Electricity reportBuying housing in buildings of old construction, owners often have to think about replacing the meter. However, do not rush to address this issue. And immediately it is worth abandoning the idea of ​​buying an electricity meter that was in use, or from unknown persons. It is important to remember that the quality and reliability of the purchased device will affect how much you will have to pay for electricity, and how safe your stay will be in a new apartment.

To date, in every home you can find this meter, which simplifies the procedure for calculating the spent kilowatts of electricity. But many other services provided by public utilities, most of them are delivered without any accounting.

Modern technology is constantly evolving, and the market can already be found precision and reliable instrumentsdesigned to provide citizens with maximum energy savings. The vast majority of these metering devices offered in the stores are more like an elegant calculator. Featuring high reliability and quality performance, these devices do not create a lot of noise in the process of work and at the same time provide consumers with all the necessary information.


  • 1 Induction and electronic meters
  • 2 Accuracy class
  • 3 Tariff
  • 4 Two-tariff accounting system - beneficial to all
  • 5 Reliability and verification interval
  • 6 How to change the counter
    • 6.1 Certification
    • 6.2 Registration
    • 6.3 Self-installation
  • 7 Conclusion

Induction and electronic meters

Which counter to chooseThinking about purchasing a meter, the consumer is faced with a large variety of these devices. Moreover, they all differ in their characteristics and functional set. The most widely used today are the following types of metering devices:

  • induction;
  • electronic.

It should be noted here that it was the first who enjoyed the greatest interest on the part of our fellow citizens, since in the mid-1990s they had to be installed in residential buildings.

A person who has never thought about which counter is better to choose, induction or electronic, will not be able to immediately answer this question. To make the right decision you need determine the list of taskswhich this metering device must solve. After all, owners often choose one or other counters not only to find out how much electricity they have spent over the past month. Some are interested in having a variety of functions that can be found today in modern electronic meters.

It should be noted that the vast majority of such features are useful only to specialists. As for the average consumer, then for him the most interesting are such meter parameters as accuracy class and tariff.

Accuracy class

Electricity meter lifeIt is this parameter in the first place and should be paid attention to when choosing an metering device. By it you can understand how big is the error in meter measurements. Devices that were used until the mid-90s in residential buildings, provided an accuracy class of 2.5. It was considered the maximum permissible level of deviations for this type of device.

And in 1996, an instruction was received to introduce a new standard for metering accuracy for residential use. From this point on, the accuracy limit was 2.0. This order led to the need discard induction meters and set more accurate parameters related to this parameter category 2.0.


Some time ago, commercially available household meters ran only in one rate optionthat provided for the possibility of accounting for electricity at a single rate. Modern metering devices differ in terms of functionality from those devices, since they can be used to keep consumption within specific days and even seasons. The use of two-tariff meters allows you to save on electricity. They provide this opportunity due to the fact that they are able to automatically switch to night a mode of operation that reduces electricity consumption by almost two times as opposed to daytime fare.

The peculiarity of the two-tariff settlement system is that it provides its own day and night rates:

  • the first is from 7 am to 11 am;
  • the second - from 23 o'clock in the morning to 7 in the morning.

Given that when working in the night mode, the power consumption is reduced, the owner has the opportunity to save on electricity costs. The greatest flexibility in this regard is the most advanced models, which can be customized in such a way that they will work in accordance with the new tariff requirements. For example, if the order is issued on introducing discounts on weekends, then take advantage of such the offer will only be available to those citizens who use meters that provide for several tariffs.

Two-tariff accounting system - beneficial to all

Scheme of stopping the meter.The advantage of using a two-tariff accounting system is that it equally takes into account the needs of not only subscribers, but also the power system. The reason for this is that throughout the day the power station subjected to various loads: in the morning and evening hours the greatest consumption of electricity is noted, but at night the need for energy is minimal.

Due to these differences in consumption, electricity has a negative effect on the technical condition of the equipment. In addition to this, during the hours when electricity consumption reaches its maximum, the power company has to use all its power.

Speaking about this accounting system, you should highlight a few of its advantages:

  • The positive effect of the transition to a two-tariff accounting system by consumers is to reduce production costs.
  • In addition, it is possible to delay the commissioning of new generating capacity, which is facilitated by the reduction of electricity consumption during peak hours.

The peculiarity of residential buildings erected today is that they are initially equipped with automated accounting systems. electricity, due to which the new owners of apartments in new buildings have the opportunity to keep strict records of energy consumption by the hour. The composition of this system is presented besides dvuhtarifny counters and special equipment with which you can adjust the metering devices and access the readings at a distance. In the absence of an automated accounting system in your home to switch to a two-tariff the system is sufficient to install the appropriate counter, equipped with special by the caller.

Reliability and verification interval

Duration of use of countersIn the process of operation, electric meters gradually expend their operational life, used the materials no longer provide the initial properties, which negatively affects the class accuracy. As a result, a situation arises when it is necessary to check electricity meters for compliance with the accuracy of testimony.

The time elapsed from the time of the initial inspection to the next is usually called the verification interval. Years are used to measure it, and this indicator is given in the passport of the metering device.

Most electronic meters have much bigger MPIrather than induction counterparts. What is the reason? The fact is that with a more careful study of the components of the Russian metering devices, it can be established that the design contains elements that do not have sustainably normalized indicators, or such devices are manufactured using low-quality components, which leads to their failure before the expiration of the stated period MPI.

Such indicator as the MPI term is influenced by the duration of operation of the device, as well as the guarantee for it. The buyer may receive similar information at the stage of purchasing an electric meter, which should be given special attention. It is also necessary to mention such a moment that it is not always possible to perform warranty and post warranty repair region of residence, so you should ask about the availability of the appropriate service center.

How to change the counter

Over time, you have to think about replacing the metering device. If you realize this need, the first thing you need to consider the following points.


It is important that the electric meter you purchased is present in the State Register. It is here that the metering devices of all manufacturers, which have confirmed certificates and are allowed for use in Russia, are presented.


Installation and connection of the electric meterIt is also important to observe the following condition: the installation of the metering device must be accompanied by its subsequent registration. To this end, you will have to call an employee of the electricity supply company, who will confirm that the connection procedure has been completed correctly, put a seal and grant exploitation authorization.

After that, the meter will be accepted by representatives of the company in operation, and initial indications will be removed from it. Only from this moment on, the accounting of your electricity consumption will be carried out on the basis of the readings that the new electric meter will provide.


If you are thinking of installing the new electric meter on your own, we want to immediately dissuade you from such an idea. Every owner who dismantles the old meter without permission violates valid contract with the power company. If the fact of breakdown of the seal from the old meter is confirmed, this will lead to an adjustment of the scheme of calculations for the consumed electricity. In this case, the employees of the company providing electricity, will not proceed from the testimony of a new metering device, but focusing on the energy intensity of electrical appliances that are available in the apartment.


If you have a need to install a modern electricity meter, then you should more thoroughly deal with this issue. Not always the first available device will be considered an ideal choice. Today you can find such devices on sale that can, in addition to providing information about the electricity consumed, give you the opportunity to pay less for electricity. Not less attention should be paid to the quality of performance, since not only the service life of the device depends on it, but also the accuracy of the readings and the safety of your apartment living.