The appearance of the washing machineCleanliness is unthinkable without modern washing machines, long established as indispensable home appliances. Each year their production increases, and the market is replenished with new manufacturers and models. In any shopping center there are many models of washing machines that will offer you a choice, which one is the best?

The design and appearance of the products is practically no different, therefore it is important to know their fundamental differences in order to make the necessary purchase. The article will talk about which washing machines have gained the most popularity today, what are the main criteria when choosing them, and will also rank the most purchased models.


  • 1 Washing machines: what are they?
    • 1.1 Types of washing machines
    • 1.2 Classes of washing machines
    • 1.3 Sizes of products
    • 1.4 Programs and Modes
  • 2 Washing machine rating

Washing machines: what are they?

Types of washing machines

The following theoretical material will assist in determining the best models of washing machines. It should be noted that all household appliances are classified by type, there are:

  • automatic are those that are controlled by a given program. They have several washing modes, they estimate the amount of water, its temperature, the amount of washing powder, the speed of the spin produced;
  • semi-automatic - consist of a timer that counts the time, the motor and the shaft, stirring the loaded linen. This type of car was common in the Soviet era, but today they have not lost their popularity.

By type of working mechanism of the product also differ:

  • drum - are characterized by gentle washing, economical consumption of water and detergent;
  • activator. Have a side or bottom activator, which is typical of semi-automatic models. It may be noted such trademarks of domestic production as "Lily", Baby "," Fairy ".

By the way of loading the laundry, the aggregates are divided:

  • on the front. The laundry is loaded through the opening window, which is located on the side panel. This type is found only in drum models;
  • vertical. Linen is loaded through the top of the machine. Models can be both drum and activator.

So, front-loading automatic models have become the best washing machines. They are most common in all regions. Popularity among users brought the following benefits:

  • buildability Such models are easy to integrate into furniture;
  • the upper surface is freely used as a shelf;
  • the model can be selected with a large capacity load of linen (up to 10 kg);
  • the window allows you to see the drum and trace all stages of washing and spinning.

Classes of washing machines

Rating of the best manufacturers of washing machines for 2014All automatic products can be compared with a specific class for washing, spinning and energy saving. They are labeled with letters from A to G. The best class is considered class A, gradually decreasing to G.

Our market is filled with samples of the first two classes A and B, which are are the best models of washing machineswhile there are practically no other representatives of the classes.

  1. Wash class. Careful washing and economical electricity consumption provide machines of class A. These indicators are gradually reduced to the marking of classes G and F.
  2. Spin class. Spin is also classified. Class A guarantees getting almost dry laundrybecause the number of revolutions reaches 1600 per minute. The lowest grade of G machines is 400 spin turns.
  3. Energy class. Class A models are the most economical; their power consumption is about 200 watts per hour.

So, when choosing a product Give preference to the machines of the first three classes (A, B, C), as practice shows that the difference in the technical characteristics of them is not so great. The main differences that affect the price are the appearance, additional options and brand of the manufacturer.

Sizes of products

Best washing machines 2014Most of us, first of all when buying a product pay attention to its size. Dimensions of household appliances to be chosen should correspond to the place prepared for it. If you prefer vertical loading, you need to add the height of the machine cover to be opened.

Automatic washing machines have a height of 85-90 cm, width 60 cm. The loading depth of a vertical machine ranges from 40-45 cm, frontal - 35-60 cm. A separate type of washing machine, which is intended for installation under the sink, can have a height of 70 cm. These mini samples are a bit more expensive than standard ones; they are presented by manufacturers LG and Candy.

What is the volume of the washing machine most in demand? Actively marketed products are considered with a volume of 4-5 kg. These models are chosen by both large families and single people. Recently, more and more began to buy models with a volume of 10 kg. This is due to the small volumes of washes, and the fact that more and more people decide to do the washing at once, to unload time for rest.

Programs and Modes

The most popular useful functions of washing machines were the following types of washes:

  • cotton fabrics;
  • delicate;
  • fast;
  • with certain temperatures.

Many are willing to overpay for many additional features, without even thinking about what most of them are just useless and they are unlikely to be useful at all. Are there any options that are vital? There are functions that extend the life of the washing machine.

The following selection criteria for automatic washing machines are extremely important. Their software is capable of performing:

  • balance control of the laundry in the drum;
  • integrity of the drain and water supply system;
  • control of power supply voltage drops, etc.

Washing machine rating

Selection criteria for washing machineEverything is clear with theory, now it is the turn of practice. To determine the best washing machine in terms of reliability consumer research was conducted in major appliance stores such as Eldorado, Ozone and Technosila.

The rating of the most bought models looks like this:

  1. Samsung WF8590NMW9 at a price of $ 277 is characterized by reliable protection against voltage surges. It has a ceramic heater, large volumes of the loading door, honeycomb drum.
  2. VEKO WKN 61011 M has a cost of about 220 dollars. Economical consumption of electricity and water. Innovative technology that allows you to save washing powder, has 15 wash programs.
  3. Indesit IWUC 4105 costs about $ 260. Energy-saving wash, low noise, reliable system from water overflow.
  4. Zanussi FCS 825 C has a cost of about 450 dollars. The advantages of the typewriter are that with a small size it has an impressive load.
  5. LG F10B8ND priced at $ 370. Loads 6 kg of laundry, but has compact dimensions, boot detector, intelligent washing system.
  6. The Samsung WF602W2BKWQ costs about $ 360. Innovative washing technology, honeycomb drum, has reliable protection against voltage surges.
  7. Bosch WAE 20164 OE - 440 dollars. Advantages of the product in the presence of a water dispensing system, low noise, and most importantly - in the reliability of the brand.
  8. BEKO WKB 61031 PTMA sells for $ 240. This compact the model boasts a modern heating element with anti-scale and economical consumption of detergents.
  9. Whirlpool AWE 6416 costs about $ 530. It has a saving system for washing powder, has 18 wash programs, a fibran tank, and an adjustable thermostat.
  10. Siemens WM 16Y741PL - about 600 dollars. It features innovative systems to save energy and time.

Rating washing machines for reliability

Washing Machine Reliability RatingRating of the best manufacturers of washing machines for 2014The appearance of the washing machineWashing Machine Reliability RatingHow to choose a washing machineRating of the best manufacturers of washing machines for 2014The appearance of the washing machineWashing Machine Reliability RatingWashing machine manufacturersRating of the best manufacturers of washing machines for 2014The appearance of the washing machineWashing Machine Reliability RatingHow to choose a washing machineRating of the best manufacturers of washing machines for 2014The appearance of the washing machineWashing Machine Reliability RatingHow to choose a washing machineRating of the best manufacturers of washing machines for 2014The appearance of the washing machineWashing Machine Reliability Rating

Each model has its own approximate cost, but it is not the main indicator of the best quality. The above ranking washing machines tells mainly about the advantages of this home appliances.

This list is based on the preferences of customers and will certainly help you decide on the choice of a reliable assistant in the household, but you should not follow the opinion of others too unconditionally. therefore Let your choice be based on individual priorities. and depends on the needs, sufficient space in the room to install the product and financial possibilities. Have a good shopping!