with sub-items to the regulatory documents. On the basis of all the proposed, you can independently make for yourself individual tests. They can be used to test knowledge of the specifics of work, job responsibilities, and professional knowledge upon admission to the workplace.

OX Instructing - Course related to occupational safety and health in a production environment that is so important for instructing workers in any field.

In addition to courses, there are also sections - system management and exam.

Video: Olympox: Air Navigation

Conduct knowledge test and design results

The program to test knowledge OLIMP OCSUltimately, the courses end with a final test of knowledge, and therefore the “exam” mode was developed. Everything happens in the form of testing with tickets, each of which has test items. Specialists of the service of occupational and industrial organizations using the “activity” menu in real time can control the work of the commission to test the knowledge of employees of enterprises remote from their workplace.

If necessary, you can make a protocol of the desired type on the basis of a knowledge test. The program has special templates established by regulations. When creating a protocol, all necessary data will be displayed, including the date of verification.

System automatically saves all registered userswhich passed its certification, there is an archive, which is very convenient in case of loss of documents.

Who has already chosen self-training, can complete a full-fledged program with Olympos. preparing for exams and evaluate all the benefits of the course and system through online access to the service Olympox.