Energy control meterThe single-phase electric meter “Mercury 201” is currently considered the most common energy metering device in Russia. The counters of this brand replaced the more outdated models, equipped with rotating disks.

Today we will talk about what constitutes a counter of this brand and what its characteristics are, you will also learn about the rules for connecting the “Mercury 201” counter and read consumer reviews.


  • 1 Electric meter "Mercury": a brief description
  • 2 Design features of the counter "Mercury"
  • 3 Technical characteristics of the counter
  • 4 What requirements must meet the counter
  • 5 Connecting the counter "Mercury 201"
  • 6 Consumer reviews about the counter "Mercury"

Electric meter "Mercury": a brief description

Connecting the counter "Mercury 201" can be done independently, if you study the features of this device and instructions to it.

Electric meters "Mercury" produced in Russia since 2001 at the facilities of the company Incotex, which is engaged in the production of electricity meters ranging from simple single-phase for household needs to complex three-phase meters.

The counter "Mercury 201" has several modifications, ranging from 201.1 to 201.8.

Also, the device is divided into series depending on parameters such as:

  • permissible operating current;
  • way to reflect the data consumption of electricity.

Design features of the counter "Mercury"

All modifications of the electric meter "Mercury 201" have the following structure:

  • What features have mercuryrectangular plastic housing;
  • on the left on the front of the panel is an LCD display or a drum (depending on the modification), reflecting information about the use of energy;
  • on the right side of the device there is a table of technical parameters;
  • the instrument case is compact, its size is 105 by 105 by 65 mm;
  • design weight 350 grams.

The lower part of the case has a removable design and serves as protection for contacts. When you take it off, you get access to electrical input contacts. Wiring to them is done through a screw connection.

To fix the meter on a wall or on another surface, it must be fixed on it with a special DIN-rail, which today is equipped with almost all metering devices.

Depending on their modification, the counters of this series are:

  • electromechanical, where the reading device is a mechanical drum;
  • electronic, where energy metering results are displayed on the LCD.

Technical characteristics of the counter

Characteristic Mercury 201The counter of this brand is equipped special protection against electricity theft thanks to reversal. It also has features such as:

  • permissible ambient temperature for operation of the device ranges from -20 to 55 degrees Celsius;
  • the manufacturer provides a warranty on the product for a period of three years;
  • the maximum lifetime of the meter after connection is 30 years;
  • interchecking interval is about 15 years.

What requirements must meet the counter

When you buy an electric meter "Mercury" 201 series you need to check that it met the requirementswhich are indicated in the documents by the manufacturer:

  • first or second accuracy class, that is, the permissible measurement error is 1-2%;
  • the date of manufacture and inspection of the device at the place of production must be indicated;
  • check that the number of the counter value has been entered into the State Register of measuring tools;
  • check the availability of the warranty seal;
  • make sure that the product has a sticky verifier with the date of verification and a hologram-protection against forgery.

Connecting the counter "Mercury 201"

Counter devices Before installing and connecting the device, you need to carefully study the instructions, the passport of the device, as well as familiarize yourself with its wiring diagram.

Single phase instrument on terminal strip includes such input contacts:

  • contact to enter the phase from the external network to the room, the network wire is supplied from the electrical supply company;
  • contact for the output of the phase into the room; a cable of the type ShVVP is used;
  • connection terminal zero from the external network to the room;
  • zero output terminal to the load inside.

Wiring is also carried out in the listed order.

Remember that before connecting you need de-energize the system:

  • turn off the machine;
  • traffic jams;
  • knife switch;
  • supply line if the input cable enters the meter.

Connected wires should be carefully laid using perforated breakout cells on the terminal cover. The cover must be screwed to the body to fit.

Then check the wiring again and replace the cover. Call the representative of the managing electrical company to perform the procedure of sealing the meter through a special hole. When the device is connected to electricity, the indicator in the form of a red light comes on.

Consumer reviews about the counter "Mercury"

Many of the buyers will never acquire anything new until they read the reviews of others about this or that device. So below here are some reviews about the counter "Mercury 201", taken from open sources on the Internet.

I have a counter “Mercury 201.5. It regularly performs its main task, a reliable and compact device. However, there are strong errors in the readings of freezing temperatures. What they like is the lack of intricate designs in terms of control and connection. I recommend to use an introductory dual-band machine to protect the counter from short circuit. I do not recommend installing the device on the facade, because the errors in the cold will be noticeable.


What do you like about the 201.5 model? simplicity, acceptable cost, as well as the possibility of installation both inside and outside the building. Now we have two devices: one is in the house, and the second is in the bath. They put it very quickly, they take up little space. In order for the counter on the street to work normally, I recommend “packing” it in a special shield with a door that withstands low temperatures.


What we liked is the compact size of the device and its reliability. Although many sellers artificially overcharge, it is a minus.

However, to find something better to account for the energy indicators in the apartment is unreal. There are analogues, but they work worse. I strongly advise you to buy counters only in proven places, so that you will not sell defective models.


Energy control meterI recommend this meter to everyone, very convenient and simple model in terms of application. Its cost will suit everyone, and if you buy it from sellers who work with management companies, it will not exceed 2,000 rubles with the installation. I do not recommend buying the device from questionable sellers, they artificially inflate the price, and the data on the box and on the case itself may not match, do not forget to check it! I recommend using the meter in places where tariffs are not divided into day and night, because it will be very expensive.


So, we learned about the features of the connection of "Mercury 201" to electricity and its characteristics, as well as studied reviews. Do not forget that you need to carefully before connecting study instructions and documentation, wiring diagrams, and clearly observe the phases and labeling of wires.