To control the level of humidity, you can use a special climatic device - a humidifier. Most of his time a person spends in the walls of the house or at work. Therefore, it is important to provide a comfortable environment, maintaining the level of some indicators, including humidity. Before you choose a humidifier for an apartment, you need to understand the characteristics and features of this device.


  • 1 What is a humidifier for?
  • 2 Main types
    • 2.1 Natural Type Humidifier
    • 2.2 Steam
    • 2.3 Ultrasonic
    • 2.4 With air ionizer
  • 3 What parameters to choose
    • 3.1 Mark
    • 3.2 Cost of
    • 3.3 Power and performance
    • 3.4 Noise and safety
    • 3.5 To destination
  • 4 Additional functions
  • 5 How to choose an inexpensive humidifier for an apartment?
  • 6 Terms of Service
  • 7 Owner reviews

What is a humidifier for?

Many do not think about the danger of such a phenomenon as dry air in the room. It adversely affects the body, while the person may experience the following symptoms:

  • irritation, fatigue and redness of the eyes (especially characteristic of people using contact lenses);
  • drying the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx, which leads to reduced protection of the body against viral diseases;
  • dryness, peeling and premature aging of the skin.

Young children, people with chronic diseases of the respiratory tract, allergies or asthma especially suffer from insufficient levels of moisture. Therefore, it is so important to maintain the necessary humidity in the room in order to prevent the development and aggravation of both viral and chronic diseases, to improve the well-being of all households.

Main types

Devices for creating a favorable indoor climate vary in their purpose, characteristics and options.

Natural Type Humidifier

Easy to operate, safe and eco-friendly. Water is poured into a special tank, then it gets into wetted cartridges that are blown by fans, due to which water evaporates.. You can change the intensity of humidification, use the device as an air fragrance or interior decoration by purchasing a humidifier in the form of a lamp or a bowl.

Humidifier PHILIPS HU 4803

The main disadvantage of natural humidifiers is the high cost


Works on the principle of hot evaporation. Water is also poured into a special tank, where it is heated to the boiling point by means of an electrolysis process and transferred to another state of aggregation - steam.

This type of humidifier should be equipped with a hygrostat sensor that measures the humidity level in the room. When the humidity level is exceeded, a favorable environment appears for the reproduction of bacteria, including pathogens.

Boneco U7135 Steam Humidifier

Steam humidifiers are equipped with the function of air flavoring, just add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to the water


The most modern model of humidifier. The device operates according to the following principle: water enters the ultrasonic membrane, where it is divided into micro droplets by means of high-frequency vibrations. The device draws dry air from the apartment, passes through a cloud of microdroplets of water and air, and then gets back wet and cooled.

Ultrasonic humidifier Boneco U201A Green

Additional features of the ultrasound device include warm steam, which destroys the bacteria in the air.

With air ionizer

The air ionization function helps to saturate the air with ions, thereby improving sleep quality, state of health, increases efficiency and concentration, slightly accelerates the exchange substances. In nature, air ionization is especially felt in the mountains, coniferous forests and the sea.

Air humidifier with ionizer Panasonic F-VXJ90

It should be borne in mind that infections are spreading very quickly in ionized air.

Devices with ionization is better not to use if you have small children, as well as in the stage of the disease.

What parameters to choose

When purchasing a humidifying air device, you need to take into account various parameters, such as manufacturer, price, power and safety.


A wide variety of companies allows you to choose an air humidifier for an apartment with optimal characteristics. Among the manufacturers are the following:

  • The Swiss brand Boneco, specializing in the production of climatic equipment: humidifiers, cleaners, climate systems. The company has been producing appliances that create a favorable climate at home for over 40 years; it has the largest design and research center in Europe for indoor microclimate research. All products meet the highest quality standards.
  • Stadler Form is another Swiss company that manufactures equipment to create a comfortable microclimate in the house. Creates "smart" and stylish products, each of which employs talented engineers and industrial designers. All products are regularly subjected to rigorous testing.
  • Philips is a well-established Dutch company producing household appliances. The devices are equipped with air quality sensors, confirmed by official certificates and at the same time have a relatively low cost.

Cost of

Prices for humidifiers vary in a large range - from 2 to 25 thousand. rubles. First of all, you need to focus on the technical characteristics of the device, and not on its cost, since this thing will serve you for years.

Power and performance

The required performance of the device depends on the volume of the room, the presence of ventilation, the initial temperature and humidity, and other factors. Steam humidifiers consume a large amount of energy and have greater performance.

Humidifiers adiabatic type, including ultrasonic, suitable for use on an industrial scale and have capacity up to 500 kg / h, while the amount of electricity consumed is much less than in steam models.

Noise and safety

The allowable noise level of the device is up to 40 dB. A humidifier with these values ​​can work during your sleep without disturbing you. The most silent model is considered to be an ultrasound device.

Humidifier BORK H701

In terms of safety, steam humidifiers are significantly inferior to ultrasonic and traditional

Hot air comes out of the steam appliance fan and is easily burned, so this humidifier should not be placed in places accessible to children.

To destination

When choosing a device for an apartment, in particular, a children's room, you should pay attention to its noise level, air sterilization from bacteria and germs. You can also consider devices that have a sleep mode. It is not recommended to put a steam-type humidifier in the children's room, as the child may get burned. Better look at traditional or ultrasonic models. It is worth noting that many manufacturers produce devices with a special children's design, for example, in the form of heroes of their favorite cartoons.

Humidifier for the nursery Ballu UHB-275

Firms Ballu and CS Medica produce devices with children's design

For the office, any type of humidifier is suitable. The most convenient way is to choose a spray-type device that disperses the smallest particles of water. It is worth paying attention to the volume of the tank, the presence of antibacterial function and sound insulation.

Additional functions

Additional functions of the humidifier are not at all obligatory, but they considerably simplify our life, making it more comfortable and pleasant. These include:

  • sensor showing the level of humidity in the room at the moment;
  • the function of preliminary water purification, especially relevant for regions with polluted water, with a high content of minerals in the liquid humidifier fails faster;
  • aromatization and ionization functions;
  • automatic support function for a given humidity;
  • night mode with reduced noise and subdued lighting.

How to choose an inexpensive humidifier for an apartment?

A good budget version of the humidifier is an ultrasonic device. It consumes a small amount of electricity and does not require serious investments for its operation. For additional savings, you will have to abandon some of the functions of the device: the presence of a hygrometer, the ionization function, and support for specified parameters.

Terms of Service

Care and maintenance primarily depends on the type of instrument. But each humidifier requires the timely supply of water to the tank, cleaning and replacing the evaporative filter, which retains unwanted impurities in the air, such as magnesium and calcium salts. Many devices are equipped with special sensors that show that the filter is dirty and it is time to change it.

Owner reviews

Panasonic F-VXH50 humidifier and cleaner perfectly copes with its functions. I am allergic with a cat living at home. The device works on auto mode around the clock (he decides when to turn on). Electricity consumes a little. The air in the apartment has become cleaner and more pleasant than on the street. My husband had problems with sleep, which he removed like a hand with the appearance of a cleaner. Waking up in the morning with clean air has also become much more pleasant. When turned on and during the whole period of work, there were no unpleasant odors; the filter was vacuumed once every 1-2 weeks during the cleaning without removing it.

Tugolukova Angelina track = tabs

In the Electrolux EHU-3710D model I liked almost everything, the capacity is large, nothing flows, it does not work noisily - it does not interfere with sleep (if the water is not over), there are many settings, I do not use the remote control. The disadvantage is that the screen shines too brightly at night and there is no button illumination, you cannot switch without light. If the humidity in the room is higher than the set, then the options are not included - this is inconvenient.

Golitsyn Alexey track = tabs

The climate complex Boneco W1355A cleans well, moisturizes, is easy to handle. At home, breathing becomes easier. The mood improves, the dream is normalized. Familiar owners of sinks complained of gurgling when water flowed from the tank into the pan, which did not bother me and even vice versa. Two modes allows you to adjust the intensity of work. The minus is the absence of the air humidity sensor, but this data can be obtained through a separate device.


When choosing a humidifier, pay attention not only to its cost, but also to the main characteristics: performance, power, noise, air purification method, the presence of additional functions and sensors. Then the device will delight you for many years and at the same time have a positive effect on your health and beauty.